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  1. I didn't say anything about cap space. We had the space, though we may be playing it safe with it. I'm saying we would have to cut guys that we seem to like or have plans for or gave up draft picks to acquire. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm saying they may have chosen to go with those guys rather than a rental. Or they may have extended him an offer and he didn't want it or didn't want to play here for whatever reason. You never know. When I said make room I meant because of roster limitations and having too many players on the line.
  2. I wanted Griffen too, but to play devil's advocate, you would likely have to cut someone you like long term or gave up draft capital for to make room. Can't give up on Takk, they are on the record loving Means but he got hurt last year. They traded for Harris. Then you have Davidson and Cominsky who will probably spend time all over the line as well.
  3. Haha gotcha. Feel for their fans. Only Saints fans should have to endure that kind of heart break
  4. I don't get this, at least as a response to me lol. I don't even know Atalanta. I take it they are a soccor club?
  5. He's got muscles in places I don't even have places.
  6. Shame on them for not giving a guaranteed fifth year to a 3 sack player who has two bad shoulders. I hope he balls out and helps take us to the Superbowl but let's not act like you've earned a 5th year option. And Austin Hooper can kick rocks, product of Julio Jones and Matt Ryan and playing from behind.
  7. I wonder why his market went from 13 million over 3 to the minimum. Maybe he just wants to stay close to home because of covid or something
  8. I heard someone, I forget who now, on NFL Network this morning that it was a one year deal with close to the minimum but I can't find that information anywhere else so I don't think it was true if so, great one year value
  9. This seems like one of our best value signings in a looong time. I hope the season plays out
  10. And yet, Russell Wilson has never beaten Matt Ryan in the post season.
  11. They even disrespected Mahomes to an extent. 3rd ranked QB behind Jackson and Wilson.
  12. "I don't give a **** what y'all think if the Saints need 7 I believe Drew can march right down the field" or something to that effect
  13. He was in the 70s last year after an MVP quality season. I don't think he made it and that takes any credibility this list might have had and flushes it down the toilet. I've already seen some garbage anyway. Josh Allen doesn't belong on the list at all and Matt Ryan is going to get left off? Foh.
  14. Eh, Julio has 9 years of elite production and consistent domination. Mahomes, while he's been awesome for 2 years, could THEORETICALLY come back down to earth and be an average player. I don't expect he will, but I certainly don't think it's similar.
  15. One play. We didn't lose that game on one play. We had so many opportunities to win that game after that play. Putting that game on anything other than play calling and coaching is ridiculous
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