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  1. I have faith in Payton and our GM that can find diamonds in the rough. Saints needed a playmaking TE and some attitude, Shockey fits the bill. Reminds me of the good part of Kyle Turley. I think the Saints should try to win now also, so they should go at it. lol wow got the shockey sig up already?:hehe: Well, ya know I couldn't resist.:cool:
  2. WFW will like this thread. 1/2 dirtybird 1/2 deadskin.:hehe:
  3. Yeah, they added what might have been their last remaining piece of the puzzle. Hopefully, he won't get enough balls thrown his way and he'll become a cancer. It doesn't take too much for the 'aints to fall apart. That's a historical fact.Have some lemons with some sour grapes will ya
  4. I have faith in Payton and our GM that can find diamonds in the rough. Saints needed a playmaking TE and some attitude, Shockey fits the bill. Reminds me of the good part of Kyle Turley. I think the Saints should try to win now also, so they should go at it.
  5. That is a wiki page of Two-Face. You must have posted the wrong link.:hehe:
  6. Yeah,j&k&j& the Saints fans are coming...the Saints fans are coming! j&k&j& Good to see some familiar names around here!
  7. Like this quote for example? Salisbury- No, not exactly.
  8. ahhh, anything that starts with the name "Sean Salisbury", is useless. The unemployed guy that predicted the Panthers to win the Super Bowl every year. Idiotic ESPN analysts, can't live with em, can't live without em. I don't really care for "Salsbury steak" either, but he says it like it is, and how I feel about Bush's potential. I do however believe Bush can and will run between the tackles.
  9. I couldn't wait to get home today to post about Jeremy Shockey.:w00t: This is an earth shattering move for the Saints. Does everyone realize what Brees does with a good pass catching (also good blocking)TE? Brees made Antonio Gates what he is. Shockey wants the rock badly and he will get it from Brees and Payton's pass happy game. No complaints or temper tantrums from Shockey cuz he will be a main cog in this offense unlike in N.Y. Also, Coach Payton has a rep with Shockey from his time as OC with the Giants. Does this take more of the attention of the defense off Bush? I would say YES definitely! lol! Jatchis IS FEELING it now too! D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y B-A-B-Y D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y There ya go man!:hehe:
  10. I tend to prefer characters that stay true to the original. Jack has the patented "perma grin" and you just can't deny when Jack Joker pulls out the 10 foot pistol from his trousers. that is vintage Joker, sorry. This is not true to the original DC comic Joker. Looks more like a member of ICP.
  11. I apply similar logic. If the (liberal)MSM are salivating so hard for something,(Obama) it can't be good. Do and act the opposite of what the media tells you because they are not out for your best interest.
  12. If it is, or not Christian based, it shouldn't be made into this big controversy. No one is forcing anyone to recognize Jesus as their Lord and savior. What, is it all about the 10 commandments in the courthouse? Give me a break. If attacks on Christianity keeps at this pace, their will be a schism.
  13. Wow, alot of hype being made for Ledger's role as the joker. I kind of made up my mind about Ledger when he played a gender challenged cowboy in the movie before this one. Jack Nicholson...that is the Joker.
  14. Wow, someone wants Obama to be the president really badly.
  15. Does anyone really think that the Beatles were at "any time" bigger than Jesus/Christianity? Rock & Roll outlast Christianity? R&R is dead now, so there goes that myth. I was not alive back then but from ALL accounts Beatlemania drew more people then churches so yes I would say that they were indeed bigger then Christianity. I wasn't alive then either, but that idea is absurd. There is over a billion Christians throughout the world. Just how many people have liked the Beatles anyway? They certainly aren't a big deal today.
  16. Does anyone really think that the Beatles were at "any time" bigger than Jesus/Christianity? Rock & Roll outlast Christianity? R&R is dead now, so there goes that myth.
