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  1. Yeah, I've never been in the room for anything like that either. Very hard.
  2. Thanks. He passed away this evening about 2 hours after we took him off the ventilator.
  3. Happy Father's day everyone. If you all wouldn't mind, my father fell last Saturday and hit his head, he was responsive and alert that night but his conditioned worsened and he's been unresponsive since last Sunday. He has a brain bleed which they have stopped but the damage looks to have been too much, if you guys would just keep him and my family in your thoughts, we would certainly appreciate it. It would have been a tough week regardless but the timing of it all has definitely amplified it.
  4. I'm sure Arthur would love to have Henry, Brown and Julio... he would do so well that he'd probably get a head coaching job. Oh.... wait
  5. If Roddy White's number isn't retired then no. I know the official stance of the team is that they don't "retire" numbers but obviously certain numbers are off limits. Just the other day Russell Gage said he wanted to change to 10 instead of 14 but he was told it was "unavailable".
  6. I thought they fired him for a second. Don't scare me lol
  7. I feel the same way. I literally cried when we finally cut Roddy, which is completely silly but I felt that connection with him. I'm just bummed that we won't see Julio on the field with Calvin and Pitts. Other than that, I don't feel any sentimental connection to Julio which is crazy for a player that is undoubtedly the best receiver to every play here and one of the best of all. Roddy White is my favorite player of all time and yeah some of its the on field stuff but it's more about how he embraced the team and the fans.
  8. I honestly don't expect much from Julio in this regard. Now that may just be because he's a private person and has given his thanks and comments in private but I tend to think it's more just because he doesn't really have these kinds of bonds. I don't think he ever really felt apart of this community or franchise. I'm not saying he doesn't have personal bonds with team mates and coaches but I wouldn't expect much directed toward fans or the organization as a whole. I hope I'm wrong. I mentioned a few weeks ago that some random person that claimed to know people in Flowery Branch was telling me
  9. I thought the thread yesterday was going to be about Marvin Hall. Glad he got a job. Also, you guys are horrible at this lol
  10. Thanks for reminding me that 2001 was 20 years ago.
  11. It would certainly some of the sting out of taking a little less with a player like that in return. Plus I could see Julio on AEW sometime lol
  12. I mean, I definitely think that Tennessee would like to trade for a missing piece in Julio by giving up the other player that would then become the missing piece. Why wouldn't they? Logical.
  13. It looks like every 1 minute OTA video they've ever posted lmao
  14. I pretty much already do that, I'm just not consistent so it'll grow for a few weeks before I do it again.
  15. My bald spot is in the back, it's bad, it started when I was like 21 or 22. But I'd rather it be back there than up front 😆
  16. I can't fathom anyone other than Grady being the strongest if we are talking about actual physical strength. He's a **** tank.
  17. Another "another Julio thread" comment
  18. I work in retail and I was talking to a guy a few months ago at work and he was a Tampa Bay fan, but he was saying he knew people inside the organization and he said Julio Jones has been a problem. I thought the guy was an idiot and just nodded when he was talking but now, maybe he knew a little something. I know there had never been any kind of report to suggest Julio to be anything other than a great team mate and member of the organization so I didn't take any of it seriously. Maybe it's just a coincidence and he was full of it but it certainly lines up with what he was saying
  19. I believe Julio didn't know. It doesn't really change anything other than I think he's better than to come on TV and nonchalantly "break up"with this organization after ten years. I don't think he knew. I think Shannon Sharpe just ruined any relationship he would have with active players as far as getting any information from them.
  20. Well if you are aware of it, does it matter if he says it? Like you said, some things go without saying.
  21. You've had some bad posts but this one takes the cake
  22. If we don't win the superbowl, I'm always disappointed. Arguably I'm more disappointed after a 13-3 season and a playoff loss than I am a 4-12 season. (Under the old schedule)
  23. It really feels like Grady's mindset is going to keep him from signing an extension. If he thinks this will be his best year yet, why would he extend when he can up his value even more? I dunno. Seems like the team may already know this and that's one of the reasons Julio is available.
  24. There was no way we give up Julio and Kyle Pitts. The compensation would have to be insane. This doesn't mean we wouldn't trade Julio of course. But this trade was probably not even seriously considered.
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