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  1. I think it speaks volumes to the juxtaposition of our franchise, a vague concept of identity and a complete lack of a unified identity. The words spoken are often diametrically opposed to the actions taken.
  2. Then he should be wearing it at all times ... So please kindly get off your high horse and STFU!
  3. Why did Gettleman sitting alone in a room put on a mask ....
  4. Holy crap I so remember going who in the **** just waved Sid ******* Bream around third base. Someone must have put an extra drop of oil on his knee brace that day.
  5. Wrong they are trading Ryan to the Texans for Watson ...
  6. Some one tell Kotter to stop getting so cute .... hes not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.
  7. If they cant trade him then he should be cut on 10/30. I think a message needs to be sent.
  8. "Things Dan Quinn has actually managed to fix."
  9. DQ needs to be fired and Freeman cut. This is beyond embarrassing.
  10. Freeman probably about to be ejected and hes on the side lines laughing.
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