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  1. I didn't hate him as much tonight. He definitely seems to have a rooting interest in certain teams but I did appreciate how much time he spent talking **** Ricardo Allen's play in the redzone
  2. You know the media team can't control what happens on the field right? All they can control is content and I think they are doing a fine job. You guys just love to ***** and complain about anything. The team doesn't have to provide any of that stuff.
  3. Just hope it's not too late when he makes it back.
  4. This was bad.
  5. Shut up, please.
  6. They did it! Lol so no longer have to worry!
  7. And if it doesn't? Can someone give a straight answer? Lol
  8. I mean, it's an unusual amount of RBs, but does having the best receiver corp in the league make us a pass heavy offense? I think it just means we are equipped for all scenarios.
  9. That's what I thought when we kept Ortiz but replacing him kind of killed they theory for me. But if Keith Smith doesn't come in and play well it still could happen.
  10. Someone should tell Matt Bryant because he was at camp kicking for free today apparently.
  11. I'm unsure. They both have cool names and that's how I usually decide who is good and who isn't.
  12. Just from my perspective it feels like it's becoming an issue, I don't need this poorly written article by Mike Florio to know lol. They need to get it done because it's starting to feel like Julio is getting jerked around. I'm sure that's not the case but they've said what they need to pay him publicly so I don't really know what the hold up is. When the GM says he deserves to be the highest paid receiver and will be the highest paid receiver, what's stopping it from being done?
  13. Cam Newton probably does too. He's probably just a fan like Cam lol