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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CycRvLexavs Just found this comparison video of highlights on YouTube this morning and just imagine having a completely bought in Vick in this era. Jackson is evolving as a passer. If Vick had done that he would've been more than just a cheat code on Madden. It's crazy to see how similar they look on their deep balls. I do think Vick had a bit more zip on his deep balls though.
  2. I just got my money refunded for those tickets. I doubt we will be seeing SoFi and the Falcons this year unless it's on a TV somewhere sadly.
  3. Love Julio but Roddy will always be my favorite Falcons receiver. He embodied everything it meant to work hard, get better and then pass it all along to Julio. Plus he had so much pride in the Falcons he openly detested the Saints, Panthers and Bucs. Roddy and Julio have to be 1a 1b because they're just professionals, but Roddy had that attitude, and was vocal about it.
  4. Roddy White is easily my favorite Falcon. The way he brought Julio along is the true definition of the Brotherhood. Now that I'm coaching wide receivers I always look for wrestlers because of how Roddy changed the way I looked at blocking and using leverage. Plus he hated the Saints so that's always a plus one.
  5. With that money I'd love to see Clay Matthews because he'd be a little cheaper and he played with Fowler already. Tail end of his career but can still put up 8 sacks or so? Sign me up. Plus that would likely leave the team with a little emergency cap space for injury purposes.
  6. It is so sad to watch all of those seahawks highlights. How is Wilson just standing there with no one getting close to him. Even the Beasley almost pressure was garbage. Our secondary will suck if we can't get some pressure.
  7. One of my good friends played with him at Cal and said the dude is just a ballhawk. He has great instincts being a converted receiver. I think he could be a good special teams player and eventually be worked in on sub packages. Great pick from what I've seen and heard from Cal players. He reminds me a little of Kazee. He'll get beat trying to hard, but a little discipline, and he'll be a good player.
  8. Doing the GF birthday... and I hate pictures
  9. I'm proud to be an Atlanta Falcons fan. Through the good times and bad I've stayed true to this franchise and I'm glad to see that they're staying true to their community. It's a testament to good character and wanting to see an equal footing in this world. Let's all be the change we'd like to see at the end of the day.
  10. Freeman was one of my favorite Falcons, but he's one or two concussions short of retirement. In his prime '15 and '16 I'd put him up against almost anyone. Great one cut runner and great receiver. If only he were about 20 pounds heavier and 2 inches taller he could've held up with his style of running a bit longer.
  11. If Julio retired today he'd almost be a lock for the HOF as is. He's gotten to where he is faster than anyone else, granted in a passing league, but his stats don't lie. He's one of the best to ever do it. Only two I'd take over him are prime Randy Moss and prime Jerry Rice.
  12. Truly believe this guy has a chance to win the starting LG position and then in a year or two be good enough to take over starting center. Watching film on him and it's just like he's a show up and do what you have to kind of guy. If we can have him, Mack, Lidstrom on the inside and Matthews still has it along with McGary developing on the outside we could actually have a line.
  13. He's been short of solid since then. Remember how bad it was after McClure until we got Mack. If you have something good you don't wish it away. His cap hit does suck, but he's a mentor, coach and on top of that still a solid player. One or two more years and ride off in the sunset, hopefully with a Super Bowl ring.
  14. Nice! well we have to hit a game when we're all allowed to go back then!
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