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  1. The QBs in the draft can all hand the ball off, so we can get one in the third From Day one Matt Ryan has been the Pick for the Atlanta Falcons at 3! Superbowl 2009!
  2. We will draft Matt Ryan Its been the Falcons plan all along He will easily start Day 1, he is Redday! 35 Million dollar QB > 1 Million Dollar One
  3. Matt Ryan beating Gt , 100-0 at Tech! LOL, what a Coach Chan was, LOSER I said it day one! He destroyed NFL Americas Team, too!
  4. LT Jake is the Bust, Small Ellis too The Guy on espn just said, "If Ryan is gone, ATL will select Dorsey!" March 26 6:10 pm,
  5. Matt Ryan is the Pick, WINNER everyone else sees it , Why dont YOU? He is going First, or Third pick in the Draft!
  6. I think Matt Ryan will Be handing the Ball of to The Burner Turner starting the first game! Jake , Please do your research!
  7. if dorsey falls to #3... tHE fALCONS WILL SELECT MATT rYAn!
  8. We better trade up, The number one QB, THE ONLY WINNER, in the Draft, is on the line!
  9. You are High, alright, Flacco the I am such a loser I have to transfer Guy! Matt Ryan is Number One and the Falcons will take him, if available
  10. Yea, its true, Woodson sux, and Matt Ryan is the number One QB! Learn to Deal with it!
  11. Matt Ryan will be the Falcons third Pick, or trade for First to select him!
  12. We should trade up to get Matt Ryan, he is worthy of the number 1 pick!
  13. The King has spoken , Matt Ryan with the Third goes to the Falcons
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