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  1. He's going to fit right in
  2. Paywall bypassed archive His crackdown on corruption there is the same thing going on here. You don't see it yet, though, but you will. One domino at a time is falling, and McCabe being fired by the FBI and Sessions is just the start. Following McCabe, I believe Comey has it coming his way next along with Strzok, Page, Brennan, and a host of other bad apples. I have a feeling the massive amount of sealed indictments are a result of the IG's investigation, which will soon come to an end. Sessions already said that he has another special council of his own that's been working behind the scenes. No other details were given, so who knows when it started, and what they are investigating exactly. All I know is that the publicly released information from the IG's investigation point to Trump once again being right, and the fake news being epicly wrong again. Once you realize that you've been duped for years now, it will all start to make better sense. Once you realize that the Russia story was cooked in a bathroom by some senior officials of the White House and rouge factions within the Intel community, then you'll also realize that the level of corruption within the establishment on both sides of the aisle known as the swamp is in fact as real as we've been trying to tell you. You'll begin to recognize the fake news. You'll realize that the Clinton kill list might actually be real, and realize that everyone close to them with any dirt on them, including multiple SS bodyguards, have a higher chance of "suicide" than survival. You'lleven realize that Seth Rich was killed for exposing Hillary and her cohorts. You might even see that the Awans have been paid by quite a few reps in Congress to carry out various dirty deeds for them, as well as piping in classified Intel to terrorists in Pakistan that likely led to some of the informed ambushes on our troops. You'llrealize that Benghazi was the result of those soldiers finding out information about the screwy business the swamp was involved in, and they were left for dead to cover it up. You'll see that 9/11 was a cover for the trillions of dollars unaccounted for at the Pentagon. You might even realize that Obama was financed by the "rot" mentioned in the article, and was groomed to be president by the swamp by the people rumored to have financed the attack. Maybe, just maybe, you'll see the disturbing trend of politicians being charged with human trafficking/sexual misconduct/underage relations, and then notice the trend of those being trafficked from disaster areas that the political foundations jump all over in the cover of relief. You may even suspect that pizzagate might actually be true. There's hope for you yet, but we're obviously not there yet. The tabloid news is too far in bed with the swamp to actually report real news. Russia Russia Russia....
  3. No, they didn't. Not one single agency or person claiming this has provided a single shred of evidence to support it. On the other hand, more than enough evidence has been provided to show that the files were copied locally and then submitted to WikiLeaks by Seth Rich. Hersh straight up said it, unknowing he was being recorded. WikiLeaks retweeted the audio, pretty much confirming it was true. Forensic analysis of it showed it was copied locally. The same team even went overseas to the country that supposedly hacked them, and was unable to get a single connection to transfer at that rate. McCabe buried the evidence and the case on Rich. Hersh's FBI contact confirmed Rich had made contact with WikiLeaks, and that the emails were part of the correspondence. I'm not sure why you guys still fight this, but the only company that ever looked at the servers was the same company that used bleachbit to wipe them. Not a single US Intel org looked at those servers. Zero evidence supports that they were hacked. That's not to say that they weren't hacked by them at some other point, or that China didn't either, but the particular case of the emails was an inside job.
  4. That's what I was thinking, but wasn't sure. I've never heard of Canadians coming over illegally.
  5. Since when? I don't believe any over sampled Dem poll at all, but I definitely give a heck of a lot more merit to statistics. They tell many stories, like how illegal immigrants cost us nearly a trillion a year in well-fare, education, law enforcement, and health services. Another statistic is that zero NRA members have been responsible for any mass shooting. You are more likely to be shot by a road rage driver than an NRA members. 0% of guns shoot themselves. Greater than 94% of mass shootings since creepy Joe's 1990 bill have occurred in gun free zones. You must be thinking of someone else. I do not opposed them at all.
  6. It most certainly was. I did B2B sales during Obama's tenure, and every new regulation stiffled small businesses more and more each year. They literally started buying services based on cost rather than what they needed. Business has picked up tremendously since Trump started in office. It was being financed and armed by the previous admin/certain Intel members, and the military was being handicapped in taking them out. They were spreading during this time, and had taken over strongholds in Iraq. How do explain the near eradication of them since Trump took over? The money stopped, the arms quit coming, and we went after them. No clue about this one. You've got me here. It's called an overexaggeration. It's now at historical lows, though. Surely he gets some credit here.
  7. Like? He's completed 70% of his agenda already in a year. Fastest ever to that point. Sounds like he's following through on them just fine.
  8. Yet he's about to do something none of his predecessors could in negotiating the denuclearization of NK. It's truly amazing that such a terrible negotiator could pull something like that off.
  9. To quote them directly, "don't get me started on him. He's an embarrassment". Sounds like you fellas and Trump, except he represents their party.
  10. Hey, you're right for once. If you'd like to nail it down, then I guess consertive libertarian would be the closest fit. Good guess....
  11. Well, for starters, the emails were leaked. They weren't hacked. Huge difference. WikiLeaks was simply the recipient of them. In the case of the campaigns, one was seeking factual information from what would be considered a news orgs if they weren't "Russian bots sent from Putin"..... while the other was orchestrating a smear campaign using salacious rumors, as Comey once put it, paid for and in collusion with foreign Nationals. Surely you see the difference between the two, right?
  12. What are the statistics for Canadians here illegally? Honest question.
  13. Trolling a twerp and repeatedly lying to your fellow countrymen are two totally different offenses. One is potentially a bargaining tactic/ potentially just screwing with Trudeau. The other was deceiving the very people that were supposed to be helped. If you can't see the difference, then you aren't trying to.
  14. He could have been like Obama and gave you false promises. At least he had the media on his side to help peddle his bs, well except for the ones he had jailed. Trudeau Castro is a virtue signaling cuck in it's truest form. Even the hardcore libs from Canada that I game with agree about that. None have ever said anything nice about him. Trump is trolling Trudeau. Oh the horror...
  15. This is what I don't get. Do you all think that he is the first president ever that uses deception when attempting to negotiate, or that purposely deceived anybody for any reason? He's been the most straight forward and blunt president I've ever witnessed. He's opened the doors for cameras during bipartisan negotiations, for crying out loud. He's. Told us what he would do for 30 years now, and he's actually sticking to it unlike any of his predecessors. You guys are literally complaining that he fibbed. Guess what? So did Obama, G.W., WJC, G.H.W., Reagan, etc...etc...etc... The truly astounding part is that you support way worse human beings that have done far worse than anything he's done, yet nitpick him to death for some of the dumbest sh't possible. It's truly amazing. Let me ask you this, and I'm honestly interested to hear your responses. Do you think we'd have been better off with Killary or Commie Sanders? Personally, I feel like the rouge intelligence plot would have gotten buried, the sack this country has grown back would have further receded, and we'd be at war with Russia right now.