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  1. I was on these boards way way way too much back in the late nineties and up until my dad passed in 2010. After that I needed to lighten the stress in my life and these boards were toxic and still look to be. I even got banned for even suggesting that I would like to punch "Gazoo" in the face a long long time ago. So I don't have much to do with this place because I don't like the attitudes of most of the people here and there are alot of kids and not enough repercussions. Now with the JJ defenders coming up it's just like the days of Vick. I just popped in to put this draft up and get feedback. It was mostly negative and attacking which was always a possibility because I know what this place is all about. I wont be around much so I don't really have a desire to be popular or banter with attackers or people just looking to step on someone. I don't see any of the old faces anymore in here anyway. There used to be a, "capologist" and a "DKB" who always defended Duckett against Dunn no matter what. Seems like they have moved on too. If the feedback in this post was constructive then I treated it as such and if it was attacking I treated it as such.
  2. Unfortunately their grades don't mean much either. I don't remember for sure now and I don't care enough to look it up but for the most part the grades that came in that I saw were C+.
  3. It would have been easier for me to make myself look smart and take guys that got drafted but that would have been dis-honest. The truth is what I put in front of you. That's who I would have taken. I'm not saying that I am right. I also graded the Falcons picks because I like to do that.
  4. Yep I agree with what you said. I actually think BPA is subjective no matter where you are in the draft but the deeper you get into the draft the more convoluted it becomes. I also agree with your last point. Draft position is unknowable. I remember thinking we hit paydirt when the Falcons picked the same guy as me in Lawrence Sidbury Jr.. Didn't quite work out. haha
  5. No this draft is who I would have picked with the draft playing out the way it did. These are the players that I would have taken if given the chance. I didn't do a draft before the draft. I was just grading who we did draft and then stating who I would have taken.
  6. Right here, bro. Bring it. "insert accusation of me being an internet tough guy here" now start.......
  7. Yeah you still don't have a clue what you are talking about when it comes to what I posted. You are blinded by your own logic and belief of what I meant. Take the rest of the thread off and find another one to complain about. I'm sure it's not hard for you.
  8. I appreciate the feedback. I'm not interested in being popular on these boards and I mean no disrespect by that but I honestly don't care. I gave F's where I thought they fit. Would love for them to all be A's in a few years looking back and I would love to be wrong. I don't just automatically agree with the new regime and I don't disagree with them when it is popular to do so either.
  9. Yeah it would have been alot easier on me to be dishonest and try to make my draft look more like a consensus but I wanted to be honest and say what I would have actually done. I realize that drafting UDFA's doesn't exactly make me look, "good" but I'm not really worried about impressing anyone. I put who I would have actually drafted and as I said before it certainly doesn't mean that I am right. In fact a review of my past drafts is less than impressive but it's just my draft game that I like to do. Didn't expect it to be so poorly received but I was aware that it could go this way.
  10. Trolling? You don't even know what that word means apparently. You come at me and you will get it back. Simple as that. If I'm trolling I doubt I would have put in the time and the effort that I did but someone like you wouldn't pay any attention to that.
  11. Draft grades are just me having fun and copying what alot of the experts do. 4 F's is how I personally graded them. Am I right? Who knows. I am a Falcons fan of 30 years this season but I don't automatically sign off on just anything the franchise does. If I didn't like a pick then I will say so. I can't really say if Dalman is a day one starter or not. You apparently grade him as one so we will see. Williams is a ST ace? Ok we will see. I doubt it but who knows. Acting like a baby is your assessment again. Treat me with respect and you will get it. Don't and you wont.
  12. I appreciate the calculated response, bud. Like I said I put alot of time into who I like. Doesn't mean that I am right or know anything more than anyone else. It's just something that I like to do.
  13. Fair point and it does change the accuracy. I tried to be as fair as I could with respect to where the players went and where the players were on my board. Every player I drafted was on the board at that point.
