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  1. Julio received $22million cash in 2015. Understand that he agreed to a $14.25/yr deal. We paid him an extra $8million upfront for future years service. Now he isn't showing up to work. The NFL isn't set up so that people get paid what they'e worth every season. Julio signed a deal that was top of market. It was known at the time by both sides that his salary would be surpassed by lesser players as the years went by. Jimmy Garrapolo makes $27.5mil a year. Should every QB better than him sit out? I support Julio, but he's trying to change the rules in the middle of the game.
  2. Agreed, and they could come after some of his signing bonus too. I've never believed that he'd miss games. And I also don't believe the team will give him anything more than a face saving token reworking of his contract.
  3. Julio is not the equivalent to Lebron or Durant. He is the best in the game, but the analogy doesn't work because basketball and football are different sports. In basketball, 3 star players can carry a handful of role players to a championship. In football, 3 star players don't gurantee anything. It's much more of a complete team dependent sport.
  4. Our defense is our strength, at least until the offense proves otherwise. And our RBs and short passing game will compliment the defense. I haven't looked at the first 10 games. But if we can't even stay in the hunt without Julio then how good are we really? I feel like whether or not Sark steps up his game is the biggest factor, even more than if Julio holds out or gets hurt. To be clear, Julio is a difference maker. I just think a great team can still win, or at least stay in the race, when they lose one(not talking QBs).
  5. Real talk, put aside how great Julio is for a moment. Do we have a talented offense without him? Still got an MVP QB, one of the top RB tandems, an OL with plus OTs and a probowler at center. Julio is super valuable, but that don't mean our offense isn't talented without him. If our OC gets them to simply achieve to their ability, they will surpass last season's scoring with or without Julio.
  6. Man, you guys attacking Sark critics have made it painfully obvious that you're incapable of taking off your Rose colored glasses. I don't care what side of the argument you're on, our offense woefully underachieved last season. And while there is plenty of blame to go around, there's also plenty of obvious miscues and poor playcalling on Sark's part. You wanna make the case that he's gonna turn it around, that's cool. You wanna act like someone is crazy for pointing out the obvious, that his first season wasn't good, that's just being an ***. This is directed at the obvious culprits, not the ones who showed up for a good discussion.
  7. At 14.25mil per year, it would cost Julio considerably more. Maybe enough roll over to make it easier to sign Teco/Jarrett. And since we aren't trading him, Julio would be fresh and 100% for the stretch run/playoffs.
  8. The folks screaming trade Julio haven't thought it through. If he chooses to sit out, it means we have an extra 10million to roll over to next year's cap(hello Tevin Coleman). It also means we have a guaranteed 100% healthy Julio in week 10(stretch run and playoffs). Unless you think our offense is really devoid of talent, or our defense isn't legit, that scenario really ain't so bad.
  9. The point really is less about how much underpaid they are. It's more about how much are they risking by playing out their current contract. If Grady is gonna get $50million guranteed (made up number but not unreasonable)- is it crazy for him to decide playing this season for $2million just isn't worth putting that next contract at risk?
  10. This is meant as perspective on the Julio holdout. Our players shouldn't need to hold out and our FO is known for paying players fairly. I do not advocate for these guys to hold out. Grady Jarrett is playing for peanuts on a 5th round rookie contract. Deion Jones is playing for peanuts on a 2nd round rookie contract. A serious injury could jeopardize their next deals, both of which will be several 10s of millions guranteed. These are the type of situations when players justifiably don't want to risk $50+ million to play out the last year or 2 of a small contract.
  11. So much this! Who here wants to have Ryan sit out 2 yrs after signing his big extension. And all he would have to say is, you guys redid Julio's deal so how could you possibly not do the same for me. Let that sink in. It's bad business for the team to go down this road with 3 years left on a deal that was top of market when it was signed.
  12. I've wondered if Julio has any leverage at all. I mean, he's a lock to show up in week 10 no matter what. A fresh Julio for the stretch run and playoffs is a clear silver lining. He has a chronic foot issue so he would be a monster in a short season, and guranteed uninjured after 10 weeks. Also, having 10mil more to roll over to next year's cap is a big silver lining too. My point is that if we can win without him then it's not gonna cost the team money. Our offense can still replicate league average scoring, like they achieved last year. Our defense should be improved. Games will still be sold out. Of course we want him on the field, but he isn't our QB and that's the only position we can't live without a player at. Meanwhile, $10million to Julio is still a big deal. And he would still have 2 more years to go before being a FA. And his value would be diminished due to no longer having the reputation of a team first guy, and being a year older. IMO, if he expects to get anything other than a token concession from the team then he got really bad advice.
  13. I agree that any player can hold out until week 10, lose a bunch of money, and accrue the contract year. I don't hold it against a player who does this if it is sensible based on the circumstances. Like if you are risking a huge extension to play out the last year for a 1 million salary. In that instance I think the player is doing the best thing for themself. Julio doesn't fit that scenario. He signed a 5yr extension for $71.25 million. It was a fair deal at the time. He has a 10.5million salary and his pro rated bonus this year is 4.5 million. He would be foolish to sit out and sacrafice his pay, though its is his right to do that. And he'd have to rinse and repeat the next 2 seasons before getting an opportunity to sign a new deal. Julio has no leverage! He stands to lose about $10mil/yr for the next 3 yrs. He doesn't fit the criteria for justifying a hold out. We all know that he will show up and play because there's still over 40million in salary and prorated bonus on the table. The Falcons should call his bluff, but of course in the nicest possible way(small symbolic gesture)- because everyone involved knows he will report when the games start regardless. And us fans should know that too. He will be out there because he has too much to lose otherwise.
  14. Why guarantee salary for a guy that has a chronic foot problem that causes him to come out of games more often than any other number 1 reciever in the NFL? That's a serious question. Guaranteeing his salary for anything beyond the upcoming season is bad business. People seem to be ignoring the fact that we can take no action and he still will play for us for the next three years.