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  1. Look, tweedle dee is here to backup tweedle dum. You two give the rest of the left on this board a bad name. Except bdog. I guess I could call you the three blind mice, or sheep. Mdrake usually has good points to make when he's not hating on Kushner excessively. Jpowers tries to keep the peace. Atl89 usually brings better thought out arguments as well. Mack is reasonable when not trolling. I give optimus an A+ for effort. But, you add absolutely nothing of value to any discussion. You're the kids in school that didn't understand the lesson being taught, so you made fun of other people to try to make yourselves feel better about your deficiencies. What I'm trying to say is your opinion is as useful as t!ts on a bull.
  2. You're right. I'm not looking at anything you guys post and changing my stance at all. Oh, except for that I agreed that Kushner should lose his clearance. Oh, and that Trump and his family made some questionable business decisions. And that there were some good provisions in the aca that should stay. Well heck, now that you mention it you're wrong again. Darn
  3. Do you believe anything you post, or are you hoping others won't call you on it? Why are you talking about encryption? Nobody is saying he hacked anything. Leaked information is either unencrypted when it's leaked or the leaker sends the key with it so that the person they are leaking it to can access it. I will take a widely respected former NSA, FBI, CIA, whatever's opinion of the data over anybody on this site's opinion anyday. He wasn't the only other person to verify it either. If you don't think that the people it's pointing a finger at isn't going to discredit that info, or attack the source, then you're kidding yourself.
  4. My wife looked at it, too. The treatment was shown effective for one of the dna deletions, but hadn't been tested on his yet. One of the articles I read mentioned the type he had, but I can't recall it off of the top of my head. It's certainly a sad situation. I had hope they could help.
  5. I'd rather be a clown than a misinformed dunce.
  6. You are incredibly dense. I still have friends at old jobs that tell me stuff all of the time. I promise I could look at any information they gave me, and give them a relevant assessment of the information. I haven't been a tech for 5 years, but I could jump right into it with no trouble whatsoever. The only hacks are a few of you that make wild claims literally based on zero evidence at all other than your opinion. I show you actual breakdowns of the information along with leaked emails and information from the horse's mouth, and you bow down like a good little partisan sheep and ignore it because the MSM and DNC told you to. The only thing you're good at is tearing down the source, because you certainly can't dispute the information. But don't sweat it, you're in good company. Attack the source, ignore the information. Stay misinformed. You should make a t-shirt.
  7. Nope. I mean by not limiting yourself to sources in bed with the people you support that have been shown to be working with them behind the scenes. The information he leaked has not been discredited. He may be a ****** person in his day to day life, but the information has been verified by a few sources including a widely acclaimed former NSA agent. The dude stole classified hard drives from those agencies. That was probably illegal as it gets. You cannot dispute the information, though. I promise you Comey and Mueller were in no hurry to release that information, since it was pointing to them as well.
  8. You're confusing me with somebody else. The leakers are letting us know about all of the crooked stuff going on around us. I've always been iffy about law enforcement. Add money to the mix, and that power starts getting abused pretty easily. As far as technology goes, I'm sure a high level NSA agent would have trouble picking up SIP, VoIP, LTE, or any other technology out since then. I also doubt he didn't stay in touch with some old colleagues. These leaks should have opened some eyes to the extent of the corruption.
  9. You can certain take support for in multiple ways. I support your decision to add the exact message. The exact message supports many different views. It doesn't support them influencing the election, though, anymore than the dirt given to Hillary would influence the election.
  10. Does it say if he was too far along with his illness? I wonder if getting to him sooner would have made any difference?
  11. Discounting Binney's account of things because he retired is like saying Chris Kyle forgot how to shoot a gun because he retired from the military. Do you think he didn't know what was going on while he was there? You don't think it was going on any before he retired? They pulled him out of his shower by gunpoint in front of his family because he was making it up? That's the worst dispute to information I've seen you come up with. I'm going to need you to try harder with that one.
  12. No he wasn't. He was told that a Russian government lawyer had dirt on Hillary, and that they supported Trump. Nowhere in there was it said that the Russian government was going to influence the election for Trump. SMH
  13. He'll never admit being wrong. Free thinking isn't as free as it used to be. You'll have to wait until the MSM tells him it's ok.
  14. I went back and looked at it. Some of us have a life, and don't get to stay on here 24/7. The link I posted was about the leaked information. I did not have time at that moment to dig into it much, but now that I have I have my thoughts on it above. But, by all means keep being a partisan sheep and ignore the facts to fit your agenda. I think you know deep down you're the fraud.
  15. I found it. See my post above