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  1. I think it is depth and not having high end starters come in via free agency that concerns people. We haven’t found our FB yet. Our WR situation behind Julio and Sanu is questionable, but there is upside. Hopefully Hooper takes the next step, but nothing behind him is solid at TE as of now. We want Fusco to be a Levitre acquisition, but he isn’t necessarily a sure fix. And behind the starters, our OL depth is questionable. Our DT depth behind Jarrett is nonexistent. Our DEs are alright, but thin. Obviously Beasley, Takk and Reed are solid. Maybe we can bring up J’Terus Jones from practice squad who was solid in preseason. Jack Crawford hopefully shows some value healthy. Duke Riley hopefully progresses, but if not, we definitely are missing a 3rd quality starting LB. CB Poole was a bit of a disappointing coverage corner last year, and behind him, there isnt a whole lot, so 3rd corner can be upgraded. Our safety depth is one fold with Kazee, who may be more or a nickel corner than a safety. All in all, we have some roster building to do. Good team. Go Falcons!
  2. Thats not very concrete.
  3. I imagine we will execute a draft day trade and move up a couple spots to select Vea, Payne, Hurst, or Bryan. Because the Falcons, it seems, rarely move down or stay put in the first round. Even if we think the trade up is unnecessary, they will say they did it to get their guy and we will speculate who would’ve taken them or if we could’ve gotten them later. Etc. Once we have an early DT, we will select a mid round DT. And probably select depth at CB, WR, TE, LB, etc. And we will all overestimate or underestimate each selection. And then 2 draftees will be difference makers and we’ll cross our fingers on the DT being one of them.
  4. It will work as long as we keep being successful, for the most part. Any slogan is mockable unless you somehow never fail. But if we hit a rut of losing seasons, it will be mocked somehow.
  5. How much is Hankins going to command?
  6. Bad thoughts. Much head shaking. Much disbelief.
  7. They must have incredible metrics to figure that out!
  8. Made me sad. I had to teach him about the blue check mark. It was 26.6M a year.
  9. My dad handed me a phone with the info fake Ian rappoport account.
  10. ITs a fake account. Delete this. ******
  11. I had a year where I chose our first couple picks right. Moreso, I like seeing if my draft was better than theirs in retrospect.
  12. And the parting gift was the last second collapse to the Vikings. Man, I hope we don’t do that to Blank.