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  1. I wouldn't mind that draft at all. I think i would rather take B. Flowers at that last pick as a corner rather than a safety though......
  2. just saw a mock draft with chad H. going 14th to the bears. is it possible he could go that high.....
  3. heck yeah, thugonomics biznatch...... wow i couldn't get any whiter. **** yeah. If we can get get him in the second or trade and get another couple of picks. Offensive line needs to be addressed though....... at some point in time. wouldn't hurt my feelings to see two second round picks on o-line if we can trade and pick up Brohm in the first. Henne just scares me for some reason. He might turn out to be ok but, his quarterback competition in Phoenix just scared the crap out of me. the worst performance there, including Colt Brennan.
  4. You really do hold a grudge, please don't do anything too rash. its nothing personal, he was paid to do a job by the team that wanted him. Now he gets to win games for us.
  5. That drawing is great. Talent with a great sense of humor. I like it. I believe in this front office. TD was a complete steal for us. The director of COLLEGE SCOUTING, for arguably the best franchise today. This draft will be awesome to say the least.....
  6. While we are on th subject of being thugish...... What makes a white football player thugish. Does he have to wear his hair in a certain style or what. Just throwing it out there. It is even possible. Someone photoshop some dreds on Finneran.......... ha ha ha
  7. What ##### from yahoo sports wrote this. That just pisses me off.
  8. I agree. with the youth of our secondary now we need as much pressure up front as possible
  9. thanks for the feedback on this. I guess the only thing is to wait and see what the front office does. According to the NFL network, our organization is Trying to be "Safe". Evidently that doesn't translate into winning according to them. Didn't New England build their franchise this way though. Picking up solid role players, and drafting well. Looks like TD is trying to pattern the falcons organization in somewhat the same manner. Not saying Atlanta will become a football dynasty but a few good winning years in a row would really help to revitalize the fan base. Back to where i started though. If we are going in a safe direction, i don't see us drafting Dorsey unless the organization is absolutly sure that he is 100%. Personally I would love to see a franchise left tackle to anchor us for the next 10 years. whether Jake Long is that guy......... who knows. doubt he would fall into our laps at this point in time anyway.
  10. Old topic but, wanted to bring it back up with all of the talk now of us drafting Dorsey. No workout at the NFL combine. LSU pro day is on March 26th. Does anyone have any info on what we could expect out of him. Like some of the previous posts on this topic, his injury history, for lack of better terminology just scares the **** out of me. any comparisons to past pro's. Warren Sapp ect. help me to understand why he is being considered a total lock for us to take now without any numbers or health exams to go by.
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