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  1. Season is over folks. Who was that guy that made the thread about us not having any injuries during preseason?
  2. He got a new job fixing computers?
  3. Let the over reactions begin...
  4. Man, I really fell out of love with football after last year. Can't believe how much that loss STILL hurts. I fear I'll never see us win a SB.
  5. Very Dan Quinn like.
  6. The Falconuars
  7. Hopefully see the back of Gabriel. I'm struggling to think of a more over rated player in the last few years.
  8. That was very Falcon like from the Jags
  9. That Jags D is legit. Wow.
  10. Our entire coaching staff blows TBH. Armstrong and Sark need to be gone. Quinn needs to start learning how to manage games/time/his staff better or else he'll be on shaky ground too the next few seasons.
  11. I have to say, I'm losing any trust I even had in Quinn. How on earth can he witness the same things over and over again and not do anything about it? Not to mention his absolutely awful time/game management.
  12. I hope Sark and Armstrong are fired tonight. If not, tomorrow at the latest.
  13. I'm glad we're out. Couldn't stomach another 'performance' from clueless Sark and Quinn. Please Minny, knock the Saints out.
  14. What a pathetic **** show.