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  1. So let me get this straight. You think trafficking women and minors to sell as sex slaves, illegal aliens circumventing our immigration laws by sneaking across, heroin + cocaine + meth + ecstasy + many other drugs coming in mostly across the southern border, and smugglers using children as props to gain entry are manufactured emergencies? That's just being wilfully ignorant at this point. I suppose you're totally okay with murdering babies in the 3rd trimester all of the way up to post birth, and lowering the age of consent to 10, too? The Democrats are the biggest posers on the planet. They complain about children being separated from people unrelated to them (which happened in far greater numbers and in worse holding conditions under Barry) that were smuggled across the border while advocating for killing them in utero right up to birth. You can't spank your kid, but by golly you can kill them right after they take their first breath. They are simply just gaslighters. They project everything they are actually doing on everyone else, and their constituents swallow it up like it is the gospel. It's mind boggling how you guys still believe anything they or their media arm says. The worst part is while they call everyone right of batpoo crazy Nazi, they push actual Marx/Hitler/Linin/Mao/Guavera/Castro policies and actually have people cheering that crap on. Occasio-Cortez.....I don't think anything needs to be said here. It look be like picking on someone for their disability. It speaks volumes about the people in her district that voted for her. It truly boggles the mind. I don't know why I stop by here expecting that you guys have snapped out of the fake news spell. Don't you guys ever get tired of them releasing "bombshell" after "bombshell" only to find out they were wrong, again and again? I still give you guys a 1/1024th chance that you'll wake up and see the forest for the trees, though. Who knows, maybe the 10th process crimes conviction will lead to an actual crime that Trump committed. Until then, I guess we'll all just have to enjoy the greatest economy we've ever had, the lowest unemployment in over 50 years with record low minority unemployment, prison reform, the end of the Korean war, our withdrawal from the rich bankers' war zones in the Middle East, the eradication of Hillary/Obama/McCain's JV Taliban team ISIS, better trade deals with everyone, lower takes, and a president that loves this country in the meantime. Keep on keeping on, your poor confused souls.
  2. If it doesn't start at the 26:50 mark automatically, then start it there. Listen to the parts about military trials for citizens. It was very clear, and very to the point. There were two cases referenced that set precedence for this. Those guilty of aiding the enemy know who they are, and what will happen because of it. One already found out the consequences.
  3. Ad hominem for ad hominem. I don't discuss articles of bs sources when you guys won't discuss mine because you think it's a BS source. I'm done playing that one-sided game.
  4. It actually started on the chans as a joke, and was sent to a senator. It got passed around a few times before growing a lot more traction when Hillary paid Perkins-Coie to pay Fusion GPS to fund Steele's research. But yes, I realize it started before then. I believe it was after the email issue that she moved forward with it further.
  5. You do know Snopes is funded by a Nazi collaborator's non profit, right? True Pundit is ran by Loeb award winner Michael Moore, who worked for the FBI, right? Let's see, man and wife who "fact check", or former FBI employee with knowledge of it's dark side? Tough choice there....
  6. Do you know who runs it? An ex FBI asset, Michael Moore (not the dipsh1t director). He was involved with the criminal side of the FBI. He knows the inner workings of it. Snopes, though, yeah....
  7. Because of the leaked emails. I fully believe she would have had one for anybody else had they won the R primaries, as well. Trump was an outsider, and was gaining traction. The Al Michaels roast was when Hillary realized what all Trump knew. You should watch it. It's quite entertaining. Had she won, all of their crimes would have been swept under the rug, and we'd be at war with someone, likely Russia. Trump told everyone before he was elected what the plan was and what he was fighting for. The slings and arrows speech. He's certainly following through with his promises.
  8. You guys never cease to amaze me. Anybody that uses Snopes as a "legit" source to discredit anything at all is only making a fool of themselves. The irony....
  9. Which of them are because of or include Trump helping him commit the crime? None. Thought so. He's guilty for his own personal stupidity, but him committing fraud is on him. The judge even pointed out how this all seemed less about Manafort committing crimes, and more about trying to get any dirt they could on Trump. He eventually banned prosecutors from bringing up Trump once it was established there was no connection to these crimes and the president.
  10. It's a crime if he used campaign funds to interfere with an election, you know like Hillary funding the dossier through her lawyers. However, his campaign funds were his money, and telling his lawyer to pay and he'll pay him back for something legal that happened prior to the campaign is also legal. Those two women both signed NDAs, which assumes a consensual agreement between parties, right?
  11. Libel? I spoke only the truth of that judge. She let those people off on a $20,000 signature bond, and got roasted by the public for it. As for the the FISA judge, Ohr implicated one yesterday along with the whole lot of the coup group. You'll find out eventually
  12. For the tax fraud from the taxi medallion issue. He agreed to smear Trump with two non charges to get a better deal. Even if they somehow say that Trump is guilty of the campaign finance violation, which they won't, so what? He'll pay a fine like Obama did for his violation. Big whoop. It still has absolutely nothing to do with Russian Collusion, gets nobody any closer to providing anything showing that we haven't wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on getting two tax fraud cases cleared up, and two bs lying to the FBI charges. This whole investigation is just Mueller protecting his FBI and DOJ buddies, not serving this country. If he was truly interested in investigating collusion, then he would have at least interviewed Strzok, Page, and Ohr, especially in light of the IG report and their testimonies. Why some cannot admit that boggles the mind.
  13. They still haven't seen the server. How would they know?
  14. I try to stay away from appealing to authority, but when it's a super liberal lawyer, a former Clinton pollster and campaign member for both of them, and a former FEC chairman all agreeing that it is bs, then I'm going to listen. The easiest thing they could have done was just go along with it, but they didn't. I need someone to show me where you cannot plead guilty to a crime you didn't commit.
  15. Since when did any of you care about statutes? I've shown you numerous, including how propaganda is legal, but you ignore it when it doesn't fit your agenda. So message board lawyer vs actual lawyer in Dershowitz and former FEC member...... I'm going to have to go with the latter. But, if I wanted to know about setting up a hybrid cloud with hyperconverged servers, and setting up vmdr I'll be sure to come to you first