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  1. i have a feeling we are gonna see their offense this week
  2. he has less experience than Redman, maybe a stronger arm. Right now I would take Redman up to NE before Moore
  3. with the hiring of the new president, nows the time hurney did a solid job but we need fresh eyes looking at this team, kind of the same thing as with Fox
  4. Lionel Ritchie relies totally on arm strength Kid doesnt look too bright
  5. really? you really think Vick is a capable NFL QB? and one that you want on the Panthers?
  6. youre serious right now and thats the best part
  7. they cant feel too bad they just went 16-0 after not making the playoffs the year before
  8. that kid is gonna get Chris Simmsed jerry curl josh is in for a long day
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