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  1. I was hoping but I had a feeling based on DQ and Debo's comments. He's obviously not pain free yet and they don't want a set back
  2. That's what I'm hoping. Some gamesmanship. I really don't want him to get thrown back into the game against the Saints off 10 weeks of rust.
  3. I don't know what you guys expect from this coaching staff. They have never and likely will never throw players under the bus publicly for their play.
  4. I didn't think that play was as bad as it was made out. He was trying not to get blocked, had he attacked the play he would have been blocked out too. It looks bad but I don't think it was a lack of effort, I think he just didn't have much of a chance to get in there and was hoping to be able to run him down after. But who knows what he was thinking for sure. He's been really bad in coverage this year but I don't think effort is the problem
  5. Yeah but that's not what the posters were losing their cool over lol
  6. I didn't even see your post, I was mostly referring to the first person that lost their **** over it lol. Yeah, trolls are annoying I didn't personally see anything trollish about this original post even if I disagree with it. People just see different things.
  7. We've got some posters that need to just go to anger management I guess if this gets you riled up.
  8. I hope he got a ticket for using his phone while driving.
  9. I knew better when I clicked the thread. I guess I still clicked it for the same reason I still watch this team
  10. Wow they are going to miss the playoffs now thanks to the Marshall curse. Awesome
  11. Came in to work today with my Falcons beanie on and my boss said "you must be a real fan to still be wearing that after yesterday." and I just said "I've been through worse than yesterday.". If this team never gives me a championship, it's still my only team. I would never jump ship.
  12. Besides, I think he would just be replacing Oluokun and he's not really the problem
  13. I love Spoon but we aren't giving up a roster spot for a 9 year veteran that himself is likely to get injured. This is sour grapes for sure.
  14. It's definitely not good for the defense as a whole but there are reasons other than just their abilities and play that cause it
  15. We couldn't stop the run well enough to get them into obvious passing situations. Takk and Vic aren't going to see the stat sheet very often if they aren't taking down the QB.