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  1. Those are cowboy fans leaving the game, because they saw enough of their LT to know the game is over.
  2. sherman is going to be pissed. He already loathed TNF. This is gas to a fire...
  3. So with the news that Sherman has a torn Achilles (his words not mine; also thoughts and prayers for him), and Ezekiel Elliot (pray for his woman beating soul) out this game, either the Falcons are starting to catch a few breaks, or God has a sense of humor and the Falcons do what they do and lose embarrassingly to the elliotless Cowboys and the Shermanless Seahawks. Lets hope it is the former.
  4. Vaughn McClure ESPN Staff Writer Officials say Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof will be closed for Sunday's Falcons-Bills matchup. Roof was open for Falcons first home game, a Week 2 Sunday night matchup with Green Bay.
  5. Good teams find ways to win the ugly games. If the bears were a better team they would have made the plays to win the game. Likewise the lions as well. People forget that the lions had countless of chances to capitalize on our mistakes and win the game. People think the last play cost the lions the game. Nope, it was the lack of execution on multiple plays in the previous 59 minutes 50 seconds PLUS the last play that cost the lions the game. How many times did the Lions punt in the game? We didn't punt until the middle of the 4th quarter. But we had three picks due to three errors.
  6. Matt was vicariously expressing the feelings of the entire Falcons Nation at that one moment. #thatsmyquarterback
  7. Definitely in a state of unbelief coupled with relief.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/4R2AqEm.mp4 That is all. 4R2AqEm.mp4
  9. I love pieces like this, that allow you to get into the mindset of people. I think if Q continues to have huge success, and writes a book, this experience will be referred as a huge character build.
  10. I want the click baits tho...hahaha. But to be honest i didn't even notice. Was just excited to share this awesome piece. Thanks for the pick up!
  11. is awesome. He has the right attitude. So glad he is our our team! Dan Quinn Isn’t Holding Back The Falcons coach suffered greater loss last season than just an epic Super Bowl defeat (his second). And he’s used that to help him move on by Greg Bishop Super Bowl LI in two minutes Take a quick look back at Super Bowl LI in this time-lapse of the big game. Super Bowl LI in two minutes Take a qui
  12. With the way he struggled on the field and with his personal issues, Im sure he prayed a lot at the LEO position ;). Vic is a God-fearing fella
  13. Vic started out playing predominately in the LEO position which would line up on the right side of the DL (from defensive perspective) over the LT. However due to a combination of recent trends, predominately the influx of athletic LT's, more and more coaches are starting to place Pass Rushers at the strong side LB position where they would mainly pass rush over the less athletic RT's in the league e.g. Von Miller. Hence Vic also was asked to make the move. So now Vic is recorded as a SLB, a strong side linebacker.. The responsibilities of the VIC hasn't changed from the move to LEO. He m
  14. great to have continuity. Rich Mckay has been with the Falcons for a long time. Great guy!
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