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  1. Haha at Bryan(Burn Toast)Evans talking about his teammates in the film room. He need to watch his own play on the field in that film room. I had high hopes for him being 10 yards back so the WR's couldnt get behind me....but that didnt last long. The only one that can talk on the DEF. is Rennie Curran.
  2. Haha you maybe right...I never thought of them.
  3. Here is some more rationale from you about how Oklahoma State Plays Defense. Rank Avg Yrds Per Game Total Defense 93 405.54 Oh and another point they return the same guys from last year for this year
  4. Yep that the key word "IF" and in this career so far that is a FAILURE!!! I guess I use logic but if your paid that much and cant stay on the field to help the "TEAM" that mean your a FAILURE. It simple math. TOTAL OFFENSIVE YARDS:(saints)6571 - 5432(opp)=8-8 record haha. So DW why would they understand any stats that are put up. As all great coach will tell you DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  5. DW keep killing it. It so funny to see their fans chase their tails. As it says in my sig....You can talk all the smack you want but STATS TALK FACTS. The funniest guy over there was the one that keep saying "well if he(norwood) is so good why doesnt he start/even the coach's know it too" Well no need to start when you can come in and carry/catch the ball less and still get your yards. Which keeps you healthy and fresh to do it again next week. And the winning statement of the day from over there. If Bush COULD stay healthy then he WOULD be all world. You are what You are! A unhealthy want a
  6. Talk about UGLY....I mean come on PICK ONE. But dont they do this bc of their sponsorship with Nike.(To show the new stuff that Nike can do) I mean that is the school where Nike got its start with coach Bill Bowerman. And Nike's Headquaters is located in Beaverton, Oregon.
  7. "Johnson believes Jenkins will receive deferred prosecution and possibly find the charges dropped after what he calls a "very minor incident." The Sentinel left a message with a Gainesville Police spokesman." I dont know about you guys but getting "tazed" to me is not a Minor Incident....dont you pee on yourself?
  8. Oh yeah I agree, so I dont think its much of a stretch to think they eat 7000 calories during football. When I played HS football(I know it doesnt compare) the diet plan they had made for us(I played DE and TE) I was avg. about 5000-6000 calories during the season. But that was during not before.
  9. Yeah one word POLITICS....and remember the avg. human eats about 3000 calories a day anyway.
  10. The best part of this video is still Moore killing Freeman.....love it.....Bucs are in for a shocker!
  11. And to think most "Experts" said this was a down year for the draft and nexts years draft will be better....DIMITROFF STRIKES AGAIN.
  12. It comes down to the play of the league around you....ACC vs SEC. You think FSU wins all the National Title if they dont play in the ACC and play in the SEC? Do you think GT wins 1 national title if they play in the SEC?
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