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  1. You do realize these two sentences directly contradict each other right? I mean you basically wrote a 17 word oxymoron.
  2. What are the current odds on @The Falcon Jedi Knight ?
  3. Sorry no room for mistakes ... I second the Ban motion ...
  4. IKR ... slow day at the store ... got a headache from playing Black ops 4 so I'm bored as **** thinking what am I gonna do to kill time .... boom TATF gold
  5. Im just here to set up a popcorn concession and wait for the inevitable waffle house invitation ...
  6. Had google translate this .... came back as Ridley is currently in ICU...
  7. One of my earliest memories is my dad yelling at Bubba on tv.
  8. Only way it could be better is if the Giraffe's knee brace broke at the end of the run :P
  9. Pretty sure DQ doesn't give a flying **** about your fantasy team ...
  10. He can but his Jazzy must be fully charged ...
  11. Here ya go:
  12. Pretty sure he said "**** the Saints!"
  13. Well they wont get anyone from the outside so its next man up ...
  14. I feel bad for MIke Smith, always liked him. Whith that being said thats one CB and 2 coaches fired after playing Matt Ryan so it is now official Matt is a coach killer...