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  1. Nobody knows what they are protesting? You gotta be kidding me. You are referring to people who choose to be ignorant. How bout this, show me one single quote from a kneeler who is saying they are anti America. You can lead a horse to water....
  2. None of the kneelers have misled about why they are kneeling. The "disrespect for the country" narrative comes only from the other side. It is patriotic to protest injustice. It is anti American to shift the argument away from the real issue and make it about the flag or anthem.
  3. Anyone that feels compelled to publicly speak out against kneeling during the anthem, but has not been publicly speaking out against systemic racism- What is wrong with your values! You sit idly by with your mouth shut while people of color are denied justice and equality, but think non violent protest during the anthem is too much to remain silent on?
  4. LB duo ✅ CB duo ✅ DT duo ✅ RB duo ✅ I could make a case for S, DE, and OT, and obviously WR is more than a duo... We got depth like never before this year.
  5. Look, you saying he would drop that pass 100 times out of 100 doesn't make it so. It's just a non fact backed up by no evidence. I could say he would have caught it 99 times out of 100 and took it to the house. A short pass to one of the best receiving backs in the game, that he got both hands on and had a lane to run with... this is a play we'd like to have back because of execution.
  6. The throw to Coleman hit him in both hands. And equally important when debating if it was the right call... It looked like he would still be running if he had caught it. Matt could have thrown it 6 inches lower, Coleman could have caught it, and I have a hard time criticizing that call when it may very well have gone for a long TD.
  7. Agree on the chemistry that DQ and MM have instilled in the team. As far as the secondary, I don't see a weak link. Tru, Alf, Poole, and Neal are all undeniably "plus" players. And as someone who never bought fully in on Rico, I still can't help but respect his game. We don't give up many explosive plays anymore, and that's in large part due to him competently doing his job as the last line of defense. It would not be a surprise to see the same group return next year, maybe even the same depth. Neasman, Kazee, and Collins could start on some teams. It's weird hearing people dis our secondary right now, after we closed out the last game with a coverage sack.
  8. We'll know if the field was that big of an influence on play calling soon. Next game. The OL, especially Schweitzer, must play better. Shanny was great at misdirection. He could cover up some poor OL play by fooling the defense, running naked boots and play action. If you remove those elements, it then exposes OL who can't handle their guy straight up. If you keep this system, but don't call those plays, you are really not running it right.
  9. Replacing one guy on the line shouldn't stop us from running screen plays and using play action. Also Julio was seeing some favorable coverages and should have been targeted more. Those are the strategic issues I had with the offense. Obviously Scheiwtzer and our new FB struggled individually.
  10. Me too. The one silver lining I see is less travel at the end of the regular season.
  11. Barnidge wants to start. He's not signed because he hasn't wanted what's been available to him.
  12. We offered him 10mil/yr, according to reports. At some point it shifts from telling the team to pay him, and becomes about whether the player really wants a fair deal or to hit FA.
  13. If it's louder with the roof closed, how often will DQ want it left open?
  14. Bravo to our FO for managing to pick up 2 major puzzle pieces, worthy of a 1st Rd pick. Especially considering they are both versatile enough to fit multiple schemes. Which allowed them to stick after our coaching change. Throw in an ascending Hageman and Allen- this is a very successful draft.
  15. Our pass pro last season relied more on deception and and being unpredictable with our play calling. In 2012 defenses had to respect the run because Turner was such a load. And MR2 was getting the ball out very quickly... So both OL had advantages that allowed them to do as well as they did. Neither was a particularly good unit at pass pro, though the rest of the team and scheme helped lead to their respectable results.