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  1. The Falcons finished in last place in the division. This is the 3rd consecutive losing season and yet people still claiming the sky is not falling. It is not falling because it already did, the Falcons are a BAD team and it's time to pick up the pieces and rebuild a winning franchise. I am hopeful TF will address the cap issues with a sober and realistic approach unlike many on the board who refuse to take their head out of the sand. It's not going to be easy or a cakewalk for this team to return to prominence acknowledging that should not be controversial.
  2. BB didn't look like a good coach this year or when he was he Cleveland. I personally think BB is a great football coach, also believe he is dependent on the players and coaches around him. Arians is not BB but implying he is not above average after beating the defending super bowl champs so convincedly is un fair criticism in my opinion. I'm old enough to remember when they said similar things about Andy Reid.
  3. Do you mean a middle of the pack coach like Belichick who hasn't won anything without Brady and crew. Hard to discredit Arians when they got it done in all phases of the game not just defense. Ultimately the players are the most important ingredient, but the head coaches responsibility is to get everyone to buy in and he did that.
  4. Ultimately the whole organization lost it's focus. You raised a valid point about Arthur Blank he not only was outspoken about signing certain players during the Quinn Dimi era he appears to still be involved.
  5. That's the difference between you and I, I'm not OK with 3 losing seasons in a row and a roster full of holes. If the cap and roster were in great shape Thomas Dimitroff would still be here.
  6. You are correct, Neal is a free agent, unlike Rico. Alan Baily is who I was think about. Thix for correcting the record.
  7. Why would a new staff and GM want to handicap themselves by restructuring older players making them untradeable moving forward. Grady and Debo will have to be restructured and Neal and Rico will need to be cut just to get under the cap. It's a short sided and a DUMB way to build a team when you are not close to competing for a Super bowl. You also expose yourself up to eating a large amount of money if they a player is injured. Those are the facts, sorry it hurts your feelings to hear the truth but I have no problems with it. I'm sure Arthur Smith will not pretend they do not have
  8. TD restructured Matt and Julio, and moved the majority of Fowlers cap hit to this year, which is why the Falcons have major cap problems. The Falcons do not have enough money to improve the roster, that is not fear that is reality.
  9. This is exactly correct. Falcons will have to cut players and restructure contracts just to get under the cap. Dante Fowlers contract is ridiculous, with 29 Million guaranteed, that is our premier pass rusher.
  10. I don't want to be right. I just call it like I see it. I realistically don't see the Falcons pulling a Tampa Bay next season. Teams with a 36 year QB do not build through the draft.
  11. I hope you are right. The saints made smart moves, the Falcons not so much. What is Fowlers cap hit these season? How much would it cost to move on from him?
  12. I know what their situation, bottom line is they have a much better cap situation than the Falcons with less holes.
  13. Tampa was smart because that managed their cap space correctly and built a super bowl contender with tying themselves down in the future. You don't get it, the Falcons already tried to build around Matt Ryan, that's why they have no cap space in the first place. Dimi was in a win now mode, which is why they back loaded the contracts. The Falcons will have to cut players, not add them and build through the draft which takes years.
  14. The only way he won't is if the restructure again which just pushes it out further and prevents cap flexibility moving forward. It's not the way to build a superbowl contender! It's a terrible way to build a team they will be forced to cut middle of the road players without a replacement to get under the cap. Contrast that with Tampa who already has 30 Million in cap space, and financial flexibility moving forward.
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