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  2. He still has a ways to go in the dishonesty department to catch up with his previous 3-4 predecessors. You must have been sleepwalking through those years, or your selective memory is just that selective.
  3. This is a really good article with a first hand account of what went on in Berkeley whenever the "white supremacist" group, Patriot Prayer, lead by Japanese American Joey Gibson and Samoan Tiny were forced to cancel their rally whenever the peaceful protestors of Antifa joined forces to counter protest their hateful message of love and peace.... It is very long, but worth the read in the end.
  4. That's the problem with the left. There isn't a good non-race baiting or non-loony bird candidate amongst them. They also don't seem to recognize that the further left they go, the further right they push the folks in the middle right.
  5. I have a feeling it has more to do with the fact that it is free, and so people who normally wouldn't go to the doctor go regularly. Like I said, for colds and similar circumstances it's great, but for major medical it's the cheapest/lowest cost method that is used that will always turn me away from it. That and our government running it.
  6. Wtf are you talking about. You've tried to spin this so many times you've confused yourself. What does looking at any of those sites have to do with me seeing her mom saying on NBC that she had a heart attack, which in turn generated some interest in looking into it? Stop spinning and you might be able to see straight.
  7. Some dbag and his gf were walking around randomly sitting in sections where there were empty seats collecting the inaugural hats. They got busted eventually by the security staff with like 20 hats a piece. After handing them over, they got back up and started going up and down the aisles looking for extra hats again. I can only imagine they were looking to sell them on ebay later. Smh...
  8. His rb ran the wrong way. He was throwing it away. He went to hand it off left, and the back was already past his right side. He was throwing it away. My wife missed it, then asked the same thing when she watched the replay on the jumbotron (I guess thats what you still call it, lol).
  9. NBC NBC NBC NBC NBC NBC NBC I posted the video of her saying it on NBC already long ago when I brought this up. The car going through the crowd videos are available all over the internet. There is a fundamental issue here with you guys making things up, then running with it as fact. PRO TIP: If you guys want to bash someone for not posting a link, then make sure they didn't post the link first.
  10. Do I really need to write purple after comments like these?
  11. Better results as in level of care, or better results as in more people being covered? I know my individual experience could certainly differ from somebody else's, but I know many more people that share the same feelings as I do about it. That's not to say it isn't better in other countries that have implemented this type of system, but in ours particularly it just plain sucks. I suppose my other concern is letting the government decide medical decisions for me. I trust the government to uphold the law, and protect our borders. Outside of that, I want them as far away from making decisions for me as possible. This is as invasive as they can get to me.
  12. Because I chose not to discuss politics, that means I knew nothing of them? Tell me more.
  13. Of course not. That would require you to think
  14. I make fun of the tin foil brigade as much as the next guy, but I'm unsure of how to show you what I'm looking at without something beyond the point becoming the story. Because of that, the message loses traction due to the dam*ing of the source. You all have brought up valid reasons for crapping on the source, and I can understand that. The message isn't that dems are bad, and that Trump is the God Emperor like those nuts on T_D call him. Trump is fallable, just like mamy before him. I certainly don't like everything he's done either, although I often see some if it is a means to an end. The message is that a few dems in particular are bad, and their buddies within our intelligence community are involved in some of their shenanigans. Whether anybody wants to admit it or not, state sponsored propaganda was made legal in 2013 after Obama signed the defense bill it was snuck into on Christmas day 2012 as a provision to repeal the Smith-Mundt Act of 1946 that outlawed state sponsored propaganda being . We see it in live action almost daily now. There's nothing nutty about recognizing what is happening. Recognizing the validity of some of the claims also doesn't make me alt-right. I'm just a guy hoping somebody finally takes down the Clinton Cartel, and all of their crimes get revealed. I am also hoping Trump outlaws propaganda within the US again, and that our media stops being The View 24/7.