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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-01-04/college-football-s-top-teams-are-built-on-crippling-debt Not all schools carry debt but there is more than just Michigan shocking that Oregon and Texas are both on this list I thought Texas Donors and Phil Knight for Oregon funded most of there ventures. Really shocking numbers but how is Cal in that much debt.
  2. So does this mean all colleges and universities carry debt like this?
  3. If your not a first rounder or projected first rounder than sitting out will hurt you more than it will help you so this will only apply to at most 20 players. The flip side is another chance to improve your draft stock with a good or great game.
  4. In a year and a half he has earned it.
  5. I still don't see how Harbaugh doing 10 or 30 camps is or was bad for college football I understand the little guy comparison is not a good one to use but if 40 colleges have 40 camps a piece how does that hurt the NCAA? Schools that can't afford to do camps attend camps with schools that can afforf to do them, I am not sure how or why this is bad. Now if coaches don't feel like doing 40 camps because thats stretches them thin than don't do them that is there lost. The arguement that a school hosting more than 4 or 5 camps a year is too much I not sure I get that arguement and sure maybe I am bais because I am a Michigan fan.
  6. http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/wsu-cougar-football/ncaa-bans-satellite-camps-forces-wsu-cougars-to-cancel-california-camp-circuit/ “It appears that the selfish interests of a few schools and conferences prevailed over the best interests of future potential student-athletes,” WSU coach Mike Leach said in a text message to the Seattle Times. “The mission of universities and athletic programs should be to provide future student-athletes with exposure to opportunities, not to limit them. It appears to me that some universities and conferences are willing to sacrifice the interests of potential student-athletes for no better reasons than to selfishly monopolize their recruiting bases. “I will be fascinated to hear any legitimate reasoning behind this ruling.” WSU has been doing these camps for the last 2 years in California with minimal press still interested in how this is bad for college football?
  7. So for those of us not as well versed as you how did Harbaugh take a good thing and turn it bad? Because he did camps in other states because he planned on doing multiple camps? I am not sure how that is a bad thing? You said some coaches don't like doing them because there a headache so than why ban them for coaches that do like them. On the outside looking in it looks like a great idea for for schools in states that don't have much talent. Also someone stated that the smaller schools did not want them but all the smaller conferences voted for them and the B1G.
  8. It's a 2 way street but the coaches and programs get more bad press than the kids that commit and than back out at the last minute to commit to another school.
  9. Harbaugh is taking a different approach which is good if SEC teams could do it they would. The point about taking there spring break away if the players don't like it they can transfer but all these kids are competitive and like the exposure on ESPN and every other sports media outlet.
  10. Michigan fan for every sport even Water Polo seriously we have a Water Polo team. I don't really hate any team (hate is a dangerous emotion) there are a few annoying fan bases UGA being one of them. It's really surprising that everyone hates Ohio State when Bama has beat almost everyone in the last 10 years and has had way more success than Ohio State, but nothing wrong with a little dislike for the Buckeyes
  11. Michigan may take a step back as well but we should bring in a top 5 recruiting class that may help
  12. Most overrated is a bit of a stretch the young man can play some football.
  13. Why would that be a joke? Only 3 of the ten have losing records but they would make bowl games because of there APR. B1G is definitely deserving to have 10 teams in bo games.
  14. I like the sound of that, Harbaugh is going to struggle to keep Coordinators now but his coaching tree will flourish
  15. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿😉😉😉😉 I got you
  16. Yeah but Oklahoma has more quality wins than UNC if you compare the two
  17. Should get 10 B1G teams in bowl games
  18. Not the topic but Michigan is hardly overrated and there is no way they put Ohio State in if UNC wins which is a big if. Let UNC take care of business and than we can discuss this.
  19. So where will Richt land because he is a great coach
  20. Well **** I guess the fans got what they wanted
  21. 😩😩😩😩😩 But 5-7 no Bowl game to 9-3 with a Bowl appearance I will take that even with a blow out lose to Ohio State
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