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  1. haven't posted in forever but this is driving me crazy...I saw on Sportscenter this morning that people have been buying up Strasburg merchandise like crazy. But in early April, the AJC reported on how the Braves had to wait until the 5th inning of Heyward's first game before they could begin selling his jerseys and stuff per MLB rules. What the heck is going on? How did the Nationals get around this? I even emailed Dave O'Brien and Carroll Rogers about it but of course they didn't respond...
  2. download it. eztv.it or just watch on hulu. I think it has an intriguing premise to it, but the execution on the show itself was horrible. The main character isn't very likable. Really, no one is very likable yet since they didn't take any time to develop any characters. They jumped right into the storyline and somehow started figuring things out within 15 minutes of everyone blacking out. The plot is moving way too fast and the character development way too slow at this point. Hopefully they will correct that. Also, it seemed they ended at least 3 segments with some cliched dialog that felt l
  3. don't buy before class starts. you may want to drop the class, or even if you know you won't, you don't know if you're really gonna need the book until you go to a few classes and see what the deal is. Half (or more) of my classes I ended up not needing the book. Wait til after, order online and just deal with it for a week or two until the book arrives. That's what I did at least.
  4. I ran across that show a few months ago. Those people are idiots. They try to act like they're in the right when other ships retaliate but it probably doesn't help they fly a freakin pirate flag. What a bunch of douches.
  5. Assuming he keeps having 10 win seasons, Mark Richt will be at UGA a very long time. Yes, sooner or later, he will win a championship. He'll have the right team and the cards will fall his way sooner or later. Simple as that.
  6. If I'm driving all the time, most of the time in the passenger seat, and probably 50/50 in the back seat.
  7. weird we were just talking about this.... Southwest could begin Atlanta service There's a chance low-cost carrier behemoth Southwest Airlines could begin flying to Atlanta. Dallas-based Southwest announced Thursday that it plans to bid to acquire Denver-based Frontier Airlines out of bankruptcy. Frontier operates three daily flights to Atlanta. The bankruptcy auction was a chance to "seize upon a growth opportunity," Ron Ricks, Southwest's executive vice president of corporate services, said during a conference call with media. Still undetermined is whether Southwest will prevail in the aucti
  8. I love me some good beer, but even without the lobbyists factored in, it makes sense to choose a "normal" everyday beer like Bud Light. If he chooses some microbrew or something no one has heard of, he'll just be looked at as elitist by all the yahoos in the media. They would probably react that way if he chose anything other than miller, bud, or coors. Even if it was just sam adams. I don't get the people who act like the bud lights and coors lights of the world are horse piss either. Yeah, it tastes like water, and yes, there are far better tasting beers out there. But sometimes people just
  9. people keep talking about their skill position players on offense. sounds awfully familiar to what people kept saying about UGA last year. this game, like all games, will be won on the line of scrimmage. I'm concerned about our DEs, especially with Houston's suspension, but other than that I have confidence in both lines to get the job done.
  10. I'm pretty sure airtran flies out of atlanta too. When the heck is southwest gonna open up in atlanta??
  11. pretty sure all they can do is focus on winning...
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