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  1. No, poor communication was why Mike Smith was scapegoated and TD stayed on. TD said Smith did not tell him specifically what type of players to look for and what fit the scheme. This supposedly was not the case with Dan Quinn and TD, they supposedly made the roster decisions together even though Quinn had control over the final 53. Dann Quinn and TD gave interviews after they were fired. They both said they had no idea what went wrong they felt they worked together well and put together a winning roster.
  2. The majority of the roster in 2008 was Rich McKay team. Mike Smith was the coach who brought in a consistent winning culture and he preferred veterans over young guys. In fact the roster imploded when T D tried to replace solid vets with his picks in 2013. Was he a good GM. Yes but many of his failures were self imposed by constructing top heavy rosters.
  3. I hold him responsible for the salary cap situation. He also allocated 60% of the cap space to the offense side of the ball primarily skill positions while neglecting the trenches. He constantly moved up in the draft wasting draft capital for players that did not warrant moving up to go get. This recent roster is Dan Quinn and TD's fault, it is well documented they collaborated on draft picks and roster moves.
  4. TD did not hire Dan Quinn. Arthur Blank used an outside firm to hire Quin and he was giving the option to keep TD or go with a new GM.
  5. I would agree with you if they did not go out of their way to proclaim this was not a rebuild situation. They even stated having a veteran QB in Ryan and a talented roster is why they came here and expected to win now. I dont know if that is what they told Arthur Blank to get hired, but they they did not need to sell that to the fan base and media unless they could back it up. The trenches is the biggest weakness but they took a tightend with the #4 pick who does not play every snap on offense. I hope AS and TF are able to turn things around but they are off to a very rough start, and like you said the salary cap situation moving forward is not that good.
  6. I think AS and TF created unrealistic expectations by claiming this was not a rebuild situation and the Falcons would be competitive this year. He compounded the error by not playing his starters in preseason when the team is running a new systems, schemes and has a lot of new personnel. AS may eventually grow into a good head coach but right now his inexperience shows and I,m not sure they have a plan to rebuild the team if they won't acknowledge the roster needs to be overhauled.
  7. If it was that easy they would have done it this year.
  8. Do you think the Ravens will have a losing record this year even with all the injuries?
  9. Today was a moral victory. The team played hard and showed some grit. The bad news is they are not that good and fell apart in the 4th quarter which is nothing new for the Falcons. TF and AS sold Blank on a quick turnaround and that was never going to happen with the salary cap problems and lack of talent of the roster.
  10. . This is worse than a rebuild because the new GM and coach refused to acknowlege it is a rebuild and tried to sell the fanbase that will would be competive this season.
  11. This team is so undesciplined. I thought Quinn was bad but AS is worse.
  12. Ryan going to get someone killed hanging the ball up like that.
  13. Already picked the QB of the future. Lol! If that's the case just call it Appocolyse.
  14. What happened yesterday shouldn't be a surprise, a below average roster was gutted during the offseason for salary cap reasons. The blind Homer's were preaching the salary cap wasn't real, we are better without Julio and coaching was the only problem with this team. When people would point out this could be a rough season, the denial reality folks come out of the woodwork to promote sunshine and kool aid. Anybody on the ledge should question who they listen to and curve expectations.
  15. So what, he still was the best player on the team. If anything it just speaks to the lack of talent on this roster. How many touchdowns did Atlanta score today?
  16. This team is void of talent, they just let the best player go during the offseason. Grady probably will be gone when he reaches free agency. You have to build through the draft, and this years draft picks don't look that good so far.
  17. Andy Dalton does not have alot of time in the pocket he is just getting the ball out fast. You have to adjust, the Falcons don't know how to do that.
  18. Hard to say when the Falcons will be competitive again. Alot depends on Terry and Arthur's ability to build a solid new foundation. The early results have not looked promising.
  19. It's the same offense and same Matt Ryan. We had our chances early and settled for field goals instead of Td's. Got behind and the defense was able to tee off on obvious passing downs. For knowledgeable fans this was to be expected, the roster is worse than last season with a new system and coaching staff.
  20. The Falcons have already overhauled the offense line and drafted 2 first rounders a couple of years a go. It becomes a carousel of we need coaches, we need offensive line, we need defense line, we need a run game. At some point you need to realize you need a fresh start and new identity.
  21. Thanks for confirming, I thought that was the case. I think he will test free agency.
  22. If he signed an extension I missed it. Looking it up right now, that would be great news. What are the contract numbers? When did he sign?
  23. I bet Grady decides to walk in free agency. Falcons entering in Jet, Jags territory.
  24. They will max protect Matt and he will get the ball out earlier in future games. Matts a savvy vet and he has played with a poor offensively line before.
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