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  1. The Falcons were in the redzone on numerous occasions in the first half, failed to execute and came away with field goals. This isn't the first year the falcons have struggled in the redzone and on 3rd down this precedes DK.
  2. Ryan is a one trick pony, if he is able to read defenses pre-snap, and hit his first or second read he is really good. If teams are able to make him uncomfortable or confuse him pre-snap he rarely is able to adjust and improvise. He NEEDS a dominant run game, this team needs a dominant run game to control time a possession, take pressure off the defense and the passing game and make the offense less predictable. Dimi failed to effectively address the trenches and our star players can't shine without it. The Falcons will continue to struggle until the line issues are corrected. A prim
  3. 5 minutes ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said: Well umm... The Hawks signed Bogdanovic... The hawks signed a offer sheet for Bogdanovic, he is a restricted free agent so Sacramento has 48 hours to match the offer. Hopefully it get done but it's not a done deal.
  4. So shanahan has been the only offensive coordinator where Matt Ryan looked dominant QB That was for only 1 season the first season was a disaster many wanted him fired. Four offensive coordinators and the offense has always stalled in the red zone, and gave up leads in the 4th quarter.
  5. Why are you paying Matt Ryan 30 million a year if he needs a genius at offensive coordinator to be effective?
  6. Stop it. The game starts at the line of scrimmage and the falcons have been manhandled on the line the majority of the game. The had plenty of opportunities in the Red Zone and they chocked. The saints have scored 10 points with Sean Peyton as their coordinator, WHY? because Drew Brees is not executing the plays.
  7. Come on! Stop it!!!!!! The offensive moved down the field on 3 occasions and choked in the Red Zone. You have to come away with touchdowns not choke and force your kicker to be the hero. I've seen this move with multiple offensive coordinators it's the players.
  8. Come on! These are veterans players who are not executing. Stop blaming Dirk he is not out there blocking, throwing and running. The DENIAL is ridiculous, this is on the PLAYERS.
  9. Why are the Saints having problems scoring against one of the weakest defensives in the league. Sean Payton is one of the best offensive coordinators but it doesn't matter if players don't execute.
  10. They tried screen earlier, the players couldn't execute. You have to block screens too.
  11. Then why have the saints only scored 3 points with one of the best offensive coordinators in the league. Players make plays, it's about execution and beating the man across from you.
  12. Maybe just maybe it's more about player execution. Shanahan was the only offensive coordinator people respected and that was after his first year where people were demanding that he get fired.
  13. System and coaching does matter. Matt Ryan is a pocket passer he NEEDS and above average offensive line, and running game to be at his best in my opinion. He does not have the Arm strength or mobility of Rodgers but it is possible in the right environment he could be more dominant. 2016 would be strongest case for that argument.
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