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  1. It's easy to get. Kodi and Amazon Fire stick , u will soon tell your cable provider bye bye.
  2. Any new tv has the digital converter built in , old school rabbit ears will also still work. The big antique antennas also pull in the hd broadcast. Used one for 2 years before moving. I then purchased a small hd antenna from Best Buy for $100 and pull in nearly 50 Channels living 60 miles form Atlanta.
  3. Amazon fire stick + kodi and antenna is all u need. Told directv to kiss my butt over a year ago and never regretted it.
  4. I smoked a pork shoulder on one of the Akorn komado last Monday . 1st one I ever done and it was great. Idk how to add a pic or I would.
  5. Never forget when kearney got ahold of big Ben and twisted that nose up for him.
  6. When I was over there Tuesday it was, one song slipped through and it was last resort by papa roach. It dropped a few f bombs.
  7. If you're in the metro atlanta area it's gonna be on abc.
  8. Got mine yesterday , kemal Ishmael . My autograph had a big fingerptint through it . Nice looking ornament tho.
  9. I'm thinking if the falcons loose Sunday , smith will be gone Monday, but yes I care cuz I'm a falcons fan. Will watch every second of it..
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