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  1. They could easily go 0-6
  2. 100% I would trade: A 2 or 3 for DB Fitzpatrick A 1 or 2 for CB Howard A 5 or 6 for DE Harris
  3. I am hopeful but far from confident.
  4. Where! Haha
  5. I am on a boat in Europe. Thanks in advance for helping me watch the game thru your comments.
  6. In mine guy went Zeke, Gurley, Fournette. A lot of risk.
  7. So although it’s impossible, I shouldn’t be surprised?
  8. Let Foye start but give give Grace some reps throughout the game. It’s a good problem to have.
  9. There is 53 in the article above.
  10. Shown above.
  11. DE McKinley, Beasley DE/DT Clayborn, Crawford, Bailey, Cominsky DT Jarrett, Davison, Senat 9 DL above + Larkin = 10
  12. Can someone tell me why everyone is placing him on our final 53 predictions? I have good intentions, not dissing the idea of him on the final 53, I was just wondering what he’s done that I have missed. Thanks!
  13. Thats one way to get picked apart