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  1. No way we get Aso. Just not happening. No need for him to be on the poll.
  2. Yes because their are TWO defensive ends playing and ONE quarterback playing
  3. Yes he can. I think hes a perfect replacement for Peterson. The Matthews family are as close to a sure thing as your going to get
  4. I think he finishes his 4-year contract. Thats just the kind of guy he is
  5. There might be a chance New England goes against their system a bit if they really like someone. Denver is prob the best chance though
  6. Hes worth it. If he and Ryan got the same timing down as White and Ryan have. Fitzgerald would allow Roddy to run more streaks. Makes alot of sense
  7. I didnt realize that. I just turned 32 and I don't feel Roman Harper old
  8. In L.A? I would have to think he's gonna do 90-120 days in county and an addition 5 yrs minus the time served in county on state probation. And that is if its his first ever charge.
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