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  1. Pretty much you are advocating: OC change to Gary Kubiak. DT with the first round pick, Ed Oliver or Quinnen Williams. OL with our 2nd and 3rd round picks. I could get on board with Kubiak and Oliver/Williams. Dimitroff has given me zero confidence in our ability to draft offensive lineman. I would rather target ones in free agency, and pay up. Or trade picks for established solid offensive lineman if possible. Also, I think we should let go of Beasley and get a pass rusher opposite Takk that can do greater damage on a more reasonable deal, such as an aged vet, someone proven and consistent. If we revamped our Defensive line, offensive line and got healthy, there is no reason this team can't contend.
  2. That is actually exactly what happens. It happens all the time to tons of athletes. Not necessarily "forgetting" how to play, but simply experiencing a sharp decline in ability. I think we need to move on from Schraeder.
  3. If we don't have an injury riddled year next year, I could see it, but next year? No way in **** TD or Quinn are canned.
  4. Get a new cheaper backup QB with upside and dual threat ability to give him some guaranteed worth. Revamp the OL other than Matthews/Mack!!!! New Pass Rusher Opposite Takk!!! Roll with Jarrett/Senat unless we grab Oliver/Quinnen to push Senat to rotation only. Start Oliver, Kazee/Poole with Trufant Roll with Jones, Campbell, Oluokun Prosper with return of Neal/Allen Roll with Freeman/Ito Roll with Jones/Ridley/Sanu/Hooper
  5. We were on the doorstep of the Superbowl. He was untouchable. He brought in the best offensive coordinator in our history and then had to try and find a replacement. We had to work through the new coordinators growing pains, fell short after a playoff win with said coordinator, but the defense improved mightily. He has had to withstand an injury plagued season this year. The coordinator he chose has made strides forward despite offensive line woes and Freeman being gone all year, unfortunately the defense had injuries it could never recover from and some defenders have regressed or been exposed without said injured players. Our free agency was not successful. With good health, I expect the Falcons to bounce back next year with improved free agency signings and 1-3 dynamic young players. Quinn is still my guy, I hope he is continually learning to manage clock and game strategy, that's my main gripe.
  6. I was born in Chicago and moved to Atlanta. I too wound up a Bulls and Falcons fan. The Bulls were more like Superheros than Basketball Players. I was able to watch and appreciate the final 3 peat of MJ, but I couldn't fully appreciate it's specialness. I became a Falcons fan and I have had high highs and low lows. No championships of either franchise since I truly could begin appreciating them. The Falcons and Bulls have led to lots of disappointment, but the highs were certainly fun. I will always look at the year Derrick Rose tore his ACL and remain convinced we would've won a championship that year. And I will always look at the Falcons SB run in 2016 as the end result, and sadly never be able to soak in the joy of the Packers vs Falcons NFC Championship Win I was able to attend at the Georgia Dome. May we have some joy in the not too distant future. Bulls seem further off. Haha. But these Falcons, if healthy, and a good draft and offseason, may yet do some damage in a post season run soon.
  7. Have you ever heard of Aaron Donald???
  8. I don’t believe he will. But I hope he will.
  9. You’re from the future?!
  10. I am excited for him to show Beasley, a similar type of player, the ropes and some pass rush tips. Could take Beasley up a level like Joe Horn did for Roddy.
  11. So it surpasses "balls deep"? I'll show myself out...
  12. Can I have a cookie?? He was in all of my Falcons mock drafts and my winning guess in my family falcons draft selection game. I prefer Underbaked. Thanks.
  13. Like in all things falcons. We go for the sure handed PR over a dynamic one.
  14. Thats nifty