  17. Salisbury on Bush, Saints Teddy Renois Published: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. Last Modified: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. While walking around the Manning Passing Academy media session last Friday, I saw former ESPN NFL analyst Sean Salisbury holding court with reporters. With a bevy of microphones in front of him, I decided to wait to get a one-on-one interview. Once the crowd subsided, I stepped in and asked, Sean, is this the year Reggie Bush breaks out? I hope so, Salisbury replied. His skills are ridiculous, but he has to be healthy. Bush is entering his third season with the New Orleans Saints. Hyped as the next Marshall Faulk or Gale Sayers, Bush has yet to live up to the hype. Some media and fans have called him a bust after two seasons. However, Salisbury wouldn t go that far -- at least not yet. He is real close to being special. He just has to stay healthy. He is tough and plays bigger than he is. If the Saints get to where they want to go, he has to step his game up, Salisbury said. Reggie wants to hit the home run every time he touches the ball and that is OK. But he has to learn to take the short runs and turn that into big runs. A bust after two years? I m not going there. But, I went there, when I posed this question. Why can Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson blow up the league in his first year and Bush still struggles in his second season? Salisbury responded. Peterson is a running back that doesn t come around often, Salisbury said. He is a special runner with his size and speed, but will Peterson have the same year? We don t know. Can Reggie Bush have a 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving? He has that potential. I knew Salisbury was a quarterback at Southern California and would defend Bush, another Trojan, even though it was modestly. So, I asked if Bush s struggles come from everything being relatively easy for him until he reached the NFL. He made it look that we thought it was easy, and he was surrounded by great players, Salisbury said. I said the same thing about Matt Leinart. They never faced adversity. What, they lost one game in four years. (Bush) averaged 8 yards a carry, surrounded by great quarterbacks and receivers. (In the NFL) you miss the hole by inches and in a split second you are thrown for a loss. At USC, he would make the guy miss then go for 60. Then I bought up the health of Deuce McAllister and asked if Bush could become that feature running back. Salisbury agreed with me that Bush isn t a between the tackle runner, but he said the Saints can still get him the ball 20 to 25 times a game, just not from the I-formation. He is a utility guy, like in baseball, you can put him in centerfield, left field, or shortstop. Could you imagine him lining up in six different areas? (Saints coach) Sean Payton is a smart guy, it is just getting Reggie comfortable, Salisbury said. Once Payton can define what he wants to do with him and get him in a comfort zone, then he will just react. You saw what Peterson did last year, and he was just reacting. Finally, I asked about the Saints and their prospects of having a better 2008 compared to their 7-9 season last year. I had them going to the Super Bowl last year. I think they have the quarterback in place with skill people. They have a chance, but you can t give up 35 points a game, Salisbury said. If the Saints play defense, they have a chance. If not, they can still win nine to 10 games, but they will lose in the playoffs. http://www.houmatoday.com/article/20080716...on_Bush__Saints
  18. But but, what about the front 4 with the addition of Sed Ellis? I guess you figure to have all day to throw? Reggie doesn't have to be an "everydown back," just the way he was used in 06' with Deuce or another power back grinding it out. If your team can generate offense on par with the Saints, I welcome any shootout with any team in the NFL.
  19. Ugggg, It was just an "example" of how Reggie will soon be trucking dirtybirds, it wasn't meant to be a highlight clip. Although I have to admit, the pocket protection, the poise and awareness of Drew Brees, and Reggie Bush making that DT look like a cardboard prop, are all worthy of highlight material. :kiss:
  20. Maaaaaaan, I live less than 2 blocks from the training facility, and 10 min. from the dome, and I've seen plenty of what Reggie can do. That's right, I know more than some "LSU fan in Baton Rouge" or some "dirtybird fan in Buckhead." That's right.:cool:
  21. I think you got that confused with "keeping it real." "Keep it real" is slang for "not acting white." I'm good.:cool:
  22. I agree. They didn't lowball the then "homeless" Saints this bad after losing half the team and coaches following Katrina. It gives the impression that because the Falcons lost such a "football god" like Vick, no team could ever recover from such a catastrophic loss, and will be lucky to win 1 game. Face it, the media turned on yall because Vick "was" the face of the NFL and these bad write-ups are the result of sour grapes.
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