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  1. Stop using GOAT in the wrong context!!!
  2. Staaahp rubbing it in my face! Lol
  3. The only play of his that stands out in my memory is Calvin Ridley making him bite harder than I've ever seen a corner bite then walk into the endzone in like the 4th game of his career lol
  4. 3 1,300 yard seasons under Dirk Koetter. But Dirk Koetter doesn't know how to run the ball. Like I've said many times, using MJD as an example, he hasn't ran the ball consistently during his tenures here and in Tampa because of the circumstances and talent avaliable to him. Period.
  5. Just because corner is one of the hardest positions to transition to in the NFL I would say Murray helps more this year though corner is probably the bigger need.
  6. No thank you. Most targeted corner, gave up the most Receptions and had the most solo tackles, which is usually a bad sign for a corner. 4 interceptions but he had a ton of opportunities. Most people here crucified Robert Alford and Desmond Trufant for much better seasons
  7. And that's what I meant by willingly...
  8. I mean, unless Qadree gets cut I don't think he has much choice unless Q gives it up willingly. I think he'll go 21, I wouldn't mind seeing 33 but Bledi resigned so I would imagine that gives him first rights to it.
  9. ****, one of the only things we have is how much we hate the Saints. They aren't taking that from us.
  10. As we got closer to the top I just assumed Falcons Saints was there then I was like oh its number one... Then I was like "are you ******* kidding me?". Only an idiot could make this list
  11. Fair enough but it's not Ricardo's fault he does his studying lol. These other dudes need to step up for sure. Especially if you are at key positions
  12. Yep, I'm still mad at him though lol he came into my store one time to get his daughters laptop fixed and was like "ill hook you up with tickets" or something can't remember now, but I wasn't there when he came back and I never heard anything about em haha. But yeah, he's doing a great job with these numbers
  13. Calvin is just practicing social distancing. Be like Calvin.
  14. Ugh, Jenkins is going to be a good re-signing by the Saints. This is the stuff that makes Ricardo invaluable. Like Jenkins said "sometimes you need problem solvers on the field" and for all the talent that Kazee has, he's not there mentally with Ricardo and that's why I don't think Ricardo is going anywhere.
  15. If we make one more good signing and have a great draft, I know for a fact that the season will be canceled lol.