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  1. Oh well in that case.....who do I need to help get packed?
  2. Wonder what it will take to get him. If John Collins is involved I am not sure I want to do it.
  3. Like I said. There is not much of a reason to worry about the cap. We can re-sign who we need and sign our draft class.
  4. Maybe we can move some bonuses around. The cap can be manipulated so I don’t worry about it too much
  5. Did anyone clearly see it hit the ground? The call was overturned so I am curious about who saw it differently.
  6. Freeman is dancing a lot. Would like to see us get a back like Dobbins, Herrion or Akers in the draft. Keep Freeman but let’s put some fire to him and see if responds.
  7. I think Smitty was in a worse situation than Quinn. When Smith left it was totally obvious to me. This time not as much. On the other side of the coin though I think Smitty did a better job as a whole. It’s just that at the end Smith had totally lost the team and I don’t think that Quinn has yet.
  8. Yeah at the end I kept waiting to see Ryan go down like the NO game. It’s happened so many times before.
  9. Reading this made me realize if Ollison doesn’t score on the 1st play then we probably lose.
  10. Bad pick playing badly.
  11. Mike Smiths first year we went 11-5. Plenty of times that a new head coach starts off winning.
  12. I just posted the same thing in another thread. The falcons went into the season feeling good and an early game against San Fran is what took us to the next level. The dirty birds were born.
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