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  1. I love Juilo ... However seems the last couple of years he has become quite injury prone. After most catches he gets up like an 80 year old man that just broke his hip and it seems his hamstring is held together by duct tape and Flex Seal. Right now he still has value one more season like last year and maybe not so much.
  2. Lets be honest DQ couldn't really handle HC duties even when he wasn't calling plays....
  3. Yea but every once in a while you get one of these... Top 10 NFL Post Game Tirades - YouTube
  4. Ito was also our best back last week he needs to be playing more. Player CAR YDS TD AVG Ito Smith 12 65 1 5.4 Brian Hill 13 55 0 4.2
  5. Saints DBs are coached to grab and hold because they know the Refs wont call it on every play
  6. I love Juilo but its like hes made of sugar glass and balsa wood....
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