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  1. Ulbrich is probably the best coach on this staff. He was far from the problem here. He developed linebackers at a high rate as well. Just because he was on a staff that was not good enough overall doesn't mean he was bad at his job or had a "loser mentality". It's very short sighted to imply as much.
  2. Just wish him well or move on. You guys don't have to make your stupid snarky comments every time.
  3. Added bonus to them losing tonight.
  4. Yeah, I'm grateful for him. The one concern I had was with covid, if he'd be able to do his normal wining and dining. It truly seems like if you meet with Arthur and he wants you, you'll also want to be here. I saw someone criticizing the hire online, not a Falcons fans from what I could tell, and they said something along the lines of "this is why some teams never win, because they don't want to pay for real coaches." and accused Blank of being cheap. Just comical
  5. This feels like it should be sarcasm but I don't think it is.
  6. Not the Lol's, the sabotage! They might give him a big bonus lol
  7. I'm legitimately paranoid that Fontenot and the Saints have concocted a clever ruse to screw us over lol. Holmes is gone, Fontenot isn't signed, wants to "wait". All the candidates are gone and then he backs out. It's genius. I'd do it to them!
  8. I don't know how they graded him but those two Tampa games were definitely his worst games I think.
  9. Maybe it'll work out for them. Seems like a good hire. I would have been happy with him or Font'.
  10. I think we should just call it "TF'd" as in "the f---??" or even "What the Font?"
  11. Arthur Smith is from Memphis, I'm not sure how important that is to him, but if we are interested that could give us a leg up on other teams being that we would be the closest to home for him.
  12. Y'all need to stop with that mess. That man averaged 7 yards a carry in that game and was only given the ball 5 times after taking a 28-3 lead. Yeah, he whiffed on a block on third and one. Know what we should have been doing on third and one instead of taking a deep shot? Handing him the ball.
  13. Well it was a Tony Khan venture that he spent years thinking about and the opportunity finally presented itself.
  14. We still have Nick Polk. Nick Polk enters his 11th season as director of football operations in 2018. He spent five seasons as the club's director of football administration and enters his 16th year overall with the team. He works closely with General Manager Thomas Dimitroff on all contract proposals, negotiations, and salary cap management. Polk also helps coordinate the Falcons compliance with the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement and labor-related issues. Our cap may not look like it right now but he's very good at it.
  15. Me? I'm literally just posting a fact.
  16. Let's make sure we get this to Arthur Blank. Thank God Sheil Kapadia from the Athletic wrote this or these billionaires wouldn't know how to successfully run a billion dollar franchise and hire a coach.
  17. Because people on the outside are reporting conflicting things? This has nothing to do with how well or poorly their process is going. If the original source was Dled then I know all I need to know.
  18. Yeah, it definitely wasn't my intent to embarrass or accuse him, I was very reluctant to say anything at all but he was very gracious. But it certainly is funny.
  19. I'm not sure if I've ever shared this story here before but I like it so I'm going to share it now. Back in 2012 I was working in Flowery Branch at a local office supply store. We would get the occasional player or Falcons employee in the store and I would tend to recognize them and my co-workers knew I was a huge Falcons fan. So one day for whatever reason, one of the girls asked me over the radios if a guy sitting over in our print center using the fax machine was a football player. I make my way over there out of curiosity. He's sitting there with his head down maybe looking at his pho
  20. Eh, it can't rain all the time. Join me in being hopeful. It's more fun lol
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