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  1. I've found that the ones yelling it the loudest are the ones who actually are. I've been following a new rule lately. I have found that when the Dems to accuse somebody of something, they are just telling us what they themselves are guilty of. It's working out well so far.
  2. See, you have the identity politics down pat. Dem playbook 101. Don't agree with it? Yell racism/xenophobe/sexist/homophobe/anti-semitic/etc... If that doesn't work, then make something up and stick with it, truth be darned. Hitler. Literally Hitler!!!....smh Lol. You guys crack me up.
  3. @marla_mulder keeps destroying the frantic and pathetic spin job by seditious conspiracy apologists with truth bombs and the rebuttal is "go away". Priceless Told you guys the other night that the only thing you hate worse than Trump is the truth. Check
  4. The fact that they do not understand that this memo is simply an outline of the crimes that they already have proof of is astounding. I've come to realize that they will forever be in denial that the members of their supported party, along with former WH officials, and certain members of the intel community could possibly have done anything wrong. It was that darn orange man and those pesky Russians. Let's totally ignore the evidence showing otherwise. I also find it laughable that out of 50,000 text messages between two adulters, the WSJ found 7000 of them to not contain any plotting. I'll ta
  5. From what I've read, Comey was recommended to be fired by Rosenstein. Trump's tweet at the time corroborates this. It said something about being under investigation for firing Comey by the person who recommended that he fire him. Rosenstein is part of the group that was trying to undermine Trump. He already had Mueller lined up to be the special prosecutor for Trump doing what Rosenstein had advised Trump to do. So we have Steel's dossier and a Yahoo article source by Steel, whom Ohr recorded as saying that he desperately didn't want Trump to be POTUS. We also have the person (Strzok) wh
  6. LMAO, I typed that too quickly. I definitely meant rogue. Like AF89 meant to say warrant instead of warrent twice on the last page.
  7. I'll give you a hint. He is part of the never Trumpers. He had to recuse himself from the Flynn case because he was found to be the one who authorized the FISA warrant on Trump. The swamp runs far and wide.
  8. The FBI as a whole, no. The rouge faction within, yes. I know quite a few members seeing as though I interface with them regularly. I have faith that the bad apples are on the way out, and that the good ones (the large majority of them) will restore the Bureau's good name.
  9. You can believe what you want, but it is fact that Al Mansour, under Al Waleed's instruction, paid for Obama's Harvard education. Obama's half brother has been dropping hints for a while now that there is a Hawaii in Libya. Michelle is on video saying, as well as Obama himself, that his homeland is Libya. Two independent forensic analysis' performed on the birth certificate show that it was a forgery copied exactly from some lady's born the same day (I thought you guys believed in science). On top of all of that, he is shown hanging out with radical extremist Louis Farrakhan in a picture from
  10. It's not conspiracy if it's true. Why do you suppose the Dems are scared to death of the memo being released, and are trying their hardest to block it?
  11. You must not be paying attention to the "0 for everything related to Trump" you guys are batting.
  12. I actually thought of you a couple of weekends ago on the way to Biloxi. I stopped right around Pascagoula to get gas, and there was a GTR at the pump next to me. I almost took a picture and sent it to you.
  13. Exactly. Proper use and context. This guy gets it.
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