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  1. No f'n wonder. I knew something was off. I'm guessing trout must be around the same or younger. Optimus is late 20's iirc. Y'all are still wet behind the ear. You're the participation trophy generation that didn't get spanked when you were younger. You wouldn't know what a hard day's work was if it jumped up and bit you in the ***. You probably yelled at your mom for being a ***** because she wanted you to clean your room. The further left this country goes, the worse it becomes. There needs to be a balance. I'll bet not a **** one of you three have kids either. What the heck do you know about life having spent 90+ % of it in school? Get back to me when you do a tour in one of the branches of the Armed Forces, or hold a job greater than 10 years. Until then, your opinion is as useful as a sack of rocks.
  2. There's your problem right there. You're full of elitist ****. You should probably get your plumbing checked out. It's starting to run out of your mouth.
  3. I've only said it a million times. They'll keep taking potshots while ignoring anything you post. If you had photo evidence of Hillary shooting Seth in the back, they'd discredit the photographer, and ignore the contents of the photograph.
  4. All I'm trying to do is point out the mountain of evidence as to why Hillary and/or the DNC have colluded with the MSM to perpetuate this lie next to the mole hill of evidence that he actually did. I've read any source provided, and gave my opinion. I don't get my knickers in a twist because I don't like the source. Have I called leftwing sources out to show you guys how silly you look when you discredit something you haven't read, sure, but I still read it. I've even changed my stance on a few things, namely Kushner, and for Trump being an a**hat to people with differing opinions (like a few people here do). The other stuff is just posting stuff floating around that you'd probably never see typically. I have my theories about things, but so do you all. Just so you know, yours' looks just as crazy from the other side. I think that's the problem is that some of you refuse to find any middle ground on anything. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, just as some of you aren't. It's the loudmouths that think they are never wrong that are the problem. And boy do they pride themselves on winning debates they didn't win.
  5. Are you serious about the affair, or just kidding due to the resemblance?
  6. I can't believe you still believe you are reasonable. To each their own.
  7. Well at least we can agree on something. We both view each other in the same light. So does anybody want to actually discuss the issues going on, or do you want to keep flinging insults around? The latter is as effective as congress trying to work on a bill together. I'm game if you are.
  8. Is that your selfie?
  9. I don't blame her. You can only argue with fools for so long. When presented with evidence straight from the horse's mouth, they still deny everything that doesn't align perfectly with their train of thought. They aren't interested in reasonable debates. They attack, think they discredit, then move on. You can't reason with unreasonable people. They made up their minds long ago to not accept opposing views.
  10. You are only describing yourself. Every new person that comes in here discovers the same thing, and either leaves, or quits posting. Listening to you guys only makes people dumber. I've tried to reason with you, but it is as effective as repeatedly slamming my hand into the door. You guys made up your minds long ago to ignore all opposing views. You're no better than the alt right that you condemn consistently for being closed minded. I ought to know better than to argue with fools, though.
  11. The saddest thing to watch is fools like you believe the bs you're peddling. Birds of a feather, though
  12. But who's going to vehemently deny evidence, and make things up, then?
  13. You've only made yourselves look silly. I can assure you of that. You're just too blind to see it.
  14. Not on your luckiest day, sheep
  15. Did CNN and the NY Times tell you to say that? Sheep