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  1. Probably nothing most of us logical posters don't already know or can't see but good to hear it from an outside source. The only reason to move on from Ryan right now is money and since moving on from him really isn't going to help with that at the moment due to the dead cap then there is no real reason. Maybe they draft a QB of the future early because of the unlikelihood of them being in this position again, but I think that would be a mistake. You have a QB you can't do anything with who is more than capable of winning in the league right now with the right surroundings. Give him those surr
  2. All true, but to play devils advocate he's far younger and has a history with their coach. I wouldn't be surprised if the only thing keeping Ryan here this year is the dead cap. We obviously could load up moving him.
  3. The league has changed so much so who knows, Ryan had a lot of interceptions in college, college players weren't nearly as NFL ready back then. In fact it was really the 2008 draft class that changed the league with Flacco and Ryan both having great rookie seasons. Teams weren't nearly as hesitant to start rookie QBs after them. If Ryan came out this year with how he played at BC, he'd probably be 4th or 5th because the league wants mobile QBs now. Then he'd probably end up being the best QB in the draft.
  4. Winfield made plays all year. Wirfs gave up one sack. Both guys I would have loved to have had during the draft. I cursed at both of them being taken by Tampa.
  5. He definitely wants to stay, he's posted about it online. Saying wearing the ATL jersey hit differently. Being as he's from Georgia. I'm definitely on board if they can make it work.
  6. That'll definitely help put guys in better situations but Morgan seemed to fail to develop anyone.
  7. Garbage take. Chris Morgan is gone so now we should see some more development
  8. I wouldn't. I was being sarcastic. That did not require purple.
  9. So he didn't transfer. Let's take him at 4! Nah I like the guy, he's in a spot where we likely couldn't get him without a trade down or trade up though.
  10. He gave an exact date but you'll have to watch. No spoilers.
  11. I think the NFL is kind of silly with their handling of covid, just because they allow certain things like playing a 3 hour contact sport but then you can't be in the locker room without a mask. I take covid very seriously but they seem to contradict themselves in some ways. That said I hope they take all their draft picks.
  12. I literally just slid down off the couch into the floor in disbelief. And elation in what should have been a game sealing circus catch. I don't get upset at people trolling and saying 28-3 online when they see I'm a Falcons fan. I get upset when I see this play, or Alfords pick six. Plays that should have wrapped that game up. That pick six should have been it, I know it wasn't close to over at that point but most teams fold after the lead we put up and how we did it. **** Tom Brady and Kyle Shanahan.
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