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  1. You have to appreciate good satire
  2. Just trying to prep you for upcoming events. I don't want you all confused when real news starts coming out
  3. I'm basing that off of the last time I was active here. I haven't seen anything to tell me anything changed much in the past year since I quit posting as much. My apologies if things have changed, and that goes for everyone here.
  4. Did you see where Stormy Daniels bursted another fake news narrative recently? She came out and cleared the air stating that she never had sex with Trump. Avenatti, the lawyer wrapped up in multiple scandals these days, was pushing that lie. The smears against Kavanaugh were bs. The lady saying Trump assaulted her in Nordstrom's pulled her story right out of Law and Order SVU. Smollet was full of crap. The Georgia rep at the Publix in Florida was full of crap. It seems as though all Dems know how to do is lie, cheat, and steal while claiming to be a victim. Do you guys not see it, or do you not want to see it? The biggest sh**holes in America are Democrat ran. Abortion isn't about Women's Rights. It's about selling fetal tissue. Why do you think there's a huge push from the Dems to make third trimester abortion up to and including during birth legal? The older the fetus, the higher the cost. Justin Amash comes out supporting the Dems after Trump pressures China. Wouldn't you know it, he's the co-owner of a Chinese Corporation. Coincidence? Trump starts cracking down on human trafficking and DeNiro gets mouthy. Coincidence? Epstein gets arrested and John Legend and other prominent figures start mouthing off. Coincidence? R Kelley got arrested.... Sooner or later, you'll open your eyes and pay attention to the world around you. Don't let professional propagandists in the "news" steer your interpretation of it. It's their interpretation influencing yours. Keep thinking I'm full of Schiff. You'll keep finding out I've been right all along. Like I said, some things you can't unsee.
  5. I didn't believe any of that at first, either. Don't worry. You'll find out all about it soon enough. The IG gave you all a hint in his first report. "Crimes against children" ring any bells?
  6. They don't. Why do you think none of the Dems that were given the opportunity to view it in a SCIF did so? I don't know about you, but if someone offers me an unredacted view of something that might contain everything that I've been screaming to the country about for 3 years now, I'd be there with bells on. None of them even attempted to. Not one. On top of that, look at who Mueller's team was compromised of. If they could have charged him with anything, even a missed parking ticket, then they would have. 18 deep state Clinton lawyers had unrestricted access to Trump and everyone of his family members and staff. They came up with nothing. You know why they didn't go look? They knew nothing was there. They've known since before midterms. Even Schiff was forced to admit there was nothing. Mr "I've got proof" had nothing.
  7. There's plenty of liberal dating sites, big guy. The only conspiracy theorists around here are the ones pushing the Russian Collusion hoax. You guys have: Called spying on Trump a conspiracy. Wrong Called the coup a conspiracy. Wrong Said Hillary was just an old grandmother in the woods. Wrong Said that Trump was Putin's puppet. Epically wrong. Have you ever considered that the news media isn't really there to inform you, but rather there to steer the narrative? Have you taken a look at all of the media personalities and who they are married/related to? I can tell you right now that they might as well rename themselves the Democrat Party Media department. They aren't there to keep you informed. They are there to make sure the version of the news that you hear is as favorable to their friends/family as possible. This includes Fox News. Wallace and Shepherd are as fake as a $3 bill, and Donna Brazille was part of HRC's campaign after leaking the questions to Hillary prior to debates when she was part of CNN. The entire FBI leadership group involved in the coup has been fired or is cooperating with the investigation. The FBI assets, Mifsud and Downer, are known to investigators. Mifsud is cooperating. The reporter that spoke with Julian Assange was just court ordered to release what Assange told her. She said, under oath, that Assange told her Seth and his brother Aaron gave him the emails. NVIXM was trafficking minors. They were Clinton donors. Mack is cooperating with investigators. Epstein ran a pedophile plane and island. He kept flight logs and videotaped people for blackmail. It'll be a miracle if he makes it to trial. Take a gander at his flight logs. If you have the stomach for it, check out the video of Huma and Hillary playing leatherface with a minor's face that came from Weiner's laptop. Some things you can't unsee. Lot's of Hollywood, DC swamp, world leaders, and other elites are implicated in all of this. You guys really should follow official DOJ accounts. They put out reports you'll never find on the Democrat Cover-up News Network. If not, you'll keep falling for snake oil and being confused when real news hits. So far I've been spot on.
  8. That would be news to me. I can't recall ever claiming 4-5% GDP. I may have posted a link predicting it for a quarter, but I can't say I've ever predicted it for a whole year
  9. Throw me a bone and help me out with who MBS is? The acronym isn't ringing any bells.
  10. Now you're just grasping at straws . You compile a list of accomplishments by the Dems in the past 3 years and I'll compile Trump's. We can compare and discuss. Deal?
  11. Oh look, you're still peddling fake news. Imagine that.
  12. No clue on the second part, but the sealed indictment count eclipsed 100,000 at one point. The Pennsylvania Catholic Church case was one of the first to be unsealed so far. Rumors a while back were that we bombed and burned Poppy Bush's poppy fields in Afghanistan, which prompted him to come out of nowhere to criticize Trump. It coincides with the attention given to the opioid epidemic from the Trump admin, but who knows. He could have also been pissed because he was likely the name of the person still living at the time when the CIA blocked complete declassification of the JFK docs because some involved were still alive. With the crackdown on human trafficking and drug trafficking, and the arrest of El Chapo, you could also infer that information about those practices were acquired. That's all just a guess, though, based on observed patterns.
  13. It's entertaining watching your replies. Nothing of substance to refute what was said. So nobody is talking about impeachment? Nobody is still chasing every false story put out about Trump that the media puts out? I must have responded to the wrong board ...... Come on, you're smarter than that. It directly addressed the last couple of pages. That's about all of the fake news I can handle these days.
  14. Don't you guys ever get tired of being wrong all of the time? I told you everything that is happening 2 years ago. What exactly are the Dummycrats going to impeach him for? Triggering stupid people? Can any of you fake news consuming, disinformation spreading, gullible Gussie's name one single "high crime or misdemeanor" committed by Trump with irrefutable evidence? Since Mueller and his 18 Clinton lawyers couldn't, then I'm going to go with an emphatic nope. I want to hear a single one of you claim that a prosecutor's job is to exhonerate people so I can drop a Redd Forman on you. He and his team failed to find a single thing to charge Trump with. The rest of the report is gibberish from 18 Clinton lawyers to give them something to claim as a reason why they keep wasting our tax money chasing their tails. What you are about to witness is the death of the DNC, the corrupt police state that Obama built, and the takedown of the largest worldwide criminal organization in history. Epstein's trial + declassified FISA apps + the Clinton Foundation investigation are going to deal an enormous deathblow. It's no coincidence that Barr re-enacted the federal death penalty just before the conclusion of all of these investigations. A lot of people from DC, Hollywood, the media, and around the world are going to be caught up in this. There's a reason people like Robert DeNiro, John Legend, Eminem, the Clintons, etc....are all so vocal against Trump. Take a look at Epstein's log book. Look at the folks that visited his island, including his island being a Disney Cruise destination. You guys make fun of folks for saying the world is ran by rich Satan worshipping pedophiles. Don't let some of the stuff that will come out to the mainstream catch you by surprise. These people are sick.
  15. Why does Lebron even dribble? It's not like they will ever call him for traveling. He took **** near 5 steps his last score. Smh....