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  1. I had not seen it so thanks for posting and I didn't feel like looking through 10 pages or topics to find it. Oliver is my favorite pick of this class.
  2. Yeah I would say that there is something going on with Julio. I don't know about holding out but it wouldn't surprise me. I see a drastic change in Julio's attitude from his early years to now. Outbursts on the field and his production seems to be going in the opposite direction. I was hoping that the Falcons would trade him after the Super Bowl last year as long as we got comparable value ( 2 firsts or an early 1st and 2nd). With his injury history his stock was never higher than coming off of the Super Bowl. Now he's not showing up for voluntary work out where he did in the past. The contract was good enough for him before it should be good enough for him now.