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  1. Its funny what swift does to this place. Weren't you accused of him by Gazoo?
  2. ^ horrible. Can't counter points, cant talk football head to insults and must be swift. Ok man Ill stop responding to you
  3. I know you said your a gambler/ fantasy football player in one of your post before. If you take a look at latest current Super Bowl odds, Cowboys are considered contenders. The latest odds favor the Dallas Cowboys and their quest to win Super Bowl 50 after Dez Bryant signed a new long-term deal ending holdout talk and after the announcement of Greg Hardy's reduced suspension. The Cowboys did a lot this offseason to get right back in the Super Bowl conversation. They signed key free agents, had a successful draft, quarterback Tony Romo enjoyed great health, Bryant signed his long-term deal, and
  4. Thats your opinion not mine. Most NFL analyst will say Cowboys are more of a contender next season than Falcons but anything can happen for sure. As for franchising Julio he should play out this rookie contract , take it from there and next season if we cant get some value we franchise him instead of having a long term investment on a player with huge injury concerns.
  5. Why are you looking at is a one year basis is so foolish, each year both cap hits will rise but so will the % against cap hit . Most teams back load a contract by spreading. The structure of Dez contract was to free up some cap space now but soon they will have to pay the bulk of the deal outside GB who gets a bargain basically each year from Nelson one of the most productive wrs in game and even at the heigh of his cap hit which is couple years from now its still a huge bargain. I also dont mind Dez contract cause the Cowboys from a football standpoint have less holes than Falcons. They are
  6. Beef, when you get a chance please correct your mistakes on Nelson% against cap. Thanks
  7. A smart gm wouldnt trade for Julio. You know like Bellichick one of the greatest football minds told him not to. That is why I would peddle him to a branch fallen from TD tree
  8. So its just a poor concidence the Falcons have had back to back losing seasons since Ryan been paid and lack depth from injuries which could directly relate to the Julio Jones trade. I mean whats the reasoning why the Falcons have struggled past two seasons with our future two highest paid players? Let me guess Mike Smith fault?
  9. Yeah i know but risk/reward is greater for Rams cause of defense they built ans foundation they have plus only paying a QB such. Again many factors why
  10. Seahawks have that luxury to do so cause of Wilson/cap/bargain Also Lions just lost a big part of why that defense was ranked 2 in Suh mainly because they didnt want to pay him the money he was looking for So what happens in 2/3 years down road and Trufant wants to be paid like Revis You then ask yourself is it worth it keeping Trufant, Ryan, Julio and have to skimp elsewhere on team. Paying a wr that kind of money is not bright Cowboys could do they dont have as many holes. They have best oline in football to Broncos could do it cause they are about to not pay a QB huge money How many top tie
  11. Yeah the Lions are a great model example . Jesus Lets be like the Lions people
  12. You dont think some of the teams decisions past two seasons were based off cap reasons projecting future cap costs ? Abe and Grimes were both turned to the trash can while still having something left.
  13. Cool if you really believe that. Think a team would give us 2 first 2 second and a 4th? If a team did offer that to us would you take it?
  14. And look who Stafford and Calvin lost this season and what they have done in this league
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