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  1. It was more so his build, and appearance really. He has a pretty strong arm as well. He does seem to have a much better arch to his throws that Stafford did, but like Stafford he lets the receiver make a play on the ball. Lambert only pulls the trigger if the receiver is wide open, it seems, hence my comparison to 2006 Joey Harrington. Another comparison to Lambert would be to Kevin Na from the PGA a few years ago when he was hesitant to pull the trigger in tourneys. It's like he is more afraid to make a mistake than he is to make a play. The upside to that is limited turnovers. The downs
  2. I'm watching the replay right now on SECN. Two plays made this game closer that it should have been. The first was the pump fake fumble that should have put UGA up 14-0. The second was the missed call on number 70 mugging our defender on the TJ Logan 35 yard run. When the O-lineman has his hands inside of the shoulder pads of a defender pulling him from behind so much that his upper body dips down and he is turned sideways trying to get to the ball carrier, then that is a hold if I have ever seen one. Sure, there were some bad calls that went into UGA's favor, but the refs definitel
  3. He looks like he slimmed down a good bit, and added lean muscle to his frame. I remember him being much bigger.
  4. So I'm sitting there eating lunch with my wife, when Rebel Rebel begins to play. I always quiz my wife when songs come on to see if she knows who sings them. I'm right 99.99% of the time, as I usually only do so when I know for sure who the band is myself. Well, she thinks about it for a second, and she throws a random name out there. Nope, wrong. She says, ok who? I said it is The Rolling Stones. Well, I happen to be wrong, too, in this case. It was written and performed by David Bowie to piss off Mick Jagger, so the styling is Stonesy, but I was so sure I was right. It is probably
  5. Slacker's fake *** went in there saying that she "wasn't looking to get anybody into trouble, but"....She is as fake as a $4 bill.
  6. A little update. It seems as though the only people that were talked to were 4 overall. One pharmacist that is in cahoots with slacker, slacker, jealous, and a cashier. The cashier said no comment, she isn't getting involved in this petty bs. Ms Jealous only said something because we did not attend her 4th of July party, and was upset. Slacker did so because she has been targeting my wife since she got there. Slacker has openly stated to the other associates that this is in fact her ultimate goal, and does so often. However, nobody else was interviewed. There are 5 other associates and an
  7. This made me think about Talladega Nights, when Ricky Bobby's dad taped "drugs" under the car and called the cops!
  8. That is the problem. She has already been holding slacker accountable, and has written her up a few times already. She has one write-up left, and then she is gone. But, if my wife writes her up now, then it will be viewed as retaliation. I've already suggested moving on to another company. When your current company values the slacker more so than someone who has turned your cellar dweller store into one of the front runners of your market, well, it's time to go.
  9. I just can't imagine starting my day everyday aiming to get someone fired. The thing that I cannot wrap my head around is that she was nearly terminated because someone that clearly has it out for her has a "perception". One that has no evidence whatsoever outside of the fact that they are friends outside of work. This is the sad direction that this country is headed toward.
  10. What I am wondering is if there is anything that we can do about what is happening to my wife. She is the pharmacist in charge at a major retailer. She has been in this role for over a year, and with the company for over 3 now. If you looked up model manager/employee, she is the very definition. She has received high praise for her work since joining the company, and has taken her store from one of the worst in the entire market to one of the top stores. During this transformation, she has been met with quite a bit of resistance from one employee in particular. You know the type. She's be
  11. I know Arthur Lynch made some good plays at UGA throughout his time there, but one play stands out every time I think about him. He had a chance to pick up a first down, and potentially score the game winning touchdown in his last bowl game against MSU. Hutson Mason hit him square in the chest, a nice easy throw, and the ball just bounced off his hands. Turnover on downs. Game over...
  12. www.lakelandlocal.com/#article/20913 Everybody should read this. It will put things into better perspective for you. I will admit that I felt as though he was probably guilty, but I will also admit to not doing any research on it either. It's funny how a little research paints a different picture. I do not condone rape, nor do I condone cover-ups. In this matter, I fully believe that this lady felt like this was going to get back to her boyfriend because the one guy recorded some of it. She felt like she would have to do something drastic to make it seem like she was taken advantage of. The fa
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