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  1. i liked the key in the ignition start up thing duckett would do too
  2. give it a shot falconfansince turner is a bigger back about 30pds heavier with blazing speed he might become a fast jamal anderson or a back like jamal lewis the year he broke records lets sit back and watch this thing i hope youre wrong i would hate to miss on mcfadden. but hey lightning cant strike twice right? no way he's a peterson the very next year.
  3. boy that thing swept the city you guys remember jamal anderson going around end, heading upfield with only a db to stop him, and running slap through and over the guy boy that year was something else and when he would make it to the end zone he would dance
  4. i dont mind you speaking your mind i was really hurt by that game as well but even more when carolina was able to line up and run the ball against our d line with theyre running back playing qb and our coaches couldnt stop it for a whole 1st half.
  5. Tom check out turner at norther ill he led the nation as a big back with speed and tackle breaking ability thats where i believe you will begin to be excited about him maybe not but i think you will. also this guy can run between the tackles and when it mattered most against last years superbowl winner colts he was more that effective as a starter in a playoff game.
  6. tydown i want to fix the o line with jake long but i wont be mad if we get a defensive tackle who are you thinking of defensively and why?
  7. mine were the three and outs, the sacks, and the defense caving in the reason i remember is while watching this offseason im looking to see if our front office will spare me feeling this bad for the same things. another one is not being able to get short yardage.
  8. you know what grit imagine 2nd and 6 the defense wont know what to look for another 4 yard run setting up 3rd and 1 or play action and a short or deep pass but uh uhh uhhh dont blitz our big back will pick up the blitz and leave the secondary exposed. thats why i believe they wanted a 237 pound monster with speed. all this guy does is smile he already understands the picture. Dan reeves would have loved turner can somebody teach him the dirty bird or something lol:P
  9. the new staff has stated that they want to be "strong" in the middle. well when you think about pass blocking remember we have the big unused fullback ovie mughelli from the ravens with turner and mughelli in the same backfield you have to huge back supporting the line in protecting the qb this is especially useful when you pound a defense and then use play action to set up the deep pass. noone can get near your qb. now if you pick a rookie he may or may not be able to pick up the blitz
  10. I dont think we want criticism sarcascim racism or any of the negative "cisms" if someone is rushing or flat out isnt the best typist im not saying anything about his post i'll try to get an understanding of his basic intent you dont know is a poster is a construction worker who loves the falcons, restaurant dishwasher, or senior analysist for some fortune 5 co. bottom line is stop the criticism and let all falcon fans unite for this team
  11. dirtybird i got u ill start cataloging all the good posters whenever you post ill be there to support you. Ive been on for years but i had stopped posting i just realized that these guys take over because so many people stopped posting because the negativity on this board is beneath them. but I love this board and the opportunity to have a good non sarcastic exchange so we must begin to speak up and take the board back.
  12. i wish we could remove(cut) some posters but since we cant there is one thing that the postive people can do " i believe that the way to change the board is for all of the positive people to speak up and defend guys and not sit quiet let's fill these boards with positive energy and not be out spoken or bullied by the negative posters on these boards."
  13. dont worry about the grammer i get your spirit and your point positivity builds special teams and great results negativity ruins and destroys all efforts. weather its a marriage (i hear so much sarcasm on these boards i bet they use sarcasm in their marriages as well) on the job negativity ruins the atmosphere A FOOTBALL TEAM and lastly a teams fans if youre not positive about the team why do you come here? anyways to answer your question i believe that the way to change the board is for all of the positive people to speak up and defend guys like you with hearfelt post and not sit quiet let's
  14. a lot of real men are in jail some not guilty point is let him do his time without all that mouth and any lil B I tch can type behind a screen.
  15. i'm not gonna shut up on this topic none of us are we like vick we felt like the front office never gave him the tools to be great. i personally wouldnt like to get hit every single freaking play and see every single wide open pass get dropped after i ran out of D*mn gas trying to get away from the rush. anyways i wont go into it cause it makes me pissed but the point is there are some nuts who try and push people on these boards with their opinion against vick they dont run sh and you have to let them know cause they get a little overboard telling you what you can and cant think concerning vi
  16. do your time and come on back to work. I remember when we had ed jasper and you and him reportedly spent a lot of time talking he was a positive force in your life they also mentioned you all fished a lot. man get out get some positive friends restart your life and dont pay attention to self righteous haters. you will get your shot at redemption even if the team drafts a qb he will only be trade bait like matt shaub. let the hatred and naysayer which is what they amount to motivate you, let your experience empower you. I once made some mistakes, i paid my debts like a real man and now i enjoy
  17. you're right gm and dont let these sarcastic hypocritical judge the world over opinionated people try to censor every person that decides hey I would like to see a man pay for a crime and return to society with another chance.
  18. you know something I shouldnt respond but I will Ive learned something over and over again in life ACTIONS SPEAK louder than words if the nfl or atlanta in particular did not want vick back he would be given a lifetime susp. period. if atlanta did not want vick he would be fired sooo hard his shirt would still be smoking lets say vick had been convicted of something to do with a human murder do you think he would still be on this roster even if it were not him actually committing the act. the whole thing is a freaking facade and its funny to see some of you snakes dance to the flute like its
  19. we will miss you warrick I personally put you up there with Jessie tuggle as a small guy that played HUGE
  20. thank you warrick for playing so hard every single game man for the high moments and the low moments. If you are unable to secure a deal to your liking come back and finish your career here you were truely our little engine that could
  21. this is what i mean IDIOT/THUG/ CRETIN/LOSER very creative I personally like the THUG one nice touch isnt that like the new racial term? this is what I call an emotional rant we should just string vick up huh? Maybe dog fighting should be a capital offense But that wouldnt work cause a lot of the posters dont realize that their great great grandparents loved dogfighting here in the south. personally i think its despicable but should be a civil offense definitely not in my opinion as say child mol. but then again you could MARRY a 13 year old in alabama back in the day..... im confused. AT the
  22. I'm serious man it's all business the elite do NOT rule by emotion they rule by strategy which only means you humble vick then send him back to work. making you money whether people love or like it you cash in.
  23. 1 my apology i missed phillip 2 cynicism is a poor form of wisdom 3 vick is pro bowler as well 4 vick is an extremely relevant topic he is on the team as a suspended member DO YOU think that ownership and management have an unwritten rule like youre trying to impose of silence concerning all things vick HECK NO he is a constant topic at flowery branch. 5 what the direction of those conversations are are each of our opinions because no one knows. but i will say this that each of our different opinions on this board are being played out in the front office and that locker room as well. 6 so unt
  24. sorry i closed out before giving you the link http://insider.espn.go.com/nfldraft/draft/...raftyear%3D2008
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