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  1. Great RBs, that are ready to contribute right away, can be had in the middle rounds of the draft. Every year. Also, RBs best years are usually their first contract, and many begin to fall apart on their second contract. So investing high picks or dollars in the position is generally bad strategy. Unfortunately, we have an OC who throws the ball too much. No matter how good Ryan, Julio, Ridley, and the rest of our offense is... We will not succeed if the defense knows what's coming. And our defense will not succeed if we are constantly losing the time of possession battle. Give Koette
  2. It's all about the positions. We seem to be good at finding decent RB, TE, and LB in the middle rounds. We will probably see that continue, with our money and top picks going towards de/cb.
  3. Julio will not show up when he has no guarantees and an 11mil salary.
  4. I hate the way Julio's deal is structured. If he declines then we have locked in a massive overpay, but if he maintains we have set up another hold out situation. Worst of both worlds. His last 2 years are around 11mil in salary. Anyone think he will play for that if he is still elite?
  5. Falcons cut HD to free up 3.5mil and keep Spoon. Spoon leaves cause HD got cut. Gotta love the irony. I didn't want Abe to go either, but in hindsight he had some health and other issues and only had one decent year left in the tank. Ultimately, if we're building for the long term then Spoon isn't the type (injuries) of player we need.
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