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  1. I never once defended that POS. That's ground zero for you guys' argument. I simply reported what a reporter that was on-site said, what another website said about his social media, and what that girl's mother said on an NBC video. This somehow got twisted into me agreeing with the content, and/or defending him which is 100% false. I never once said he was a good guy that was framed. I did question whether the reporter quoting the police as saying he was scared from having his car attacked by the Antifa prior to gunning it through the crowd was accurate or not, but equating that to me supporting him is as crazy as t i t s on a bull. Perpetuating a falsehood made up from a lack of comprehensive skill is not my problem, nor does it define me in any way. I do not agree with every link I post. I post some of it for discussion, or did so originally under the impression that most of you were adult enough to discuss things. I quickly found out that this wasn't the case, and that a good portion of the people in these two threads are insecure, thin skinned, bigoted, identity focused, spin master, story telling, soy consuming, Trump Derangement Syndrome having, propaganda loving loons that would rather see their POTUS fail more than they want America to succeed. Also, this: Rut roh
  2. Pot meet kettle
  3. You guys are the biggest group of dipsh*ts that I've ever met, and that's saying something. I truly understand why people say that liberalism is a disease. It affects rational thought, makes you see the opposite of reality, and increases estrogen production to astronomical levels. You can't even recognize that your news is mostly propaganda, yet you somehow know my reasoning and intentions in everything? That's just precious. Tell me something, when you guys realize that Trump is the good guy and that Obama/Hillary/the DNC/MSM are all criminals that preyed on your simpleton minds, then who's going to be the first to admit they were astronomically wrong the whole time? There's quite a few of you.
  4. Hillary, Obama, and Podesta surely wouldn't be named, would they?
  5. Nor did I, no matter how much you want to believe that I did. If you look hard enough, I bet you could even find the posts where I condemned him and his actions numerous times during the event and afterward. Speculation based on reports from a reporter on-site speaking to local police, and defending him are too totally separate issues. I know, "but Rivered, we've said it so many times despite this being the case that we have to keep perpetuating our lie". I know. It's y'all's thing. You'll see the error in your ways one day. I have faith in you guys. I'd never defend a POS like him, but what I do for each and every person out there is look at something from both sides to hopefully end up at the truth. That's something that would serve some of you well if you were to try it out some time. No matter what you say about me, you guys supported the most unAmerican politician to ever hold the office of POTUS. Here you go, since I'm certain your fake news won't bother to report on any of this. I'd love to see the unredacted version. I'm certain it's much worse than imagined. This is easily part of the largest scandal in our history, and the fake news is too busy distracting you guys with porn stars and gossip. Smh
  6. Very insightful response. I take it that trafficking minors for sex, hot branding them, and crooked, racist "your my brown slave", girlfriend-beating politicians covering up for them is A-OK in your book? You went from accusing me of fat shaming someone for mentioning their weight to laughing at sickos being sickos. I'm speechless, for once.
  7. She's not the brightest bulb in the batch.
  8. She hasn't once denied being part of that cult throughout all of the exchanges between her and the people calling her out. At first she said it was photoshopped, then changed her story after realizing the pictures came from her Instagram. The shape looks identical to the posted brands of other members. Just saying. If given a choice prior to the news breaking on this case between Stormy and Allison Mack being a member, I'd have leaned toward Stormy no doubt. I never would have guessed Allison Mack would have been involved in something like this. Do recall, however, I brought this up last year sometime about Trump tackling sex trafficking, and that there would be some prominent figures going down for some sick stuff. There's quite a few big names in politics with ties to these people. They partied with Richard Branson on his Island, and at least 3 of their leaders have ties to the Clinton Foundation or Clinton Global Initiative as well as the spirit cooking woman. Couple that with leaks from NYPD sources about the content on Weiner's laptop, and the picture becomes clearer by the day. Clinton and Schneiderman we're covering for them. That protection is gone now.
  9. She got called out on Twitter after someone digging through her old post discovered one where she said she was joining a cult in 2010. She initially denied it saying it was a photoshop, then changed her story to she was "covering a surgery scar". I'm no surgeon, but I've never seen a K incision before. Look beside where her thumb connects to her hand inside the tattoo. This was taken directly from her Instagram and blown up (which is what caused her to change her story when she realized it was her own picture). For those having trouble finding it, here: I know, I know, "conspiracy" right? So was the FBI running a coup against Trump, and Obama wiretapping his campaign.
  10. So, Avenetti owes $5 mil in back taxes being paid by a secret donor to represent a washed up porn star that just so happens to have an identical branding she covered with tattoos that the sex cult that is under investigation for child sex trafficking that Allison Mack was a part of and Hillary and the recently oustered NY AG delayed action on multiple times, that also happens to have ties to the Clinton Foundation, and he's being sued for false statements because he keeps getting bad Intel about other Michael Cohens around the world and confusing them with Trump's lawyer. On top of that, three federal judges have now called Mueller out for reaching well outside of the intended scope of the investigation, and the IG's report according to insiders is supposed to be far worse than originally thought for the 7th floor FBI members under Comey. Meanwhile, racist Trump has now brought back 3 black kids from a Chinese prison, Asian Americans from a NK prison, Egyptian Americans from a middle eastern prison, and helped end the Korean war while getting NK to commit to denuclearize. This guy, I swear.... It's going to be an ugly year for the coup and the DNC.
  11. @bdog 29
  12. Want to see fascism/racism/sexism at its finest? Just look at the Dem responses to Kanye, Candace Owens, and Chance the Rapper bucking the Democrat trend. They kicked a hornets nest, and they are attacking full force. God forbid anyone say anything that the left doesn't agree with. Kanye might be the darkest Nazi I've ever seen...lmao. The IG report on the "missing" FBI texts just dropped earlier to congress, Trump followed through with declassifying more JFK files, three prominent black Americans and the Kardashians of all people are calling out the Dems and media, and McCabe is rolling over on people. What a great week for America. Sooner or later, as Sarah Sanders said, the Dems need to figure out whether they love America more than they hate the POTUS. The great awakening is happening. Candace O. is killing it. The Dem plantation is dying a slow death.
  13. That's the main issue, here. You guys don't trust anybody. You make up your mind based on what you think is the case, and completely ignore the explanation from the person who knows better than anyone else what the truth is. If you tell me you are batting 97% win rate in court cases that you were involved in, then l'd believe you. I wouldn't know any better than you would. Just like this. If I post something here, then there's a 90%+ chance that it came from T_D. Other that T_D, I don't visit any other sites besides Twitter, the .gov websites tes, and here.
  14. Yes. He brought up a valid example of a stupid Republican law. I brought up a valid example of an equally stupid Democrat law. Then, GaFan jumps in defending it because it mostly affects prostitutes in some manner, while ignoring the point I was making that it's not illegal in California now to wilfully infect somebody with HIV. Why do you ask?
  15. Anything that came from Stormfront was linked from another site I was on. We went over this back when I had no idea what it was, I apologized, and then I haven't linked anything from there since. That was the flat earth place, Serge pointed out, I believe. As far as Qanon, Qanon posts questions that causes people to look into them. Q also posted pictures from AF1 10-15 minutes prior to POTUS posting the same image. Qanon's questions have led to a great number of people to research the answer to them, and has predicted quite a few events prior to them happening. That being said, I haven't posted anything from Qanon's posts since December. The other stuff I've been posting recently cites information from .gov sites where FOIA information gets dumped, or from public statements from investigative members of Congress and the DOJ. I'd say those are more credible sources than they were before, wouldn't you agree? You might not agree with what they are saying, but it's coming straight from publicly available official channels.