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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else ever remember seeing him work that hard at training camp when he was here?
  2. The only positive I can take from this is I cannot see the gaping wound where my genitals once were...
  3. I don't think one player can replace Julio even if there was one player out there that could replace him the Flacons couldn't afford him. However we might be able to replicate him in the aggregate we need to find 3 players that caught 17 passes for 257 yards and 1 touch down last year....
  4. He and Moss were almost on the raiders together.
  5. There is another WR MR made famous, no one outside of die hard Falcons fans would ever remember his name if he wasn't on a highlight reel catching Matts 1st pass/TD
  6. Doesn't work if people keep quoting the person on your ignore list...
  7. Yea but the amount wouldn't have changed he gets the same if one team pays it all or they both split it.
  8. So you really thought if we kept Juilo we were super bowl bound? Really?
  9. You say that like it not a upgrade from what we have witnessed the last couple of years ...
  10. Saddest thing about Juilo going is hes taking his mega thread with him
  11. Were we over paid for Sanu or under paid for Juilo ... Discuss...
  12. Honestly you mods really don't need to step in until waffle house meetings are being scheduled...
  13. Holy **** my wife calls me a 2nd grader all the time ...
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