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  1. A broken clock is right twice a day so don't fool yourself into thinking you know what time it is...... I don't have enough time to reference All the weak talking points you offered throughout the offseason. Sanu has a great game against Greenbay, hardly enough data to claim I'm wrong.
  2. Sanu came through for us no doubt. Let's take everything into context the problem I had with securing Sanu for that type of money was two-fold. I told you he was not fast enough to take the top of the D, hence provide a similar impact to Julio if he were injured. Fortunately we picked up Gabriel and have Robinson on ice because these are guys who can get open without Julio providing a coverage advantage. Second reason was I want to see more money going to the defensive side of the ball. I wanted rushing linebacker and another young defensive end two things we didn't have cap to address with the Sanu contract. One thing I can say is it's working right now and he was a huge asset on Sunday.
  3. Your reading comprehension is terrible Vandy. "premature to call Beasley the most talented Falcon pass rusher ever"
  4. Nonsense because I think its premature to call Beasley the most talented Falcon pass rusher ever? I never claimed Beasley was a bust, I lobbied to add more talent to the position, so I have no idea what your ranting about. I called Collins a bust but at the end of the day I call it like I see it. I don't run away from anything I've posted when I,m wrong I have no problem owning it.
  5. Can't speak on the other guys my work demands have left little room for anything else right now. As witnessed earlier it's hard to really discuss football when you haven't been watching enough to add really meaningful commentary. From what I've seen I'm still in a wait a see mode, but more encouraged about what I've witnessed so far than during the offseason. Matt Ryan has been the biggest pleasant surprise so far, the whole offense has looked dominate at times so there is plenty of good stuff to talk about. I'll be back more when time permits, hopefully we can make the playoffs this season because that's what I want to see from the team.
  6. I see you are still butt hurt from our prior entanglements so it's to be expected you would over analyze my comments. I don't know what comments you are referring to because I enjoy seeing the Falcons organization win and I enjoy seeing our players succeed and thrive. Your comments are way off base. I don't see Beasley as a elite pass rusher yet, in my opinion he has shown flashes of potential greatness but we will have to see where it goes. I've haven't had a chance to study the team as closely as in past years and acknowledge that. I made a few comments that were straight wrong and I have no problems admitting I was off base with a few post. I don't have season tickets this season and have missed most of the game live due to work demands. I never want to see the Falcons fail or throw out negativity just to be pessimistic. You picking the wrong fight HASHMAN.
  7. I didn't say you said that, but others did which is what I'm referring to. I like what I see out of our young linebackers if they learn how to play zone with proper depth and understand down and distance. I do see improvement on defense and the pass was has improved. I made three central points during the off-season. 1. Sanu was overpaid because he will not represent a true #2. TRUE so far. 2. Matt Ryan is not suited for Shanny's offense WRONG so far. 3. We needed to bolster our pass rush by bringing in another young stud, and established rusher. EVEN, so far. Freeny was a big move, Beasley and Jarrett have showed improvement but overall the defense is still a big liability. The next portion of the season we reveal what we really have. Has this team turned the corner or will we see a collapse reminiscent of last season. So far it's been a roller coaster ride but I'm generally happy with the growth of some young players on defense and the explosiveness on offense outside of the Chargers game.
  8. Get your shots in while you can, I still remember how you claimed these faster linebackers would stop the underneath stuff. Debunked, don't let me have to pull up the old threads.
  9. I haven't had much time to watch the Falcons this season too busy. Probably a good thang I was tired of taking your lunch money. I was wrong on Avril,.but we will see how it all plays out. Bettter get your shots in now, while I,m out of the Falcons loop, Beasley has improved but Im still not buying he demands doubles and triples.
  10. Yeah we sig bet before acquiring Freeny. If you win , that's who you should thank and wjo I was screaming for. His acquisition was CRITICAL
  11. Avril got chopped, that's what he was complaining about after the game. Look it up! Beasley has improved but I,m suprised you are claiming he is already the man because he lacks pass rush moves. And yes baller make plays at key times in the game and must always need to be accounted for. Do you really believe teams are game planning for Beasley.
  12. Your talking a whole bunch of hyperbole, Breasly broke out a few games ago and you guys are claiming he is the most talented falcon pass rusher ever? What are his patented moves, he is using his hands better but where are the counters?
  13. Gotta disagree. The only thing that stopped Avril from rag dolling Ryan was the chop block by Matthews. He was tossing Matt around all game. Denver's line was garbage, anyone who lined up against that tackle was eatin. Beasley does not have enough moves in his arsenal yet the best pass rushers impact the game during critical periods of the game. If we had anyone like that we wouldn't be going for it on 4 in 1 on our own 45.
  14. I'll go back and watch the games again when I get an opportunity and see what's what. Did Denver and Seattle double team Beasley? I see the stunts and twist but I don't see teams sliding coverage over to account for Beasley on a consistent basis. We haven't seen that since Abe left, we are talking about two different things. Our pass rush is still a liability, the defense got a ways to go my friend. Personally I think Grady is the most talented lineman we have right now.