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  1. Beasley will bring a comp pick if another team signs him after next season. Maybe Reed too. It's something to think about if we can get them to stick around at a salary matching their current performance. Draft picks are valuable, even 5th and 6th rounders.
  2. Whenever we have had good Oline play(Ryan era), one of these 3 people was a bigger difference maker than the OL coach: Michael Turner- ran through tackles, kept the defense honest so they couldn't pin their ears back. Made both pass and run blocking look better. Matt Ryan- great presnap reads, quick decision making, audibles us into advantageous play calls. Kyle Shananhan- misdirection, 2te sets, unpredictability... I'm convinced he could take the 5 most avg NFL OL and make them a top 10 unit if he had strong skill position players.
  3. I like the post because it's new info. But as far as I'm concerned position and assistant coaches will be fine if their bosses(HC,OC,DC,ST) know their stuff.
  4. Two thoughts- Smitty's book, which was a post mortem on his tenure as HC here, had a telling description of what he thought did him in. He said it was when they decided to go all in on the present, at the expense of the team building strategy that worked so well for them previously. I hope TD learned from that. It's easy to trade future picks and sign stud vets to deals that are backloaded, ones that will never see the end of their contract and leave dead money on the books. Second, we have 3 open OL spots. They better have a plan. OGs can be found but we need to be right about 2 of them. Good OTs are tough to find and veterans are super expensive. Even using our 1st rounder on an OT leaves us with a 50/50 chance of getting it right- especially if they have to be good starting day one next year.
  5. He isn't worth 12mil based on production. But there's also the idea that the money also buys you the ability to tag, trade, or resign him if he manages to put up a good year. An 8 sack season would make him a valuable commodity.
  6. It really has to happen. I don't see us franchising him, not with Geno and Donald's deals pushing that $ number into the stratosphere. We're going to overpay, with a big gurantee, but that's better than losing him.
  7. Zimmer and Gono are the kind of players we need for the future. With Grady and Matthews getting paid, we'll need to find quality, inexpensive OT/DT in the draft/udfa. I think they all make the team. Positionally, they should all have a leg up on their WR competition for the last roster spots.
  8. Geno Atkins- has 29 sacks over the last 3 seasons and is a better DT than Jarrett(sorry it's true)... got 16.3mill/yr on his extension. It seems like the market is already set to me. Jarrett just has to decide if he wants to maximize his money or secure the gurantee now.
  9. The team was planning on extending him. That was before this holdout. What does the team get for guranteeing him more money next offseason? They will still have his rights for 2 more years plus the franchise tag. A discount on future years is normally the trade off for big guranteed money. I'm afraid Julio has shown he is capable of signing the deal, taking the guranteed money, and then refusing to show up. That's why his big extension is far less likely now.
  10. We mostly agree. I just think the team is not going to be as eager to extend him next year because of his current stance. The team has to get something in exchange for guranteeing a player big money. What is it that they get? What if the player has a history of taking the big guranteed money and then holding out with 3 years left on the deal? Does a smart business gurantee more money after that? Remember, Julio isn't a FA. We don't have to do anything at all and he will still be suiting up in red and black.
  11. Well Grady and Matthews do take priority because they are about to be FA. What happens if Julio doesn't put up numbers like last year? What if he gets hurt? Does the team extend him anyways just based on goodwill? Maybe before but it seems doubtful now. What would the team get out of extending him when they already have him under contract for 2 more years?
  12. That's why Julio is so misguided. This wouldn't be a question if he hadn't of held out with 3yrs left on his deal. Now the team knows that even if they pay him at the top of the market next offseason, he still may not report in 2021. They have him under contract now, what do they gain by extending him further?
  13. It has not been reported that they promised to renegotiate next offseason. It was reported that they planned on extending him. Big difference. And if he is holding out with 3yrs left on his current extension, why should they extend him again? They already have him for the next three years. What does the team gain by extending him further if he has shown that he can't be counted on to report with 3 years left on the last extension?
  14. If they keep the fines then it serves as a deterrent for Julio holding out again next season and the year after. If they return the fines it does the opposite. Usually holdouts are in the final year of their contracts.
  15. The Falcons smartest move is to tell Julio that holding out with 3yrs remaining will result in them refusing to extend him.... ever. It's his perogative to hold out. It's their perogative to extend him or not. He's stuck with 2 options, play for us or don't play. That's for the next 3 seasons, after which we can franchise tag him.