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  1. this would be awesome if I didn't have to drive 8 hours one way...
  2. It would make sense if that is the sinario... I get the feeling we will be getting Clowney, Robinson, or Mack with a trade up... Just IMO
  3. i prefer a guy with a chip on his shoulder... he does not have one...
  4. I know its not a popular decision but with the recent pickups and trading back is not a possibilty I would love to see Ebron in a Falcons uniform....
  5. I have watched a lot of Tettleton in college at Ohio... I have not seen one thing out of him that makes me think he can succeed at the next level of arena league football much less the NFL.
  6. I think he ends up with the NY Giants. Questions about Wilsons health, Brown, Hillis, and Jacobs gone...
  7. If Morgan Moses falls to us in the second round TD needs to sprint to the podium to make that selection. He will start for us at RT until we can cut Baker and then move him to LT...
  8. I have to say I love this mock draft (including the TE's). Obviously I love Mack. Moses will be our starting RT for as long as needed and will be able to move over to LT once its feasable to cut Backer. Either pick at safety are great. Those two TE's are homeruns IMO. Finally I love the Copeland pick late in the draft. I would be absolutly thrilled with this draft A+++++++++
  9. Scheme wise Jackson Is the proper fit for the upcoming season vs Allen a better fit last year.
  10. I had to LOL when I read that... and its the truth....
  11. yeah, um no.... unless we trade back to 18 or 19.
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