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  1. Now thats funny gave me a good chuckle
  2. its a good thing he is tall cause watching the highlights looks like he has 0 vertical leap
  3. Seriously you guys enough crying my god,Trust in our staff they only been getting us multiple winning seasons you think you know whats better for this team then go and see if you can get a job on the Falcons staff
  4. just a guess but i think most the whiners are in there teens or early 20s yall are still wet behind the ears sort of speak when it comes to knowledge and player evaluation,i use to be the same way but as you get older you get a little wiser and tend not to badmouth your teams organization decisions,After 25 years of being a Falcons fan i can honestly say this is the best team top to bottom we ever had, we never had multiple winning seasons before.Have a little faith in our GM,coaches and players they are the professionals not us!
  5. does anyone know if there is a web cam link to the war room?
  6. I really don't think we go after Milliner. Is he best corner in the draft yes but he has had 5 surgeries and I just wouldn't give up so many pics for a guy that might not be able to stay healthy
  7. Milliner or Rhodes?http://fansided.com/2013/04/24/nfl-draft-2013-atlanta-falcons-trying-to-trade-up-to-select-dee-milliner-or-xavier-rhodes/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=t.co I don't know if this was posted yet just thought i'd share the story
  8. I realize this will be our slogan for at least the next few years,I don't know what it is it just gets under my skin,I mean the whole Jackson thing with the gospel waving their hands in the air saying Rise up its a bit annoying,I want something that actually shows and tells how lethal our team is like i don't know FALCON FEAR or something(lame I know) but i just want to know if others feel like i do and I would just like to hear some ideas for our next slogan
  9. What should our next theme be,I'm already tired of the RISE UP moniker..its time for something new. I would like to hear your ideas for a new Official song or catch phrase.
  10. http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/saints_nation_saints_trade_two_draft_picks_for_roddy_white_of_falcons_release_colston/13281343 I completely forgot it was April fools day, I was freaking out lol
  11. Falcons Rock song and vid, i'm getting tired of all the rap songs..some are good but i think we need to switch it up, what do you guys think?
  12. didnt you have another inside source a few days ago about a signing a few days ago that didnt come true?
  13. what about the hail mary billy joe tolliver to haynes anyone remember that one
  14. lets not forget we need to give ryan an extension and its always wise to save some cap money for next year or if we need to sign some injury replacements
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