  14. Keep your credit. I don't have enough respect for you to have it do me any good.
  15. Nah...you give yourself too much credit. You just like to shoot your mouth off.
  16. Actually if you don't do that then you will die so it was pretty valuable. Good to have you with us still.
  17. Well first off let me say that it's great to be back on these boards. It's been about 10 years since I came around and it's like I never left with the attacks and the slander so thanks for the warm welcome. It's my opinion as I stated. I'm not saying I am right and I am not saying they are wrong. It's just my fun because I like the draft. That's it. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to call me an idiot. I doubt I will be staying long.
  18. Why even bother commenting? I was pretty clear with what this was and if you aren't interested then just pass it by and go on with your day. I think your need to share your opinion on what you see as valid is pointless. I just as you do what I want within reason.
  19. I enjoy analyzing the draft and seeing what I would have done. I started doing this about 10 years ago. I'm not saying I'm right and I'm not saying that I know anything this is just my analysis and something fun that I enjoy doing. Feel free to leave feedback but please keep the anger and attacks out of this. I find that often I don't see the need to make any trades because players that I value are usually there so having said that: 4. Pitts - TE I liked Sewell here as well but that would require too much shuffling so I'll take the 12 personnel and hopefully it will disguise what we are doing. 12 personnel is probably my favorite formation. 35. Azeez Ojulari - DE 68. Joseph Ossai - DE 108 Kenneth Gainwell - RB 148. Dazz Newsome - WR 182. Dylan Moses - LB 183. Kylin Hill - RB 187. Frank Darby - WR 219. Marvin Wilson - DT My strategy is BPA but with consideration for repetitiveness. As for what the Falcons did I gave each draft pick a grade and the draft an overall grade. 4) Kyle Pitts is an A+. He was the best player on the board period. In a few years we may have a problem with signability because he is not going to want to be signed as a TE but instead as a WR but we will cross that bridge when we get there. 40) Richie Grant is a B. Love this pick and he could be solid for us for the next 8 years. 68) Mayfield A+ and this grade is because he was the highest player left on the board but not on my personal board. If he were to kick inside and be all that he can be he may be a great pick but that's a big, "IF" in my opinion. 108) Darren Hall is an F. And here is where the wheels fall off. I can see upside for Hall but the contention is that you could have gotten him later in the draft which will be a recurring theme from here on out. From Day 3 on it wasn't as much fun. The first 2 days I could clearly see a BPA strategy in play but from day 3 on I'm not sure what the strategy was. Maybe they were dependent on RAS. 114) Drew Dalman is an F. Same as with Hall I felt that they could have gotten him later. Now I will say this about Dalman, "I still like the pick of the player but not at this stage in the draft." 148) Ta'Quan Graham is an F. I see this going the way of DeAdrin Senat. Another wasted pick that we probably forget about by the following season. 182) Adetokunbo Ogundegi is an A+. Great pick here as far as value. He could be something and he saves the day as far any pick after day 2. 183) Avery Williams is an F. Bad value for the pick here. Could have gotten him later. If he makes the any difference it will most likely be as a punt returner and we seem to always take a punt returner late in every draft. 187) Frank Darby is an A+. I like this pick alot. He was one of my late round sleepers and I was happy to see the Falcons take a player that I can atleast see some upside in. Overall I give this draft a grade of B and think it is one of our top 3 in the last 15 years which is a solid building block for a first year regime. In my opinion there were 4 bad picks (Hall, Dalman, Graham and Williams) and I base this mostly on value at that point in the draft except for Graham which I don't think we will ever see be productive. Then there were 4 good picks (Pitts, Grant, Ogundeji and Darby) who I think can all be productive atleast. Then there was Mayfield who made sense as a pick but I personally think he could be a miss who we stick with too long as a project. I like the player strictly from a value standpoint but I personally would have left him on the board.
  20. Oh well in that case.....who do I need to help get packed?
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