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  1. I use to be a Falcons fan but when Vick went to prison i waited when he came to go wit a favorite team.. But Im curious what Falcon fans think of Vick now that Matt Ryan is a having a good year..who would you rather have ...even though there's no question Vick is better...As far as Brady about as over rated as it gets..Another Montana with even a better Bill Walsh system..Im from Boston and i hate the Pats jus because of there fans
  2. Mike Vick if he plays healthy for the next 5 years..which could easily happen...Could go down as one of the greatest players of all time....his speed wont diminish as low as a 4.3-4.4...40 yard dash...His arm is the strongest in the league and going into the next 5 years his arm won't diminish as much as people would think... There's never been a players like Mike Vick at the QB position in history ...Only generic versions such as Cunningham, Steven Young....etc......
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