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  1. This would probably work ...
  2. December 15, 1986 They retired Jeff Van Notes jersey and gave him a 57 Chevy. We lost to the saints and my drunk uncles almost go in a fight with some annoying drunk saints fans.
  3. Well the NFL is one of the last meritocracy left in the world. So they are a different type of millennials then you find in the wild....
  4. There is a whole list of guys that need to be left in NY with ha bus pass and a McDonald's gift certificate.
  5. This game is harder to watch then watching a millennial fill out a job application ....
  6. Getting ...... Dafaq did you just turn the game on or somethiing ?
  7. Sir please do not make light of our future back up to the starting Quarterback....
  8. The awesome thing about that play is I read some where that the QBs and WRs had been staying after practice to work on fade routes....
  9. Go for it ..... split the fullback out wide then roll out to the right ...
  10. Holy **** we might score some points or something ....
  11. Pretty sure Riley got cut at the half....
  12. Sooo what you guys think shaub is going to do after football?