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  1. Let me start by saying that I do not think/want him to be fired at this moment. However if at the end of the season he does, who would you like to see replace him as Head Coach?
  2. I'm liking Levine Toilolo , 6'8" , awesome inline blocking and a and definite red zone threat. Played some prep some basketball. If If Gonzalez decides to come back. He can improve his route running as well as fine tune his catching.
  3. He had one good year compared to two bad years with a better QB than the two you named. Hardly an argument for surrounded by talent if he had no single consistent player on the team.
  4. I love the fact that people conveniently forget that Roddy completely sucked his first two years, had one good year, then Ryan came in and then his stats consistently got better and he becomes a great WR.
  5. I'm pulling for the niners. Living in Maryland my whole life and being forty minutes from Baltimore, I can tell you with absolute certainty Raven's fans are one of the worst fan bases in all of football. The fans are completely ignorant when it comes to their team. Half of them don't even know who Jonathan Ogden was. Can't imagine how worse it will be if they win.
  6. Actually he was traded to the Texans. And had a couple of good games for us while Vick was injured.
  7. Dang!!! Nolan is going to be NT and our Defensive coordinator......guys a beast lmao
  8. All those Atlanta fans that aren’t thrilled with the hiring of Dirk Koetter as Atlanta’s offensive coordinator might find some good news in the numbers I’m about to reveal. Unlike previous offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey, Koetter likes to use screen passes. That’s pretty obvious from his days as the coordinator in Jacksonville. In 2011, Jacksonville rookie Blaine Gabbert completed 36 of 45 (80 percent) of his attempts on screen passes for 190 yards, which ranked No. 19 in the league, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Jaguars may have thrown even a few more screens than that.
  9. Falcons 147 Dolphins 2 and that's only because Matt fell asleep in the end zone.
  10. http://atlanta.sbnation.com/atlanta-falcons/2011/7/30/2305138/ray-edwards-stats-vikings-jared-allen
  11. http://atlanta.sbnation.com/atlanta-falcons/2011/7/30/2305138/ray-edwards-stats-vikings-jared-allen
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