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  1. I agree with them being bouncy. My problem is they cause severe penile bruising and stretching.
  2. My quick smells like french toast, and befuddles Pete Carrol. Discuss.
  3. Bump for our best OLineman! If we can just get Maurice Williams in, our line wouldn't be all that bad.
  4. It always saddens me when a good player decides to throw away his college career, and commits to GT...very sad day for Uzzi family.
  5. Yeah, somehow after all these years I'm still a novice to the internets. I usually catch things about 6 years after they were funny. So is that 1 out of 10, or out of 1. Cuz 2 out of 3 ain't bad, but 2 out of 30 sucks. Out of around 100 possibly more, you not liking hip hop is fine but to parade around like this is just childish.I like hip hop...and find this pretty funny....I almost think you are looking to be offended.
  6. That's just insane....We already own the state of Ga....we're strong in the Carolinas......we've got a little pull in Bama, Missouri, New Jersey......and now we look to be opening up a pipeline into the heart of the orange state.....this seems to pretty much guarantee top 5-10 classes for the foreseeable future.
  7. The bigger picture is...Does this help open up the Florida talent beds for UGA?
  8. In all honesty, I don't like the fact that we offered him one in the first place.
  9. Not as freshman...a year or two from now, sure. But Dlineman and secondary players, unless they are absolute freaks in comparison with other players physically, just aren't that good. Freshman Rb's, Wr's can make a big impact....Lb's can to....but not dlineman, and not cb's, and not safeties. They just aren't physically/mentally developed enough. You can't plug freshman in against bigger, stronger, tougher players who know the game, and expect them to do anything more than at best compete. The idea that the Gator D is going to go from terrible to great because you plug in a few fro
  10. DT has to be addressed....Lewis and perhaps Babineaux are the only DT's that deserve playing time and are young.....and both might fit best as rotational guys. I'd have zero problems with Ellis in the 1st.....although I'd love to be able to trade Dhall for a midfirst, and nab Oher as well. That would go along way towards strengthening the team. A first day of Ellis, Oher, Curtis Lofton, James Davis would go a long way towards strengthening this team.....
  11. Isn't it basically similar to the SAT? Not sure how much better you can get at stuff like over a month or so.....The skills required are learnable...it just takes alot of time and practice, IMO.
  12. He coincidentally(wink) happens to be the only top player from Ga with drama going on....the UGA guys who are rock solid, and have been for a long time, have been dropping like rocks the last few months.....Way to be objective, Rivals....
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