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  1. Fair enough
  2. Both of the teams in the Superbowl employ analytics guys that advise their head coaches on in game decision making. I don't judge DQs comfort by his appearance, I judge it by the fact he retained his OC. No need to defend him as a defensive coach when my original comment was he might be the best in the league. He didn't oversee our historic offense, Shanahan did.
  3. The fact that there is debate about whether or not experience matters shows just how desperate some are to maintain their position on Sark. Of course it matters. Are coaches supposed to show up already knowing everything about working in a league they have little to no experience in? That's just silly. Even Belicheck needed experience before mastering his job. And since I'm venting, are people really blaming the players for not executing and then giving Sark credit for our (hollow) top 10 total offense? PMF is the only one at least focusing on the plays/playcalls to defend Sark. And even he is on record as stating a list of a dozen playcallers clearly on another level than him.
  4. DQ is not the answer for getting the offense on track. A proven offensive coordinator with a track record of NFL success is. We have so much talent, it seems to make DQ comfortable with our lack of quality coaching on that side of the ball. If we had a team without a probowl QB, WR, RB, C- then we'd see our team ranked at the bottom and a new OC would be brought in. DQ might be the best DC in the league. And with our talent on offense, having him as HC could get us a championship. But his refusal to bring in someone to help him be a better in game decision maker, and to get himself a proven OC to manage that side of the ball might be his downfall. Superbowl windows don't stay open long, and often close much earlier than anticipated. It's downright negligent trying to develop an OC and ignore DQs deficiencies at this point in our team's timeline.
  5. He is due 7mil next year. That's what sportstrac said last time I looked.
  6. We need better execution from the players and better coaching too. There's reason to believe we won't see so many drops next year. The same pass catchers did much better last season. As far as coaching, yes, they too should improve. But the question I ask is whether or not Sark will get as much production from our offense as someone else. I don't think Sark gives us a competitive advantage at OC. That's ultimately what determines if the OC is individually up to snuff. And yes, coaching plays a role in execution. Just look at the strides our defense has made in tackling. Quinn deserves some credit in that. Bill B. is famous for having teams that do their job. Shanny creates mismatches that make it easier for his players to win against their man. You get my drift. Julio dropped a tough one last night in the end zone- the defense knew what we were doing, he was running out of space and well covered. If he was more open due to the defense not knowing the play then it's not as tough of a catch. If he has a mismatch it helps. That's how the play caller can help his players execute better.
  7. Winning a game doesn't mean everyone was great at their job.
  8. You're salty at me for having a different opinion and stating it? Will be sure not to engage with you in the future.
  9. I'm not gonna get into it with you. It's a waste of time and energy. I stand by what I posted.
  10. Those multiple TE pkgs created mismatches and unpredictability last season. We didn't see that often enough this season. We didn't keep as many TE on the roster so it may not have been our intention to emphasize it as much.
  11. He did beat out Schweitzer IMO. And he played better and more consistently when he got his opportunities. Garland is going to be a pretty good starter, hopefully for us and on an inexpensive deal.
  12. Levitre and Garland. Inexpensive and reliable. I don't understand the lack of appreciation for Garland. He is a beast in the run game and still improving in every aspect. We can't spend big everywhere.
  13. Newsflash: All teams have drops, missed throws, missed reads, etc. If you think the players are just out there screwing up Sarks game plan week after week then what would it take to convince you otherwise? The truth is that if you gave Sark average talent he would look a lot worse. Meanwhile, our previous Ryan era teams achieved more on offense with less. Did you notice the Eagles missed throws, missed kicks, drops, and fumbles tonight?
  14. We need to be able to score without having a standout at every position. We need to do more with what we already have. We spent over $90 million on our offensive personnel. We've got a ton of talent.
  15. Gary Kubiak? Pretty sure he could be had for #27, probably less.