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  1. I'm gonna have to agree with Imus, he didnt say anything wrong. Look at all the people getting into trouble, its bad for the NFL Chris Henry Ahmad Bradshaw Pacman Jones Jevon Kearse Michael Vick Cedric Benson Quincy Carter Ricky Williams Darren Stone Michael Boley Jonathon Babineaux Darrent Williams Sean Taylor Lawrence Taylor Michael Irvin Rae Carruth Leonard Little Odell Thurman Marvin Harrison and MANY more Whats all these people have in common? They were young athletes, with money, and all had off the field problems, and other things. Its the culture of the NFL, these kids have no respect for anything or anyone, just because they are young and rich, they feel everyone owes them something and that they can just do whatever they want..... but it doesnt work that way. They have made the league look bad, and the fans look bad. Its a shame and disgrace that these young men arent raised better. They dont deserve the quality of life they all have because of the riches and glory in playing sports. And thats just the NFL We can make another list of NBA player problems, and see what they have in common, ect
  2. No, we do not need to sign any of those F.A.'s Coleman is injury prone Bentley is injury prone We dont need those players.
  3. WTF? Who is Keith Brookings ...... ???? With your tag '' Short Arm Sam Baker '' and your dumb comment about Keith BROOKING tackling teammates, are you even a fan of the Falcons? If so, do you have anything GOOD to say about this team and its players? Im actually surprised your name tag isnt '' Short Arm Sam BakerS '' you must have run out of space to add that S
  4. That first link is WAY FAKE, looks nothing like the real Falcons logo. The one in the second link looks right, but it is made to stick INSIDE the glass, and because my windows are dark, I need a decal that stick on the outside.
  5. ebay ebay ebay. Not meant to be a plug, but you can get anything Falcons related there. Its where I purchased most of my Falcons decals and what not. The only Falcons decals I saw on ebay looked fake..... lol
  6. I have a silver mirrored Falcons tag on the front of my explorer, and on the back, I have a Falcons frame around my license plate. I also have a red Falcons lanyard hanging from my rear-view mirror I wish I could find a Falcon decal/sticker for my back glass.
  7. Ryan can't throw a deep ball??? All the scouts said Ryan can make every NFL throw, and that includes the deep ball. Remember, people were also saying that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady lacked arm strength when they were coming out of college.... now these are the best two arms in the NFL. Arm strength is something that can be built up with the right workouts and technique. Matt Ryan will do whatever it takes to make him the best possible QB he can be.
  8. Because for some people, unless you can throw 60 yards onone knee you have a "weak" arm. I just want Ryan to throw Touchdowns What % of NFL Touchdown passes are 60+ yards?
  9. If it's possible to build arm strength, I bet Matt Ryan will do whatever it takes to get it where it needs to be.... But I also read a report that Ryan has the tools/arm to make every NFL throw, if thats so, why people still worry about the strength of his arm?
  10. OK - Lets talk about arm strength.... Lets just say for the sake of conversation, Matt Ryan lacks arm strength..... How does one improve arm strength? Is arm strength something that people are just born with? Im not trying to be a smart @55, Im serious, I am not any kind of expert on arm strength, so if anyone knows anything, please help me understand. Can Matt Ryan make his arm strength better by spending time in the weight room doing certain exercises with his throwing shoulder or wrist? I mean, I think Matt Ryans personality and character is such that if he lacks something in his game, he will work his butt off and do whatever it takes to correct it or make it better.
  11. bossFALCONS - No, dont stop posting the news and stuff.... thats not what I meant, I was just pokin' a little fun at you because your always the first to post stuff, I meant what I said in a jokingly way, sorry if you or anyone else took it as a negative comment.
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