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  1. FalconBlood's 2020-21 Atlanta Falcons Season Prediction Week 1: Seattle Seahawks Falcons Win The Falcons start fast, as a healthy Falcons defense and revitalized pass rush provides the offense enough security to take it at home. The Seahawks weakened defensive line gets a rude awaking. Week 2: At Cowboys Falcons Win This shoot out is characterized by the impressive showing by the Falcons offensive line and run game, when many peg the Cowboys for greater run game success. Week 3: Bears Falcons Win The Falcons h
  2. Jarrett’s presence is the glue to this possibility
  3. Saints DE Cameron Jordan Panthers DT Kawaan Short or DT Derrick Brown Bucs DE Shaq Barrett Add to Grady Jarrett. Spell with Takk, Fowler, Davison and co.
  4. I’d sooner move Miller than Sheffield. Miller hasn’t shown any flashes at CB yet. Sheffield has shown to have cornerback prowess. I’d keep him at CB.
  5. It seems many fans want all of their players to agree with them politically or they may boycott... or kick and scream.... 😫
  6. CBs being a tight unit. I won’t hold my breath. But I hope it works out. I am an Oluokun believer. Buchanan may be a good fit here as well.
  7. I don't like showboating in a trademarked way. It’s easily used to ridicule and mock when things aren’t going well.
  8. I understand Dimitroff and Quinn are on the ropes. And Mostert clearly was a weapon for SF while Gurley is injury prone. It may happen. I’d rather find a defensive or trenches boost however. I believe in Ito/Hill/Ollison/Daniel to help if that happens.
  9. Regarding the Eagles recent SB win. Their fans, a few of whom I know, had NO idea that they were going to be winning a Super Bowl that season, especially when Wentz went down. It appears their OL and Defense were the catalysts and Foles miraculously played the very best football of his career. We could see a huge jump on the OL and Defense this season. McGary could emerge. Lindstrom may end up being a premiere guard. Mack and Matthews may remain steady. And an above average performing LG may emerge from Brown, Gono, Carpenter and Hennessy. Our defense has upside with proven studs, Dei
  10. I believe the best things that can mask a crappy OC are a great QB and OL. If the OL makes strides, i expect an offensive improvement. The defense is promising. We’ll see.
  11. Garbage article. My highlights “rookie phenom Ceedee Lamb” and “rookie AJ Terrell” the only player who has outdone the other in NFL anything is Terrell for being drafted higher. Lol. “Phenom”. ...🙄
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