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  1. So they already amputated his leg then ....
  2. You know Doug could start for several teams.
  3. In before Shaub throws a pick 6
  4. ******* pull Ryan let Shaub get killed
  5. 1-15 staring us in the face ...
  6. Only if the QB is not wearing a falcons uniform
  7. DQ needs to be fired and Freeman cut. This is beyond embarrassing.
  8. Freeman probably about to be ejected and hes on the side lines laughing.
  9. They should get booed when they pick up their checks too...
  10. Only if its Ryan if that had been Geoff it would have been 15
  11. If they are gonna call bs roughing the passer on us they need to call it on the Rams too that last hit on Ryan was low at his knees and should have been a 15 yard penalty
  12. **** the Saints...
  13. I appreciate the OPs positive glass half full out look but lets be honest. Our defense is a dumpster fire .... and I full expect a dumpster fire or two to file a defamation lawsuit against me for comparing them to the falcons D.
  14. If I were DQ I would be very nervous and only meet AB in public well lit places ....
  15. If DQ pulled a Petrino I honestly wouldn't be mad
  16. Is DQs master Defensive plan to have at least one receiver run wide open on every play?
  17. **** the Saints...
  18. I concur.
  19. i got 20$ says we give up the 3-20
  20. You will die of alcohol poisoning
  21. Hope Ryan's life insurance is paid up
  22. Do we just not cover anyone?
  23. Quinn gotta be thinking this team is trying to get him fired. But they are too late hes already doing a **** good job by himself...
  24. There we go everyone **** up