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  1. What if Carolina ends up hiring McDaniels and Brady follows him there? I’m not sure I could stomach seeing him twice a year.
  2. Better coverage in the secondary = QB holding on to the ball longer = D-line getting sacks
  3. I'd really like to see Gono and McGary hang around and for The Turk to visit Ty.
  4. I would not be mad at all if the moon and stars aligned and we had a chance to pick up both Wilkins and Ferrell? Could Ferrell possibly slip enough that it would make sense for us to trade back into the late first round and grab him?
  5. Is this the Falcon’s O-line? I mean, this is starting to look real familiar.
  6. I don't see us getting any "prized" free agent. Julio and Grady get paid and we bring in a few mediocre pieces in my opinion.
  7. I love my Falcons and I’m trying to be optimistic. I’m interested in your thoughts.
  8. This is 100% accurate. I was at the game yesterday as well and spent a great deal of time watching Vic. He was consistently and easily pushed behind the quarterback on nearly all of his rushes. The "bend" just isn't there.
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