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  1. #119 and #134 could seal a good draft #119 - I like Troy Dye OLB, Oregon or Akeem Davis-Gaither, OLB App st. #134 - OT, Terrance Steele from Texas Tech
  2. We filled a need with a very good football player.. I would have gone with Chaisson, but oh well. Im guessing the rest of our picks will be folks in the front seven.
  3. Its so obviously true. We are stubborn if we dont. HBs dont have a long shelf life so turners ego/touches arent an issue in my opinion. If not like benching a QB. I dont even think we need to bench turner but Snelling needs far more carries.
  4. When Manny Lawson dropped that pick, did anyone else have a Michael Boley flashback???
  6. Ill say your wrong on this one. He has been the quietest top 10 pick in the history of football. He has no ego to speak of. If anything that seems to work against him as a defensive lineman. Most would agree that Jamaal always gives max effort on the field, regardless of whether he looks unathletic doing it. Thats commendable, you must admit. Most people just quit and give up when they look bad.
  7. It has to be tough to be JA98.. im glad he still gives 100% effort when hes out there. Thats all you can ask for as a coach. Give me all you got and ill put you in a position to help the team. Jamaal is a good guy and that cant be denied.
  8. I strongly disagree. He has better speed than Turner and we all know #33 was a pro-bowler. As far as cutting ability, its highly overrated. You dont need to have Vick, Jahvid Best, or Chris Johnson cutting ability to be a very successful running back. A big guy like Snelling needs to be a 1 cut, downhill power runner. Snelling does an excellent job of exploding out of his cut and getting positive yards. People dont give Snelling due credit. He has been awesome for us when given the opportunity.
  9. I noticed this as well. I wonder what happened to him.
  10. Thank you Jason for bringing the pain back to this offense. Running through tacklers and dragging defenders for first down after first down. Not only that, but also showing off a great pair of hands in the passing game. I love that he gets going fast down hill and when he does make a cut, he gets back to full speed very quickly. 24 carries, 129 yards and 2 TDs 5 receptions, 57 yards and 1 TD
  11. Snelling has looked better. Turner does not hit the holes with speed and nastiness like Snelling does. Be honest.
  12. Snelling looks faster and better.. We look more dynamic without him right now.
  13. Moore and Weatherspoon both messed up pretty bad on the long TD run, but thats to be expected sometimes. Spoon is playing like he belongs, and thats important.
  14. You take it how you want. I posted this because it shows an OC under extreme pressure, and essentially he is avoiding any blame in the interview. Even if you believe he isnt pointing at Ryan, at least you must agree that he is avoiding taking any personal responsibility. That in itself is a major issue.
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