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  1. Both of them have been great Falcons. However, I'd like to keep Sanu over Bosher after this year. Sanu is a safety blanket with strong hands and a great blocker. I'm sure there is a way to restructure his contract to keep him.
  3. They're all in shorts and no pads. If you've ever played football 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 in no pads and shorts it tells you nothing about lines. This is just to get them to learn the terminology, learn technique and see what skill position players they should keep for camp.
  4. He looks as stoked on life as I was the first time I walked on campus and saw our facilities. I'd be just as pumped up if I was suiting up for an NFL camp. I love the enthusiasm and hope he never loses it.
  5. Having played against oregon while at oregon state I hate pretty much every Duck. However, this kid is explosive. Their entire team is a track team. They don’t look like football players. They play fast. He will never be a real running back. He’s a special teams monster waiting to happen.
  6. I hope he's alright. Car accidents can be brutal.
  7. the 2016 peach bowl was played at the georgia dome... just saying haha, but I do love grit of this guy!
  8. Having played receiver I do not know how this guy went undrafted. Played in the ACC with a garbage quarterback and still put up over 1,000 yards. He can run multiple routes, excellent burst, great change of direction. All I can think is he just can't catch consistently and is too small.
  9. Haha again another commercial break at our pick
  10. I love all the complaining. Is there a reason you're not an NFL GM or scout? If you think we went into this draft with no plan you're a complete moron. I may not agree with all of these picks. However, I am confident that Blank wouldn't waste money just to waste money on people. You don't get wealthy by making absolutely stupid decisions.
  11. I simply can't get over the fact that they would rather talk about getting drunk on the roof in Nashville instead of our pick. Atlanta has to be the most hated team in the league.
  12. When making an argument it is important to have a working understanding of language. As for the football side of things, I will say that I don't think we made the best selections. However, we have two starting linemen that will be under contract for five years. With as much as everyone ****** TD never addresses the line it seems as though there is no pleasing anyone. I do believe we will find a way back into the second or third round if there is someone we truly covet. Matt Ryan will benefit from the offensive line battle that will happen in camp between this draft and free agency.
  13. At least I know the word is sense and not since... just saying.
  14. We get a 5th year option on what we think is going to be a starter. That's not a bad thing. Maybe we move up again, because Dimitroff loves to do that, and get ourselves a 2nd or 3rd.
  15. Let the overreactions begin! hahaha