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  1. Anything is possible in the offseason. Even the Jets believe they are superbowl bound this time of year. How about the Falcons get through training camp without serious injuries before we move to a deep playoff run.
  2. For me it is refreshing to have a coach that doesn't use corny buzz words, and try to market his coaching style. He seems focused on producing results and I hope we see his vision come to life.
  3. Russel Gage makes it sound like Julio was the real wide receiver coach, never mentions Dave Brock .
  4. The Falcons are at a crossroads, it's nothing unusual for this Franchise if you have been a fan long enough. New GM, New Coaching Staff, limited cap space attempting to change the culture after 3 consecutive losing seasons, is an uphill battle. Those who are content with going 8-8 should be very happy, those wanting to compete for a Superbowls will have to wait for the next miracle season like 98 and 2016.
  5. I hope this season does not mirror 2013, not looking forward to seeing the team go 4-12 again. I recall people claiming the team would improve when Tony G retired because Matt would be forced to spread the ball around more, having less talent is never a good thing.
  6. 2012 was the Falcons best team but the Falcons made some critical errors that year which cost them a superbowl. 1. Mike Smith played John Abraham in a meaningless last game of the season against Carolina where he gets hurt and which changes the entire defense in the playoffs. 2. He ran Micheal Turner into the ground in the regular season in previous years so he wasn't the same back in the playoffs. 3. To conservative, during key times in the game. The irony is I saw a lot of similarities between some old Mike Smith teams and how Tenn played Baltimore in the playoffs t
  7. I was incorrect about 2021 draft pick. You are correct about the draft pick needing to be for 2022 or a team could have drafted a player with an agreement in place.
  8. Each draft pick has a predetermined value, picks in future years have lesser value literally. You are incorrect they could have traded him draft night and finalized the deal in June.
  9. The could have traded him and completed the transaction in June. Why do you think there was so much speculation about Julio getting traded on draft night if it was not possible?
  10. A 2nd rounder in this years draft is the equivalent to a 1st round pick in 2022.
  11. So you know better than Julio Jones. Hmm
  12. AS doing Tenn a solid, this may get them over the hump. Mean time Falcons are in a win now mode wink wink!
  13. He signed a new contract which will ultimately pay him 5 million less than his original contract. He may recoup it in another way, but it will be outside of his contract with Pittsburgh. Players give up money all the time it happened to to Dante Fowler this offseason. He had the choice of taking a paycut or getting cut it boils down to leverage and what the organization and player want to do.
  14. There is a big difference between a restructure and new contract, the terms are not synonymous Big did both. The bottom line is Big Ben will make 5 million less, it will still be spread-out into 2022.
  15. Big Ben signed a new contract, he didn't structure his contract. Matt Ryan restructured and is getting paid early but the Falcons cap number continues to balloon in future years. How is this the same thing? Ben Roethlisberger: Taking a pay cut was my idea - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com)
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