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  1. Saw ryan say that after game lolz..
  2. I feel real bad for coach. Done a lot for this franchise, and im loyal for that reason..
  3. That's an interesting thought,have some sumo guys train the players,balance,would seem to be pretty important in football..
  4. Old school,hard nosed,knock um out slober knocker falcon football,he!! yea!!!
  5. Yesterday he was a manchild ,now he cant shed blockers and being manhandled WTF.Takes deep breath,ok rook man up in pad's today!!!
  6. AJC,and the award, winning, ledbetter,are the worst by far,writer and paper in the country i wouldnt buy it to whipe my hind end if toilet paper was as scarce as gold!!!
  7. Yes the AJC,if your a subscriber,drop them ill never read a paper from them ,they are traitors to falcon and their fans
  8. What about snake or laymanator,think was his name .I go way bak dont post much..
  9. Lot of questions, Bottom line, we will have a chance,every time we step onto the field,our coaches and front office will see to that.And thats all you can ask for !!!
  10. Sorry bro,lost my brother not to long ago ,and know what your going through..
  11. Heck ive been on these boards since the start,dont post much, it says im a rook above my pic if they only knew.. laymanator and snake where hath thou gone,,
  12. Same here, 2012 been worst year of my life, brother just recently died unexpected,from a fan of the falcons since birth 38 years ,looking foward to some falcons football..
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