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  1. DJ Durkin hired as Michigan DC today, is this a good hire? (Any Florida fans) Also heard he is a pretty solid recruiter.
  2. Who is DJ Durkin there are reports he would come to Michigan as our DC with Harbaugn?
  3. I think this is the biggest advantage of becoming bowl eligible obviously the exposure, the money the school makes is great but from a coaches standpoint the extra month of practice is huge IMO. If you don't have it than your last practice is usually the first week of December than you have 3-4 months off before Spring Ball.
  4. Picked Bama/ South Carolina over Michigan/ Michigan St. I am happy with the decision we are a young team and I think the less distraction the better. Go get them Gamecocks
  5. You guys have had top 10 recruiting classes the last 4 years correct? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  6. I tend to agree with this but I think it is closer than the experts think.
  7. Rooting for Michigan is a full time job so I really have no time to root for anyone else. But when watching a game on tv I usually pull for the underdogg.
  8. As an outsider looking in that seems to be the problem to me, time for a change at the top.
  9. I agree it is not given to the best player in college football like it should be.
  10. As a Michigan fan I think Denard has been great and has put up great numbers but until he proves it in Big Ten play the Heisman is a long ways away for that young man. Players in the Big Ten slow down when it gets cold in October and November.
  11. No stadium is over 110,000 it is rumoured that Ohio State, Alabama and Penn State could all upgrade there stadiums to seat over 110,000. Bama just finished upgrading Bryant -Deny and they are at 101,800 still 2nd in the SEC with Neyland coming in at 102,400.
  12. For Jerry Jones who plays a key role in setting these up because his stadium makes money off it wants schools that have fans that travel well and are appealing to ESPN. Regardless how bad Michigan is or has been they will always be a huge draw and will pack a stadium. 2 traditional powerhouse programs and if you did a little research you will see Michigan does alright against the SEC. Lol at this hurting Texas by Early September Texas will have every recruit committed that they want Texas locks up there recruits pretty early. This in no way will hurt local schools in recruiting.
  13. USA Today Article Alabama, Michigan discussing 2012 matchup in Dallas The matchup: Two stalwart college football programs. The site: Not where a fan would probably expect. Michigan vs. Alabama in Dallas? It could happen. The Mobile (Ala.) Press-Register reported Sunday night that discussions between Michigan and Alabama have taken place regarding a potential 2012 non-conference tilt at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The report said, however, nothing had been finalized, refuting an MGoBlog.com report suggesting a contract would be signed Monday. A Michigan spokesman stayed mum on details of any poten
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