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  1. I wouldnt judge horn by this offense this year.
  2. Profootball rference is a cool site thanks souphead.Checking it out.
  3. Byron had 53 carries for 335 yards whch is 6.3 average.Ummmm,yeah sounds like a duck looks like a duck.His numbers went down after the knee the next season but had speed.
  4. Revolution in my mind............:w00t:
  5. PFT is a fishwrap.Nothing but gossip and insults.I dont care what dhall wants.Get out there and cover.If he doesnt work a deal.Ask bush how much he wants out of NO.
  6. Byron reminds me of norwood what stat are you going to give me to forget that?Where did you get the numbers?
  7. Malt liquor,mad dog20/20,old english, PBR,moonshine,Jack Daniels,wine coolers
  8. You cant think dixon is a 7th round pick and not be a racist?Silly,charley ward was 3 times the qb dixon is and didnt go pro.Dixon is skinny=hurt.Does skinny sound racist?Ward was short is that racist?Silly=lame.....
  9. Norwood reminds me of byron.They both were speedy.Anderson was around for 6 or 7 years and had over 420 carries in 1 year.The magority of guys that play rb in the nfl dont get 420 carries in a carreer.I want norwood to succeed but it is what it is.Snelling needs some carries to show if he can pound dunn can do some spot duty.Do you think norwood can handle 300 carries?I dont,I want get snelling and norwood going.Get some help in the offseason.
  10. Perhaps if norwood would have converted he would get more carries.Thats how it works.Get a 1st down and whammy!You get another set of downs.
  11. If you find yourself defending vick and michael jackson you might need to take your meds.Read catcher in the rye much?
  12. Funny the michael jackson guy was in a donkey show with mike the tiger!
  13. 1,587 carries to get to 10,000?Do you actually believe this or are you laughing as hard as I am.Do you remember byron harnspard?Similiar guys,byron was a higher pick.Very fast but 3rd year blew a knee and he was gone.Speed backs without the size cant handle the load.Dunn is the exception.He is at the end of his run.
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