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  1. Actually they did they were just out Facloned by the Dolphins.
  2. I expect to see the faint glow of the candles on your birthday cake in the tonight's sky, all the way here in Pensacola. Happy Birthday!
  3. Or drop every other pass... I swear you could make a better COVID vaccine using our WRs blood cuz you aint catching **** with those guys DNA running through your veins,
  4. Let me guess we will get 3 straight runs up the middle and a punt.
  5. Davis would have been tackled in the back field CP is just seems so much quicker and has better vision.
  6. FFS do we just not have jugs machines at the branch? WRs cant catch ****.
  7. Honestly out blocking tight end has better hands then our WRs. Maybe we should just stick to 3 tight end sets for the rest of the day.
  8. Not sure why Calvin got vaccinated there is no way he could catch COVID ....
  9. Way to conservative especially considering our punter is out.
  10. Says that he's a rookie... I mean some players take longer to adjust to the NFL. People need to have some patience. I swear today's instant gratification 2 day shipping world has ruined a generation. A lot of y'all would not have survived 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
  11. IDK what we are doing on offense AS said we are playing to win but hes calling plays like we are tanking ...
  12. FML Diablo 2 servers are down and Im force to give100% of my attention to this game ...
  13. Yea really good, brings back a lot of memories. Servers are kind of crappy right now but to be expected from a Blizzard launch. Its really awesome to have it on Xbox. Its defiantly just as addictive so purchase with caution but it does help distract if your football team sucks 😛
  14. Was playing Diablo 2 resurrected with a friend and lost track of time
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