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  1. 2010 Turner had almost 1,400 yards. 2011 Turner had 1,340 yards That's pretty dominate.
  2. You misinterpreted my initial comment. I never claimed Matt Ryan was not capable of executing in the 4th quarter from 2008-2012 he proved he was fully capable. Many of the offensive leaders like Ovie, Turner and TG are gone and I would like to see some new guys including Matt Ryan step it up in terms of closing games out and execution in the 4th quarter. We had several games last year where the Falcons did not score a TD in the 4th quarter and we should be ranked higher with the weapons we have. I 'm not ignoring the fact the defense was terrible or the offensive line was inconsistent but I was speaking to the lack of urgency and resolve offensively I have seen from this team in previous years.
  3. Good Information but isn't it more impressive for older receivers? Doing it for a longer period means you have played your entire career at a consistently high level. The only thing holding Julio back is injuries. If he can stay on the field he is going to put up great numbers.
  4. I thought you wouldn't want to answer those questions. I see your only interested in facts that support what you believe everything other FACT isn't worth your time. I get it. I'll save you some time and educate you in the process! Fewest fourth-quarter points: 49ers (26), Titans (30), Jets (35), Chargers (37), Falcons (38). Worst fourth-quarter scoring differential: Falcons (-67), Titans (-47), Packers (-36), Rams (-34), Ravens (-26), Bengals (-19), 49ers (-18), Jets (-18)
  5. So what about 2013 and 2014? How long are we going to talk about the glory days when the majority of those players on those teams are not here anymore. Micheal Turner was the one breaking down defenses in the 4th Quarter, forcing teams to put 8 and 9 in the box. Where did the Falcons rank in 4th quarter scoring in 2014? How many 2nd half leads were giving up last year?
  6. I personally don't want to see a bunch of yelling or loss of control. I do want to see a sense of urgency and the ability to rally the offense. I've seen too many pitiful performances in the 4th quarter to believe lack of leadership and fire are not part of the problem.
  7. Phillip Rivers and Matt Ryan are very similar players Rivers just expresses more emotion and fire on the field. I would prefer to see Matt Ryan play with more fire but I didn't know that was considered being a baby.
  8. I think that's probably what happened. Matt Ryan is consistent, business like in his approach which are qualities that don't stand out. He is a very good QB but 7 years into his career it feels like he has reached his ceiling. This does not mean he can't win with better pieces around him but I think lots of people felt he would turn into the next Peyton Manning and our overly critical because he may not get to that level. The same thing happened to Phillip Rivers and Carson Palmer who were once was considered to be the next great thing and when things didn't play out like that he was heavily criticized and dropped on many QB ranking list.
  9. The Seattle offensive line is not very good in pass protection. Russel Wilson is routinely under duress and he finds ways to move the chains. Hasslebeck, Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn all couldn't get it done in Seattle so I think your really understating his value. Question, when has Matt Ryan had a winning season without Micheal Turner?
  10. I agree, we didn't have the incredibly talented teams but we had a winning formula and some great offensive weapons similar to the Patriots. We should have gone to the Superbowl in 2012 and both sides of the ball crapped the bed in the 2nd half. Matt Ryan fair or not fair shoulders allot of the criticism for falling short and that will stick in peoples minds until he writes a new chapter.
  11. I think the generally consensus was he did make them better receivers. I heard numerous receivers talk about how Manning would work with them relentlessly until they executed perfectly. Peyton basically is another coach/player on the field. I can't make that claim for most QB's but Peyton definitely falls into that category and if you don't catch balls you won't be playing with him.
  12. Yep, Every media outlet loves to talk about the Cowboys good or bad because of the fan base and history. They always got drama going on and that's good for ratings. Matt Ryan simply needs to win and all the criticism will fall to the waste side and him jump back up the rankings. In year one, two and three the media claimed he was the next Peyton Manning. This is what happens when you don't meet expectations.
  13. I never said we had him in his prime, he was playing at a pro-bowl level his entire career. He caught so many clutch passes in key games dude was basically a machine. My point is if Matt Ryan is really going to garner lasting respect the perception must be he makes players around him better and not vice versa. If not the argument will be anybody could win with all that talent around them.
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