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  2. It's almost as if they did that on Sept. 22nd, and this one wasn't a scheduled training exercise.
  3. What's it like being so wrapped up in a world of identity politics and propaganda? It was a link from a twitter post. You'll have to excuse me for not spending a full 24hrs digging into the host to see if he ever offended liberals in any way. News of this started coming out at 4am. I'm sure others (not your fake news sites) are talking all about it this morning, right?
  4. It's starting. Get your popcorn ready. 1800+ sealed indictments now, and Marines stormed Langley this morning.
  5. @Statick I remembered running across this a month ago. When you started talking about tell signs of extremism, it got me thinking about this all over again. Your training that you received that you talked about seemed to align perfectly with some of this group's mission. The talking points many on the board here also align perfectly with their talking points as well, and that's no accident. The media quotes them often when speaking on the subject. The video below talks about that very thing as well as how, like Antifa, they are actually the very thing that they claim to be against. Fun fact. It's one of George Soros' many groups.
  7. That's if he makes it through the weekend. Reuters doxxed his name and location, on accident I'm sure...
  8. We shall see, now won't we?
  9. Labeling the fake news as fake news has caused many people who would normally trust the news to question it, and to look into it themselves. What they've found is it's a much more widespread issue than originally thought to be. Who owns CNN? Time Warner. Who owned or had a major stake in Time Warner? Alwaleed bin Talal? One of QAnon's "hints by questions" was who were the top 10-20 owners in all of the media companies as well as the social media sites. Somebody put together a graphic showing all of owners, and it's pretty telling as far as what content they choose to run. I'll post it up in a few. It is being called fake news for a reason.
  10. Did you gentlemen hear about the airplane and helicopter colliding over Jacob Rothchild's home?
  11. I'm far from detatched from reality. I'm pretty in tune with what's going on, actually. I'd like to say that the QAnon stuff was a crazy story, but so much stuff that has been posted from them has come true. The Saudi arrests were called ahead of time. The wife of Alwaleed bin Talal has been talking about the sex trafficking since he has been imprisoned. The Twitter takedown of Trump's was called ahead of time. Symbols like the +++ being used by qanon were later used on Twitter by POTUS. QAnon posted images from the window of AF1 prior to Trump and his team posting images. There's a picture of him reading one of QAnon's posts. The tragic events were called put ahead of time, and were correctly predicted to surround bad news coming out for dems. QAnon also predicted the Keystone spill. I'd love to say I was wrong about all of this, but all of this is going down as predicted, and those involved are scared to death. What are your thoughts on the 1400+ sealed indictments since the end of October? Why is there another congressman wearing a boot? Why was Hillary's book tour overseas cancelled? Is she sporting the same fancy boot? Why would four women decide 30 days before an election to come out about something that allegedly happened 38 years ago. Why would the establishment jump all over Moore for allegations, while saying nothing about Franken when there is visual evidence? You can think I'm out of touch all you like. You'll just find out like the rest of them when it continues to unfold.
  12. I'm going to speak slowly so y'alls can understand me. Trump was recruited to be president by a group of people that have long had all of the evidence needed to take down the corruption in the swamp of DC. They just needed a POTUS that they knew loved his country, and has been telling us how to fix it for over 30 years. They all got together with him and Sessions to plan it all out, and Trump said that they should use deception. He is a master sh**poster, and has written extensively in his book about the art of deception. He's known about everything they are taking down before he even hit the campaign trail. He's been trolling the people involved in these scandals the entire time using Twitter, and making them come out publicly with stances that are now widely public knowledge. Somebody in that group, under his direction, is dropping hints to what is coming up to spread around so that when things start going down the public has an idea of what is going on. Why do you think he's been repeating Fake News so often? It has been a well crafted plan that has already begun. 1300+ sealed indictments now in a month and a half. Arresting pedophiles and sex traffickers has been a huge priority. Working out a deal with Saudi Arabia to put their oil on the NYSE in return for busting the corrupt billionaires funding the corruption here. Cracking down on MS13 was the next priority. They have been used to smuggle drugs and were used to take people out by the swamp. Why do you think he keeps pushing for the wall? Because he's racist? Hardly. Why do you suppose they allowed the domestic terror groups to operate, and sat idly by while the mayors and police stood down? Who funds those groups? That's who they are going after. He just happened to sell off all of his stock in the big tech companies after putting the majority of his known fortune spread out to his hundreds of NPOs. Has his funds been frozen? Why did the planned Antifa rally scheduled in dozens of major U.S. cities on the 4th flop? Lack of funding, perhaps? Now you have Clinton saying "prosecuting me will cause terrible consequences" to Mother Jones in an interview that she looked very uncomfortable in. The Moore ordeal was just a big Trojan Horse for the swamp. Reacting the way they did will now reflect poorly if they don't go after the sitting congressmen being accused with actual photo/video evidence (Biden and Franken). I still have faith that you guys will take your emotions out of the equations, and start looking at things logically. You'll see the same things I've been saying all along to be true. If not, you'll likely still be in denial when the indictments are unsealed. The desperation from the swamp is thickening the air.
  13. Who signs yearbooks in December? Who signs it D.A. when they are D.D.A.? Who mispells the name of the restaurant by adding an E to Old? Who dates things twice? Who oversaw and threw out her divorce case years later and has cause to retaliate? Who's stepson called her out as full of crap? Who's under two legal malpractice investigations now? They are full of crap, and it's the exact reason why Allred won't say that it isn't a forgery, and refuses to turn it over. Just another failed political hit job by the swamp. They seem to be getting desperate these days. They must be getting nervous about something....
  14. Oh look, Roy Moore is innocent. Imagine that. Why would the dems and rinos not want him appointed so badly? Bad for them? Likely