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  1. I've found that the ones yelling it the loudest are the ones who actually are. I've been following a new rule lately. I have found that when the Dems to accuse somebody of something, they are just telling us what they themselves are guilty of. It's working out well so far.
  2. See, you have the identity politics down pat. Dem playbook 101. Don't agree with it? Yell racism/xenophobe/sexist/homophobe/anti-semitic/etc... If that doesn't work, then make something up and stick with it, truth be darned. Hitler. Literally Hitler!!!....smh Lol. You guys crack me up.
  3. @marla_mulder keeps destroying the frantic and pathetic spin job by seditious conspiracy apologists with truth bombs and the rebuttal is "go away". Priceless Told you guys the other night that the only thing you hate worse than Trump is the truth. Check
  4. The fact that they do not understand that this memo is simply an outline of the crimes that they already have proof of is astounding. I've come to realize that they will forever be in denial that the members of their supported party, along with former WH officials, and certain members of the intel community could possibly have done anything wrong. It was that darn orange man and those pesky Russians. Let's totally ignore the evidence showing otherwise. I also find it laughable that out of 50,000 text messages between two adulters, the WSJ found 7000 of them to not contain any plotting. I'll take cherry-picking for $1000, Alex. The Dems weren't scared of the memo itself. They were scared of crimes it pointed to that they realize now there is evidence of. This investigation into these abuses has been going on for a year now. They would never show their hand unless they were certain that they had evidence to back it. McCabe being asked to step down a day after his boss read it, along with the total meltdown by the left trying to stop it's release should tell you it's significance. Pelosi was half-right when she said the public wouldn't understand it. She left out that it was her party's base that she was referring to. Smh...
  5. From what I've read, Comey was recommended to be fired by Rosenstein. Trump's tweet at the time corroborates this. It said something about being under investigation for firing Comey by the person who recommended that he fire him. Rosenstein is part of the group that was trying to undermine Trump. He already had Mueller lined up to be the special prosecutor for Trump doing what Rosenstein had advised Trump to do. So we have Steel's dossier and a Yahoo article source by Steel, whom Ohr recorded as saying that he desperately didn't want Trump to be POTUS. We also have the person (Strzok) who oversaw the Hillary investigation removed from the special council and demoted to HR after he and his mistress (Page) were found to be sending inappropriate messages to each other as well as them plotting against Trump. They were found to be the sources for their own articles. They had full control of the narrative to undermine Trump complete with cooperation of FBI brass and the media. All of this led to Trump's campaign being surveilled by wiretape , and later renewed after he won the election. I don't know about you guys, but it sure as heck looks like Trump has been right all along, and the intelligence agency was weaponized to undermine a duly elected president. Witch-hunt confirmed.
  6. LMAO, I typed that too quickly. I definitely meant rogue. Like AF89 meant to say warrant instead of warrent twice on the last page.
  7. I'll give you a hint. He is part of the never Trumpers. He had to recuse himself from the Flynn case because he was found to be the one who authorized the FISA warrant on Trump. The swamp runs far and wide.
  8. The FBI as a whole, no. The rouge faction within, yes. I know quite a few members seeing as though I interface with them regularly. I have faith that the bad apples are on the way out, and that the good ones (the large majority of them) will restore the Bureau's good name.
