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  1. DJ Durkin hired as Michigan DC today, is this a good hire? (Any Florida fans) Also heard he is a pretty solid recruiter.
  2. Who is DJ Durkin there are reports he would come to Michigan as our DC with Harbaugn?
  3. No I didn't see that, Coach Hoke is good at playing stuff like this up.
  4. Ask me in 5 years if Ohio State is still a top 5 job, which I doubt it will be.
  5. Northwestern Minnesota Vanderbilt Iowa State Kansas State Baylor Ole Miss Washington State Oregon State There are a lot of schools that are not operating in the Black when it comes to Athletics across the board, ESPN Outside the Lines just did a piece on this looking at school tax documents showing that of the 120 Div 1 schools only 30 of them are making a profit after every Varsity level sport gets it cut of the pie. So no paying athletes is not possible across the board in the 6 major conferences.
  6. After Tressel was hire he guaranteed a victory over Michigan next year and he than commenced to beat us 8 out of 9 years following the guarantee. Everyone thought Tressel was crazy when he made that guarantee.
  7. 2 main reason this will not happen anytime soon: 1st reason there is only a handful of colleges/ universities that could afford to pay athletes. Most colleges/ universities athletic departments operate at a lost and not a profit. 2nd reason there is no university or college that can afford to pay every student-athlete male and female evenly and continue to operate at a profit and not a lost.
  8. I hate to sound arrogant but the reason Ohio State will not fire Tressel is because of Michigan and his success against us sense he has been Ohio State's Head Coach. John Cooper in 13 season at Ohio State went 111-43-4 with 3 Conference Titles from 1988-v2000 when the Big Ten was much tougher than it is today. Jim Tressel in 10 season at Ohio State has gone 106-22 with 6 Conference Titles from 2001- 2010 during a time period when the Big Ten has not been as tough. Excluding the National Championship that Tressel won in his 2nd season with John Coopers player the only difference between the
  9. I never bought into the Big Ten is more ethical than the SEC because every conference will have a school get caught with there hand in the cookie jar.
  10. This is really going to hurt the smaller schools that were televised on ESPNU on Saturday but I imagine ESPN is going to start having even more regional coverage dividing the country up even more so everyone can be televised on ESPN or ABC.
  11. It will be interesting to see how this game plays out if Ohio State get punished by the NCAA. If Ohio State loses scholarship and Tressel gets fired I can see this game being very evenly matched come 2013.
  12. Dez Bryant anyone remeber the Dez Bryant case if you do than you know the NCAA will go after Ohio State pretty hard for this because Tressel lied. It is funny that many are telling the OSU fan to take his bias goggles off when many of you were the same ones with goggles on during the AJ Green suspenions. Tressel should not be fired IMO either what he did was wrong but he should nor will he be fired for this.
  13. You get a lot of people that think that way because we don't see who is worthy of being paid on our roster based off performance or based off recruiting hype. I mean paying players usually is from trying to sway them to your school vice another school and keep them there correct.
  14. With better coaching and better scheme Michigan defense should be much improved from last years horrid showing. Offense will take a couple of steps back but with a stable of decent RB should help keep Denard healthy all season.
  15. Yeah I think we will get back to a much more Power oriented offense which is what most mid-west schools use that will allow us to get back to recruiting in state and in the region and not as much in Florida or the south. I also think Al Borges is a good offensive coordinator that can help develop Denard a little more with his throwing technique.
  16. I figured if we struggled the second half of the year he would leave not knowing if Rich Rod job would be safe.
  17. Brady Hoke has put together a great staff and is one of the reason he was a #1 candiate from the start.
  18. Also IMO, the reason Michigan Head Coaching job or any job related to football at Michigan is one of the best jobs in the country is because we are a household name we have a brand that is easy to sell even after 3 losing season. There are not many schools that can have 3 lsoing season and still be a topic of national discussion as Michigan was. There are about 5 maybe 10 schools that can say that, the reason Notre Dame is so hated is because they have had about 15 years down years but they are still in the college football discussion nationally without having much success on the field.
  19. For those that care Jim Harbaugh was never offer the Michigan head coaching job he had told several Michigan boosters that after this season he would try his hand at the NFL, so he was never a candiate for the job. Les Miles was never offered the job either Brady Hoke was the desired candiate all along because he of the staff he would be able to hire which was the most important key to our head coaching search. The reason Rich Rod failed at Michigan was because he would never allow his Defensive Coordinator run the defense he want to dictate what type of schmeme we ran on defense instead of
  20. This off season is shaping up real well for Michigan after a horrible loss to MSU.
  21. He said he will run a defense based on the personel we have, he has no one defense he is attached too.
  22. I think this is the biggest advantage of becoming bowl eligible obviously the exposure, the money the school makes is great but from a coaches standpoint the extra month of practice is huge IMO. If you don't have it than your last practice is usually the first week of December than you have 3-4 months off before Spring Ball.
  23. Picked Bama/ South Carolina over Michigan/ Michigan St. I am happy with the decision we are a young team and I think the less distraction the better. Go get them Gamecocks
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