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  1. I think Rodgers is gonna cry when he has to give that Championship Belt to Eli....
  2. Across the street from the Kroger on Piedmont... near the corner of Peachtree
  3. Tony Gonzalez lives in the condo in front of terminus 200... I seen him a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Its not over until its over....i am all in anything can happen. RISE UP!!! Group 1 theme song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLhpHjmxNw8
  5. Thanks for sharing! Makes me proud to be from the ATL
  6. SUWANEE, Ga. — Atlanta Falcons coach June Jones said free-agent All-Pro cornerback Deion Sanders has promised he will give his former club the opportunity to match any offer he receives from another NFL club. "Basically, Deion has promised us that he'll bring us any offer he gets and see if we can match the thing," Jones said. "We're kind of operating under that assumption." My link Falcons president Taylor Smith, who said Sanders had "strung us along" and that the Falcons were not given a chance to match any offer. The Falcons said they had offered Sanders a one-year contract worth $2.8 million. My link Well someone is lying... but I agree the Smith's were cheap, but why would they give away there money ticket without getting nothing in return? they had him tagged but rescinded it because they were told they could match any offer. if they kept him tagged they could of traded him...I think Deion just did what he could to get out and the Smiths and June Jones were dumb enough to believe him
  7. Unless an agreement is reached soon, the All-Pro cornerback DEION SANDERS will not play for the Atlanta Falcons next season, the team said yesterday. The Falcons are offering Sanders, who also plays major league baseball, a one-year contract for $2.88 million, prorated by the number of games he plays. Sanders is demanding a three-year contract, said his agent, EUGENE PARKER. "It's to the point now where we need a commitment," said the Falcons' vice president of player personnel, KEN HEROCK, who has spent the past week devising a formula that would fit Sanders's salary under the team's $34.6 million cap. If Sanders rejects its latest offer, Atlanta is expected to sign the former Cleveland linebacker CLAY MATTHEWS, an unrestricted free agent. Falcon Coach JUNE JONES said the team could not afford to sign both veterans. The Falcons also could wind up losing Matthews, who has also had discussions with the Los Angeles Raiders, if the talks drag on. My link
  8. So why did he leave for the 49ers for less money than the Falcons offered him? about 1 million a year less...not trying to call you out or anything... i am just stating a fact.
  9. Nice Post pdawg!!! +1 I'm right there with ya man... HOMER FOR LIFE!!! Go FALCONS!!!
  10. My dad took me to training camp around 1973...been hooked ever since Pic to prove it...
  11. +1 The Falcons offered him more money to stay than the 49er's...he turned it down...end of story
  12. lol...look at 1:12 on the time. He just about took that dude's head off with a stiff arm
  13. Here is a link to the pics i took today...for some reason it didn't download in the right order. I took 3-4 pics every play so its kind of scrambled lol I had my kids with me so i didn't get as many as i would of liked but anyways i hope you enjoy Flickr link
  14. Downloaded to Flickr.com then right click the pic select "copy image URL" then paste to "insert image" on posting here..
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