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  1. What dafaq did Matt Ryan **** you sister, girl friend, mom.... What ever it is your agenda is showing ... Kind of tired of reading your **** posts so welcome to ignore ...
  2. Maybe 3 aint playing or asking for more you never know. But if you look at it with out the points going into the trade you know you giving up this years 2nd and next years 1st to any team to move up in to the top 5 the 6th round picks are a wash have no idea why the are in the trade so really in this scenario they are over paying with a 2nd round pick next year. If you think your franchise QB is there at 4 and you think 5 may take him an extra 2nd rounder would not be a deal breaker in my book.
  3. I think you gotta expect to pay a lot extra to trade with a division rival.
  4. This video is definitive proof that the ability to turn off the salary cap in madden has caused a massive decline in the football IQ of todays youth.
  5. Pretty sure Grady would take my soul and knock me into the shadow realm... but when we do the math Vet Minimum - Spleen - Soul= Profit
  6. IKR, I turned 50 this year and if they offered me a guaranteed vet min I would go out there and let Deion Jones and the rest of the D use me as a human tackling dummy. Even after subtracting the money to have my spleen removed I would still be making bank. 😛
  7. They don't get rookie pay they still get the vet minimum but only the rookie wage amount counts against the cap. But even if they are being offered crap pay to put it all on the line there is this awesome word to counteract this. That word is "no". Takes 2 to make a contract if you don't like the compensation don't sign on the line.
  8. Even if everything you said was true: 2021 Dead Cap: $44,437,500 2021 Cap Savings: $-3,525,000 Matt isn't going anywhere this year.
  9. Wrong pretty sure TF indicated they would be going BPA. Anyone have a list of Punter rankings?
  10. And then some one decided to pay him like he was good enough to be an ******* ....
  11. PRE-6/1 TRADE 2021 Dead Cap: $44,437,500 2021 Cap Savings: $-3,525,000 Matt isn't going anywhere this year.
  12. At a certain point there is no where to go but up ... ... He did get Snelling in the 7th tho so there is that.
  13. Out of all the stupid **** said on this board this has gotta be: "Everyone Is Now Dumber" - Billy Madison - YouTube
  14. Im a die hard Capitals fan but trying to keep up with a hockey teams schedule it like keeping up with your wife's mood ....
  15. YEAR TEAM G REC YDS AVG LNG TD 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ 2020 Atlanta Falcons 9 51 771 15.1 44 3 36 70.59 16 2 2019 Atlanta Falcons 15 99 1394 14.1 54 6 77 77.78 21 3 My post
  16. I love Juilo ... However seems the last couple of years he has become quite injury prone. After most catches he gets up like an 80 year old man that just broke his hip and it seems his hamstring is held together by duct tape and Flex Seal. Right now he still has value one more season like last year and maybe not so much.
  17. Lets be honest DQ couldn't really handle HC duties even when he wasn't calling plays....
  18. Would you take a job where you had to answer questions from D Led?
  19. Yea but every once in a while you get one of these... Top 10 NFL Post Game Tirades - YouTube
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