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  1. You aren't paying very good attention then. They can't even shut up long enough to give their conservative guests time to get their full response out most of the time. I recently watched an interview with Jake Tapper where he'd ask a leading question, and when the guest began answering in a way he liked he would start talking over them, and then change the subject. They did the same in the one before that when the congressman investigating Strzok and the FBI's involvement in being politically active for Hillary came on. The CNN guy kept phrasing the questions in an obviously slanted way, and got called out for it when the congressman attempted to answer. The people on that network are arrogant a-holes that begin to cut people off and talk over them when they try to respond to a question. It's like arguing with a an arrogant pr!ck teenager that thinks they know everything. Tapper got owned by Stephen Miller, and when Miller tried to respond near the end, Tapper essentially pulled a "I'm taking my ball and going home" on him. Acosta is a total dbag in the press meetings at the White House, and is constantly getting his butt handed to him by Sanders. It's embarrassing at this point. CNN's whole network is just a propaganda pushing, fake news factory that is not receptive of differing opinions. Anybody that believes their lies that get exposed regulary, and can't see that their content is extremely slanted toward one party...well I'm not sure what could be said to change that, but once you do see it it's eye opening. It's no wonder their viewers are so misinformed when it comes to what the current administration is accomplishing. It doesn't align with their agenda, so they report on how many diet sodas the President drinks, or hides in the bushes at a golf course like the paparazzi while getting laughed at for it. I give TMZ more credibility than I do CNN. They are the worst of all of the liberal media outlets by far. Amd that's saying something to beat out MSNBC for that distinction. This is all without even mentioning their ties to Fusion GPS, and the many relatives of DNC members in office that work there, or the echo chamber pow wows they have with the DNC prior to elections. If you can't see the slant, then you aren't looking for it. It's big and bright and has bells on.
  2. I was referring to the part where he called Trump lazy. His energy is constantly praised by those that meet him, and spend time around him. He gets more done before lunch than most people do all day.
  3. Just more of what I told you long ago coming true. The report that is mentioned was based on information from the DEA team running the task force that was consistently ignored by Obama. Just another in a long line of corruption the previous admin was involved in. Also, Trump completely destroyed another fake news narrative about his mental state when he had the cameras rolling during a bipartisan discussion about DACA and the border wall. He showed to be the opposite of out of touch, and was very engaging across the aisle. The dems entered a trap unknowingly, and Trump made sure everybody saw the truth. He was in command the entire time, showed that he was well informed on the issue, made sure that the dems' stance on it all was made public, showed he was fair and balanced and not a blowhard tyrant, and also showed that Nancy and Chuck were no shows. The dems do not want chain migration ended, and Trump won't pass anything on DACA without the wall. They won't be able to claim anything untrue about the situation because Trump made sure the public saw it for themselves. The 6 month extension will end, and DACA will with it. Anybody paying attention knows that the dems don't care about the dreamers. They only want their vote. Nearly all of them are on record at some point advocating stronger borders and immigration control. The only thing that changed was somebody in office is actually achieving those very things they previously advocated for. Anybody that can't see how intelligent Trump is is only fooling themselves.
  4. He rescheduled it so that it didn't interfere with a basketball game that was on Monday. It was rescheduled to next Wednesday. Coincidentally, your post qualifies as fake news. Trump lazy...
  5. I don't watch the news at all. Outside of the clips I post, I largely get my information from unbiased sources that look at the facts surrounding the situation, legal filings, verified documents directly from a source, congressional investigations, and mix in a little common sense. I pick at those of you that can't see how fake the news from the msm is because you hate someone so badly because of false information that you can't the forest for the trees. If each of you were to take your feelings out of it and use you heads, then you would see the overwhelming evidence that the democratic party is simply a criminal empire, and that Trump is much more intelligent than you give him credit for. When you guys finally realize how duped you've been by professional conmen, don't say I didn't try to tell you. The left's ammunition is all fictional information with zero evidence to back any of it that gets told so often as the truth that it becomes the truth for them. You guys couldn't recognize a pattern if it had blinking lights and was right in front of your face.
  6. It's the lowest in history, so I imagine the part where it dropped the lowest in history. Wild guess, though.
  7. Clinton under investigation for pay for play while serving. Maga, birchers
  9. "The Clinton campaign hires Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm, to investigate the Trump campaign. Fusion hires a former British spy, Christopher Steele, who produces a dossier based on Russian sources full of rumor, hearsay and an occasional fact to allege collusion between the Kremlin and Trump campaign. The dossier gets to the FBI, which uses it to justify opening a counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign, perhaps including a judicial warrant to spy on Trump officials." That is a pretty good synopsis of how a sitting president, a presidential candidate, and a rogue IC can destroy a republic as easy as 1,2,3. Of course some key details were left out, such as the Clinton campaign and the DNC shelling out upwards of $10 million for Fusion's dirty dossier, and the Obama administration forging the signature of an ambassador for most of the 260 unmasking requests in her name. Where is our "fair' legacy media? By their complicity, squarely in the tank for the destruction of our country.
  10. I half expect 10-15, but 30+ is ridiculous. There's easily 2 games that could have been one by some of those drops that hit guys right in the money makers. Hopefully they figure out the issue for the playoffs. I can't stomach watching Julio and Sanu dropping easy passes like that.
  11. Also, Go Dawgs!!! Amazing game!
  12. In order to run for President, Trump was required to step down from his business, so your point is moot. Also, where is your outrage for all of the establishment politicians that became multi millionaires on a salary of less than $200k per year? Or, is it only aimed at Trump, and you don't care about anybody else doing it? Try again. It's laughable that Trump truly is making America great again in just about every major important category, yet you guys are finding the most petty things to try and attack him on. When he starts selling uranium to Russia, selling arms to Mexican drug cartels/funding ISIS, starts a foundation to launder money through, and trafficking women and children, then let me know.
  13. The drops are absolutely killing us. Imagine what our record could have been if our guys simply catch a few of those balls that hit them square in the hands in the endzone, or on 3rd/4th down on crucial games....
  14. You meant alt left, right? Everything Obama did was unconstitutional. You figure out eventually that I wasn't as wrong as you imagine I was. The man's college education was funded by corrupt Saudis. He set race relations in the country backwards by creating tensions that were essentially eradicated for the most part, funded ISIS, allowed Hezbollah to sell cocaine in the US to secure the Iran deal, sold arms to Mexican drug cartels, allowed 1/5 of US uranium to be sold to Russia, gave away billions and billions of dollars to hostile countries for god knows what, was part of the conspiracy against Trump, and that's not even a fifth of what he did. What exactly is Trump doing to violate the constitution? He fully has the authority to declare a state of emergency for issues like human rights violations, and is legally allowed to use the National Guard and Marines to gather those found to be in violation of it in order to be tried in a military court. Other than that, I'm interested to know what you believe that he has done to violate the constitution.