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  1. All the pics I post here in this thread i took myshelf
  2. theres going to be some Rams fans their, but it should be sold out. About 85% will show up
  3. He needs some Belichick in him. Not the video taping or running up the score.
  4. I'll be asking for authentic black jersey next year
  5. I wouldn't mind Bush being here for a returner/receiver roll who may get a few runs.
  6. No Falcons gear since I got several items last christmas and early this year. I did get several Gator items this year. I got a Gator hoody, a tee shirt, and some Gator shorts. I got a new lcd tv also.
  7. Hope JA98 gets healthy and never dawns a Falcons jersey, but Bucs jersey
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