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  1. Gritz Blitz defense is arguably the best defense of all time. Didn’t have an offense worth a ****, but they hold either the least points or yards against record. I’d take a top 8 defense.
  2. Jets will take wilson imo. Dolphins will take Sewell or Top WR imo. Probably will be greatly affected by combine.
  3. Translation: Joe Theismann was hankering for some clicks and headlines.
  4. Omg. Williams. Surtain. And Lawson would be insane. Please. This.
  5. Mike davis has been impressive. Hes actually worth a spot with a mid RB. He could be great in the henry role, and do his best Michael Turner impression.
  6. I mean. I’d love 10 hall of fame pass rushers 🤷‍♂️ Lol
  7. I think Marlon D, Cominsky, Fowler, Tyeler D, and friends can still be useful in the hands of an actual D Coordinator alongside Grady.
  8. Matt Ryan with an OL is still a dream I wish to fulfill
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