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  1. He’d probably rather hang with the team he already was doing great with that got him the job. His success with us is still an unknown.
  2. We have the ability to win the division. A lot must go right. I’m all for it.
  3. Well I think we are all aware, that Usain Bolt would be a **** football player. May he thrive and fine tune his craft, his physical ability won’t hurt.
  4. I love the incredible catch radius metric. May he be otherworldly
  5. I forgot 2nd year players who were drafted in the 2nd round were replacement level if they haven’t clicked yet. My mistake. This is truly a **** metric. I put no weight into the color scheme ranking of our defense.
  6. And in what world is Fowler not even backup level? Erik Harris is also at least backup level. Harsh ranking system. Jarret is only a starter? Dude is green are dark blue at least. Its a bad joke.
  7. Saying Davidson is replaceable before he’s even gotten going is silly. He’s an unknown to the max, with UPSIDE. Oluokun was arguably better than Jones last year, and neither are backups.
  8. I would have to admit. With Harmon, Grant, Harris, and Hooker. Our safety group will have a tremendous amount of stability AND upside.
  9. This coach really seems to want to figure out what each player is great at, and plug them into those roles for situations. Starter or not.
  10. Ring of Honor, YES. Retire his number? Saying no for now.
  11. Also. If he builds a great team. Any rookie QB we bring in, will walk into a much better situation and culture, and Ryan’s contract ended will free up talent influx possibilities.
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