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  1. I am pretty sure I am going to wake up and see that Ridley, Sanu and Jarrett are headed to IR.
  2. 1) Campbell 2) Grace 3) Oluokun 4) Ishmael 5) Riley so this.
  3. Barkley is going to look like Hercules out there against our D. We need to win the turnover battle.
  4. Nah bro. I’m only trading a pick if we can find a Sambrailo or Richards clone out there some where... Those are the sneaky good trade targets nobody wants or suspects you to trade for.... all part of the plan...
  5. Put Poole at SS Put Kazee at FS Trufant, Alford, Oliver CBs LB Campbell, Riley, Oluokun DE McKinley, Beasley, Reed, Shelby DT Jarrett, Senat, McClain, Crawford, Zimmer Makes me sad, but maybe they can hold defenses below 30pts until Jones comes back.
  6. It's as if our team was missing Takk McKinley Deion Jones Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen...
  7. Quinn is not a problem. Injuries are.
  8. This team feels injured beyond repair.
  9. A spoon could be used as and considered a weapon. Just because youre a weapon doesnt mean youre an effective one.
  10. Eagles fans like him
  11. Yeah man.. Texans are going to mop the floor with Houston!!
  12. Poop