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  1. Agreed. He hasn't been so obnoxious to the point that I just turn the sound off whenever he's calling our games.
  2. Can we get rid of these Dolphins announcers? They are so cringe-worthy.
  3. Just watching that makes me think my high school kids could tackle better. I don't know if it's the ridiculous uniforms or the fact everybody looked like they were walking up to shake his hand all game. That was ugly.
  4. I can't deny he didn't look great in that game, but his receivers were dropping passes and the designed runs were right at the defensive front. He had a couple bad throws and should've been picked off on that out route. He is raw but his arm is definitely above average and he was running a lot of different formations and motions all game. I wouldn't be upset if we draft him.
  5. I think they underrate Field's arm. I'd be happy with Trey Lance because his floor is Ryan Tannehill and his ceiling is Andrew Luck. The kid has a big arm and is athletic. He can make all the NFL throws and is big enough to run over people if he needs to.
  6. ...and he's a talent evaluator for what organization? haha. Wilson has upside but obviously Theismann hasn't watched BYU's offense. He's a project.
  7. Wilson is a **** of an athlete but he didn't play great competition and ran an easy offense. I wouldn't mind the pick but I like Lance and Fields more.
  8. I love when Smith said, "I couldn't be more fired up" in the most monotone way possible haha... that being said, I hope they learn to work together cohesively.
  9. I think that Lawrence losing is the only reason people are even considering Fields ahead of him. Ohio State has a very easy offense to run. I like Fields and think he has all the tools to be good but we'll see what he does against a Saban led defense.
  10. This. Their offense is so simple. They just have the athletes to beat everyone else. There is no reading of the defense required. I do agree Fields has the best tools of any of the recent Ohio State QBs but they're really going to have to sit him down in interviews and go over routes, formations, reads, calls, etc.
  11. Does nobody remember Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, Muhsin Muhammad and Steve Smith, Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell? Having two really good options isn't a bad option to have.
  12. He's literally coaching like a high school coach who has one good player. Doesn't work in the NFL. He isn't helping Matt Ryan, who had a terrible game today, at all. He should've never been brought back in the first place.
  13. Do we just not believe in motion? This is atrocious to watch.
  14. Anybody who questions how good Matt Ryan is doesn't know this franchise at all. He is above and beyond being the best quarterback the Falcons have ever had. We've been spoiled with our success since 2008. Is he the greatest ever? No, but he's made a lot of mediocre receivers a lot of money on contracts where you never hear about them again.
  15. That really sucks but I wouldn't expect much else from this season. Hope he's alright.
  16. Everyone who is saying they needed to be gone long ago obviously is a newer fan. I agree they needed to go and we need to adapt but we can't deny the success this franchise has seen since 2008 between TD/Smith/Quinn compared to what we were. I'm only 31 but I remember some embarrassing teams in the 90s and 2000s. Let's hope we go all out on the new staff. I honestly think McDaniels is mature enough now to actually be a head coach.
  17. I'd love him as OC but HC? No. I just don't think he'd be able to handle it, and I wouldn't want to see our head coach pass out on the field like he did. It's a lot of pressure. I've seen all of my head coaches have break downs from high school to college and it's not pretty.
  18. There is zero chance of this given how poorly our defense has played. I believe the offense has just given up all hope because they know they just have to keep getting points. Combine that with injuries, which keep mounting, and we look like a 4-12 team.
  19. Still haven't grown on me a bit. Our clown uniforms from 03-19 weren't great but they were better than these. If you look around the league, the teams that have stable uniforms are the most popular because they carry the traditional look. I wish we had the 90s uniforms back. Simple and just look like a real football uniform in the NFL.
  20. This team looks so defeated. I don't even think the 2007 team looked this defeated and meh about just being there.
  21. We either get lit up like a christmas tree tomorrow or we do the most Falcons thing ever and win making sure everyone keeps their jobs and we just keep doing the same old same old.
  22. Watch this be our one big win of the year, the defense plays lights out and then we just go back to doing what we do over and over again. We are the definition of insanity.
  23. It's so hard to believe that we'd be 2-1 if we didn't have the stupidest coaching staff I've ever witnessed, with maybe 2018 Cleveland. I coach high school football and could see we were going to blow it with 6 minutes left in the 4th with almost 100% certainty. If I can see what we are going to do I'd assume that professional coaches can see it. It's just pathetic.
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