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  1. SMH refs
  2. Hope not.
  3. Exactly my thoughts. I know a lot on here don't like Quinn, but I do.
  4. The only one that I'm delighted is going is Armstrong. Think getting rid of Sark in particular is harsh.
  5. I actually burst out laughing there. Too funny.
  6. Your agendas are showing boys.
  7. Jones and Campbell are so overrated on here.
  8. Can we FINALLY fix our lines? Please? PLEASE?
  9. At least our rivals won't win the Superbowl in our stadium. Oh, wait...
  10. 4th and inches on the goal line and we go into the shotgun? Too stupid to even comprehend.
  11. Coleman is soft.
  12. Ryan was awesome today. That INT was on Ridley too. Way to go Matt.