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  1. How sad is it that we gave Dak almost 2/3 of his yards and over 1/2 half of Wilsons...
  2. IMO Gurley has looked better on outside runs (same with most of the other backs) but Kotter has some kind of run them up the gut fetish where we have had very little success. Its hard to created a missed tackle when you are met at the LOS or behind it. Also why are the not getting him involved in the passing game I still think he can be dangerous if he gets in to space
  3. I would pay a god**** dime to see this team as it is I close my eyes during the commercials. If I want to see a dumpster fire Ill go hang out in Portland...
  4. One of you guys should change your name to "Lead" .... let us know if you get blown ....
  5. Falcons have embraced so much suck they now are the suck...
  6. Quinn had pro bowl players on every level of the defense in Seattle. Plus that is Pete Carrols defense and evidence has shown DQ was just a place holder there.
  7. Wait ... Thats not what Santa leaves in your stocking? GOD**** IT! I knew my parents were lying....
  8. Matt has thrown for 723 yards 6 TDs and 1 Int and this team is 0-2 so Matt is NOT the problem.
  9. Unless you had a brain fart and ordered a Quinn jersey I would hold off on burning it.
  10. Dan Quinn inventing new ways to **** **** up since 2017.
  11. No. but we aren't going to them with Quinn anyway. Blank needs to fire Quinn and TD and have the temp GM start shopping Matt and Julio. Not because I think they suck or anything (Im a huge fan of both) but their age and contracts would hinder the new staff more then help, also you would be stock piling draft picks for the new HC/GM Then tank for a good draft position.
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