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  1. Trade down. Draft a guard/center late in the 1st. 11/11 baby.
  2. 5M would’ve been better spent elsewhere in my opinion.
  3. This money would be better spent on a LG to actually help our run game rather than an injury ridden arthritic RB.
  4. God please let Cominsky meet his full potential. Him inside with Jarrett, Fowler and Takk from the outside. Could be really nice, athletically. They Got work to do.
  5. It is bs to have a less optimistic outlook?
  6. I think it is indeed possible that nothing of substance is brewing.
  7. This is where bad team management and coordinator decisions places he and TD
  8. I’d hate picking swift. A good team makes it work with Damien Williams and Raheem Mostert. A bad team invests big draft capital and contracts into runningbacks. I just want to run zone blocking again.
  9. I like Hill. I think he could take a step forward
  10. It’s extremely hard for me not to give it to our lone MVP, Matt Ryan. He came and good things started happening more frequently for our franchise. He has been a mainstay of great QB play for a long time now, and unless we get lucky like the Packers (Favre to Rodgers) and 49ers (Montana to Young) of the last couple decades, we will surely miss the heck out of him when he is done.
  11. I support this ridiculous possibility
  12. Brian Burns looks quite good for a rookie
  13. Oluokun, Jones and Neal can play better than him there.
  14. Ridley made a lot of sense with Sanu likely exiting. Ryan still likely is with us another 4 years