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  1. 3 years? Jeez. I would be paying him year to year unless this was to back load the **** out of it and cut him later or find out he's worth it.
  2. The year after 2011. So 2010 and 12. It was not some barren roster. We still won ten games. We had a bad day in New York, a team that went on to win the Superbowl by the way
  3. And we were the number one seed lol. And the year after we were the number one seed again lol. Such a stupid argument
  4. Plus, owning the Panthers pretty consistently and Tampa Bay for the better part of the last 15 years lol
  5. It just goes to show, we don't care about the Panthers but they can't get us out of their heads. The only two way rivalry in the NFC south is the Saints and Falcons and then both the Panthers and Bucs hate us while we couldn't really care less
  6. 100% fine with him coming back but a lot **** cheaper. It doesn't matter who our back up QB is. If Matt Ryan goes down, we are done with any reasonably priced back up.
  7. Ugh, I knew they signed Kareem and I still fell for this lol. The **** is wrong with me lol
  8. Matt Bryant would be a solid pick up.
  9. I think you're pointless. I also wonder why it would be his decision when the NFC team was the designated home team.
  10. Both teams play outdoors.... How pointless
  11. It doesn't matter if Vic ended up being a disappointment, the Falcons took what was considered the best player available at their biggest position of need. You can't be wrong for that. They made the right decision at the time.
  12. You mean he could have had that beard while he was coaching us and didn't? He deserved to be fired lol
  13. "I'm just confused and I came in 2nd place" Title of your sex tape!
  14. I definitely misread your username because of this post.
  15. Awesome. He deserves it. Too bad Julio dropped out and Ryan passed. We'd somehow have 5 pro bowlers lol all on offense even. How did Sark get fired again? Lol