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  1. 4th and inches on the goal line and we go into the shotgun? Too stupid to even comprehend.
  2. Coleman is soft.
  3. Ryan was awesome today. That INT was on Ridley too. Way to go Matt.
  4. I can't stand that gimmicky Saints offence.
  5. Wentz is over rated ASF
  6. Was a forward pass.
  7. A lot of people on here would get their wish if Ryan was injured. A different player Quarterbacking this team. Sad.
  8. It's all good brother.
  9. No worries. Can never be sure on here
  10. If Ryan is as bad as you make out, why on earth would the Seahawks make that trade?
  11. I don't know why some of you bother replying to the blatant trolls on these boards. It must be exhausting.
  12. Ryan's fault obviously.