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  1. Scott Carasik. If you disagree, dude just disses you, acts like 2 opinions cannot coexist and he blocks you so he can live in a world where he can believe he is always right. Paraphrase: CarasikS "Your opinion is wrong. Don't like it? I don't care." Me "We simply disagree. I don't need your stamp of approval on my opinions if they don't align with yours. It's literally pointless to obtain that for me." CarasikS *blocked Me* Me (he seems to care...)
  2. This team is not making the playoffs unless they make drastic adjustments
  3. That was where we should run it on the goalline with freeman. abysmal call.
  4. Make FG that is blocked - 3 pts Make FG that is missed - 6 pts No Rough Passer and INT stays: -7pts NE Punt on 4th down at half @50: -4pts for NE Run it in with Freeman @goalline - 13 pts Pass to Julio for score - 20 pts 20 ATL - (~)12 NE Falcons failed the games crucial moments. Miserably.
  5. Yep. Our O Coordinator shouldve been one of Shannahans assistants.
  6. Chip Kelly is the name I see. Vomit.
  7. Hungover
  8. Yep
  9. That would be sexy.
  10. Those injuries helped us right into 3-1 instead of 4-0... Pstttt.. It's better to be 4-0...
  11. Meanwhile the Steelers and Cowboys rankings remain sky high across the board...
  12. Cool. Arthur and I have the same bday.
  13. This is the same situation and conversation started from the locked "Will The Falcons Kneel" post earlier today.