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  1. You show me him throwing a grown man on his way to a 90 yard touchdown run and I'll see some Derrick Henry. Seems like he's got good vision and patience but that alone does not a Derrick Henry make.
  2. It's not untrue in a lot of ways. I certainly wouldn't say we have a great defense, I'd say they have the potential to be a much better defense than they have been. He's blowing a little smoke to be certain but he probably does believe some of it.
  3. You obviously don't know anything about Julio Jones if you think this is even remotely a possibility.
  4. They literally played Brock Lesnars music in r stadium a minute ago and I thought this whole wrestling thing was coming to fruition
  5. I was debating playing Calvin Ridley coming off injury and possibly seeing Lattimore since the Saints tend to double Julio with two other guys and put Lattimore on Calvin. Definitely playing him now. Just deciding if I take Jefferson out against Dallas to Claypool out against Jacksonville.
  6. By gawd, Drew Brees is back! And he's got a steel chair! What a swerve!
  7. Sarkisian got a slightly raw deal, his second season here was tremendous, but he did feast on lesser teams if memory serves. He's a fine coach but he also wasn't very creative, a problem we still suffer from.
  8. I can't do it given his attitude. He doesn't take any thing serious, even his own failures. If it was anyone else on this team I would.
  9. Good to know we didn't waste a chance to trade him for something as those trades obviously wouldn't have gone through.
  10. I was wrong. He failed his physical there. Part of me thought he may have intentionally failed his physical somehow, maybe the conditioning aspect. If there even is one.
  11. ****, posted at the same time. You labeled yours notes though so I'll delete mine
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