  9. You can believe what you want, but it is fact that Al Mansour, under Al Waleed's instruction, paid for Obama's Harvard education. Obama's half brother has been dropping hints for a while now that there is a Hawaii in Libya. Michelle is on video saying, as well as Obama himself, that his homeland is Libya. Two independent forensic analysis' performed on the birth certificate show that it was a forgery copied exactly from some lady's born the same day (I thought you guys believed in science). On top of all of that, he is shown hanging out with radical extremist Louis Farrakhan in a picture from 2005, was a member of Rev Wright's church, and was captured on camera reading a book titled A Post-American World. He constantly made references from the Koran, as well. You see, the difference between the perception you guys have of Trump and our perception of Obama is that only one of those perceptions have a foundation in physical proof. Nobody can make you believe any of it. Though it's really hard to dispute video and photo evidence, you guys seem to ignore it like it doesn't exist like a champ. I'm actually beginning to understand why Trump and his team haven't just opened up the whole can of worms and exposed all of their crimes at once. The evidence is so shocking that it would be too much to take in at once. They are slow rolling it, and exposing a little bit at a time so that when it gets to the big stuff (and it surprisingly gets much larger than spying on a political opponent) the public will have been eased into it to reduce the sticker shock. This memo, Strzok's texts, Comey's memo, the DNC/Hillary/McCain/Steel/Russian Spies/GPS Fusion dossier, are all just the beginning of draining the swamp. Uranium One will certainly come back into play, as will money laundering, trafficking, drug/arms running, body brokers, election rigging, etc.... Hillary was supposed to win to cover their tracks. What do you suppose was in the fire at the Clinton's home? What do you think they found on Weiner's computer? Why did the DNC CEO quit a year into the job? Why did Strzok bury Seth Rich's file? Why do people with information on the Clinton's keep committing suicide (getting murdered)? Why haven't they found anything to charge Trump on though they have had him wiretapped since he won the GOP primaries? Why did Mueller file for a delay on Flynn's charges? How are lifelong politicians that should have made $5mil over their careers worth more than 10 times that amount? Why doesn't the media report all of the good things Trump's admin has accomplished? Why did McCabe step down (was forced) from his position a day after Wray read the memo? Why are the Dems feverishly opposed to the memo being released? Why is Obama following Trump from country to country when he goes abroad? Why did Podesta step down from his company after being interviewed by Mueller? Why did Obama legalize propaganda for use in the US? Trump isn't the bad guy. Not even close. He's the best thing to happen to this country in my lifetime. You'll realize that one day when you learn the answer to all of those questions. You'll likely find that the answers closely mirror what I've already told you. Some of it already has.
  10. It's not conspiracy if it's true. Why do you suppose the Dems are scared to death of the memo being released, and are trying their hardest to block it?
  11. You must not be paying attention to the "0 for everything related to Trump" you guys are batting.
  12. I actually thought of you a couple of weekends ago on the way to Biloxi. I stopped right around Pascagoula to get gas, and there was a GTR at the pump next to me. I almost took a picture and sent it to you.
  13. Exactly. Proper use and context. This guy gets it.
  14. Likewise. As far as the latter, I do as well. I'm mostly right. I don't sugar coat it, and I don't get caught up in my "feels". I don't do PC very well. Never have. My filter broke long ago. I simply treat others in here how I was treated. If they don't like being spoken down to, then maybe they shouldn't do it themselves. I am just a speaker of the truth. It's not my fault that some don't like it. The feeling is mutual.
  15. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/31/whoopsie-james-clapper-states-clinton-steele-dossier-was-used-for-fisa-surveillance-extension/
  16. That was far later, and likely even days/weeks after the initial post about it. Why don't you go back to the first post on it.
  17. When somebody says "I'm hearing", then that pretty much says it's rumor at that point. Also, you can say what you want, but you are the one full of it. There's no way that you aren't a full blown liberal. You fit the profile better than some of the most hardcore others on here.
  18. I clearly labeled those as rumors, which as far as I know haven't been disproved. As far the latter, I never once defended him. I asked if anybody had video evidence showing him striking her and pointed out that A REPORTER reported that the police said that he drove through the crowd because they were attacking his car and he feared for his life. Like the simpletons you are, you took that as me defending him. You've been exposed to the virtue signaling, race card pulling, identity politics of the left for far too long, Pull your head out of your rear for a bit and take a few deep breaths. The real world is full of multiple races surprisingly coexisting with one another just fine, despite what the fake news wants you to believe.
  19. When did the Onion decide to start dropping spicy red pills? lol
  20. That's the most accurate summation of this whole thread. Seems like everyday they come up with some new bombshell that never works out, and eventually is recognized as fake news. Conversely, we've been saying that Obama and his administration, as well as Hillary and her campaign, and certain factions within the intelligence agency were corrupt. Slowly, but surely, and after lots of ridicule that we even dared to think this was possible, we are being proven right. The biggest problem with it all is that they aren't even aware of how wrong they are and how right we've been. Their fake news doesn't report on real news like how Obama and gang weaponized the intelligence community to spy on a presidential candidate. You know, like the largest scandal in our history. They also don't report on the unemployment rate being at a 45 year low, and how minority unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded, or how the stock market keeps breaking record highs, or how lowering the corporate tax has companies coming back home while reinvesting billions of dollars back here in America. I still have faith that they'll one day realize that the Democratic party is full of virtue signaling poverty pimps that only care about getting votes, and that the media is their propaganda arm. I have my fingers crossed.
  21. The one specific source that I quote from 4chan has been dead on with a very large percentage of the information given, many times more accurate than CNN/msm so yes.
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