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  1. Did you really believe that Ferarri crap? Anyone that thought the Falcons would suddenly become the Eagles after picking up Julio Jones must have been smoking some good stuff. Jones is a rookie. Rookie WRs not named Randy Moss don't produce. Last time I checked Julio Jones is not named Randy Moss. Banking on a rookie WR to be the reason your offense suddenly comes to life is almost as silly as banking on a kicker to do it.
  2. After watching that I told my buddy that "The Burner" should be downgraded to "The Hot Plate". That was just sad. Philly is suspect against the run and I assume there will be opportunities for Turner next weekend. If the Falcons kick field goals however the game will quickly get out of hand just like this one did though because if the D couldn't stop the Bears they definitely aren't going to slow down the Eagles. At the end of the day you're not going to win a shootout with your ground game. The Falcons will have to come out throwing the ball and we'll see whether they can keep up.
  3. Bold section is absolutely false. Chandler is the best QB on performance as he led the Falcons to the big game. Vick is the best QB the Falcons have had based on potential. Ryan isn't close in either respect at the moment.
  4. If a team is legitimately dropping eight men into coverage against your two TE, two WR look you do not pass, you run. If you can't run on a team dropping eight guys into coverage then you should probably pack it in and call it a season. Luckily for the Falcons that's not what the Bears were doing. The Bears took the deep ball away because that's part of the Tampa 2's philosophy AND because they played their safeties deep. Intermediate routes should have been available in the seam between the LB level and the safety level but for a number of reasons the Falcons didn't have much success hitting
  5. Explosive plays are not necessarily deep balls. They are, by definition, plays of 20 or more yards. You can have an explosive play on a handoff, on a screen, or a deep ball... However, the deep ball is probably the easiest way to produce one. A lot of things have to go right to produce an explosive play against a good defense when the ball isn't covering a decent chunk of that yardage in the air. You have a pro bowl WR and a HoF TE in Roddy and Tony. Julio is a rookie and history says rookie WRs don't produce. If he's the great hope they may as well pack it in. At some point they said the Bear
  6. The question was who you wanted at QB. I answered the question and Peyton had a problem with my response. Did you miss that part?
  7. Fine. That doesn't change the fact that ESPN's ranking was prior to week 1 and immediately after week one the Falcons shot up...and at the end of the day the Falcons actually won so they OBVIOUSLY weren't the worst team in the league regardless of what people may have thought before any games had been played. The Falcons had a charmin soft schedule and good players around Ryan, mainly Michael Turner. Ryan saddled up and rode Turner that year. Same way the Falcons rode Jamal to the Super Bowl in 98. I doubt we're going to agree here but I've yet to see Ryan consistently do anything in his caree
  8. Vick wouldn't (didn't) even say he had a good game. W is a W though so I doubt anyone in that locker room is complaining...tonight. Tomorrow is another story though.
  9. I will call BS on that. The Falcons had a LOT of talent on offense. Michael Turner, Roddy White, Tony Gonzales, Ovie lead blocking for Turner ( ... I just named four pro bowlers and covered every offensive skill position except QB) and a last place schedule and two of the three other teams in the division slumping? 2008 was set up for the Falcons to do well. At no point in the past 10 seasons has anyone regarded the Falcons as the absolute worst team in the league. Not in 2007, not going into 2008, never. Ryan is absolutely a manager. Remember hearing the stats about the Falcons win/loss reco
  10. It was only a dud if you expected the Falcons to be explosive. If back in April you thought the "Oh let's get Julio Jones and then we're suddenly going to shoot off 20+ yard plays every other set of downs" stuff was BS and that the reason Atlanta isn't explosive is a mix of personnel and philosophy then you think this was par for the course. The Eagles will probably score 30 points next weekend. The question will be whether Atlanta's offense can beat that.
  11. The same way Big Ben won his first ring. Do the words "game manager" ring any bells?
  12. Ryan is actually the best fit for Atlanta's philosophy. Schaub needs to be in an offense where he can sling it. Vick needs to be in an offense with playmakers on the outside that will get down the field. Atlanta plays a system where we depend on the run, want to play a low scoring game, and expect our QB to play consistent, mistake free ball. Schaub and Vick are better QBs but they're not good fits for Atlanta's system.
  13. The defense wasn't the problem. The defense pretty much is what it is and the Bears are definitely capable of scoring points. They WERE the two seed in the NFC after all. Ball control offenses can't afford to go against teams with high powered offenses and NOT score points and when they do score you need to score TDs and not FGs. The Falcons are not going to beat any of the top offenses in the league by kicking FGs. It's a foregone conclusion that the defense isn't going to stop those offenses so the only choice is to win the shootout. The Falcons aren't explosive enough to come back from a
  14. Yeah...and? The Eagles score points. People like offense. People like big plays. The Eagles also don't play defense so primetime games with 50-60 points scored is something people want to see. Of course the Eagles will probably get their share of primetime games... Just like the Falcons did when Vick was on the roster here. In a word? Yes. The Pro Bowl isn't a sportsmanship honor. It's about your play on the field and of the QBs that actually went to Hawaii Vick had the best season individually. Who cares whether he "did bad things"? He played well and that's the bottom line.
  15. There's nothing to fix. Ryan isn't a deep ball QB. He's not going to become one either. The best thing for Atlanta to do is to work the offense around his strengths and make sure the defense doesn't allow games to get out of hand because once we're down 14+ it's all over. For the record, if you think Ryan and Brady's deep balls are in the same league you didn't watch Brady to Moss in 2007.
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