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  1. #119 and #134 could seal a good draft #119 - I like Troy Dye OLB, Oregon or Akeem Davis-Gaither, OLB App st. #134 - OT, Terrance Steele from Texas Tech
  2. We filled a need with a very good football player.. I would have gone with Chaisson, but oh well. Im guessing the rest of our picks will be folks in the front seven.
  3. Will watchespn work tonight for the game or will it be blacked out on there? It's not clear on the site how blackouts are determined. Thanks in advance.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. The last play was exactly what should be a penalty.
  5. Excuse me, Mr. Armstrong.. are field goals in the 4th quarter more important than the 1st quarter PATs?
  6. I agree with you all .. Frank Gore seems more similar. Good call.
  7. Sometimes you look at a smaller back and think "change of pace" scat back.. However it seems like Freeman needs to be fed like a feature back. I seem to recall Warrick being the same way, shifty but needs to get the rock 20+ times per game. Also, they both seem to thrive in the zone blocking scheme. I will say that Freeman loves contact a lot more than Dunn did, which gives us more diminsions. Lastly they both catch it well and are great in space. 4-0, dirty birds.. Carry on !
  8. I remember how we handled big leads under mike smith
  9. When did JA98 record his first sack? Did he ever get a sack? Beasley is clearly a freak rusher .. He looks good
  10. Sorry guys, 8-8.. Not strong enough on oline.. Poor Matthew
  11. I agree. I get the same from listening to him speak.
  12. Career DB coach.. not a quick mover. He will not help us
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