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  1. Just when I get excited about the season again
  2. And he was par for the course this time lol.
  3. That picture right there is why I have no problem with what Bell is doing in Pittsburgh. It takes one time. I wouldn't play on a franchise multiple years and let them run me into the ground without a commitment either
  4. The last 3 games we've seen Freeman have been in Philadelphia twice against the number one run defense while injured and in Los Angelas while injured. Against two really good fronts. How quickly people forget.
  5. SMH. They are able to go to others because of the way defenses play Jones.....
  6. We need to score points early so they can't pound the ball.
  7. Didn't he originally make the team but we had to cut him because of injuries? If that's the case, I'm sure the Falcons at least liked him a good bit. I thought that happened with him and Hill both
  8. No, but that's usually how coaches treat it. It's not an official rule
  9. I bet he does. Nothing wrong with feeling ready. You guys are ridiculous.
  10. That's part of the beauty of our defense though. It's so simple
  11. I'm confused lol am I missing something here or...