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  1. Well that sucks but if we can get 5 sacks out of Cominsky I think we're good. Wish him well. I won't forget that Dallas game for a long time.
  2. Yeah, I'll never get all the hate for Free. He ran hard and was an awesome back when healthy. He just couldn't stay healthy and was never the greatest blocker, but he was a great teammate from all accounts. I'm sure someone will pick him up and he will have a pretty good season. I just hope he doesn't have any more concussions.
  3. Sad to see Free go. I will always remember him on Hard Knocks just being so overwhelmed by having money. Hope the best for him going forward but it was a cut that needed to be made. Hopefully the FO learns from their mistakes after trimming the fat and creating some cap space.
  4. Great instincts on that first play. Looks like he has excellent hips.
  5. Well guess we will be looking DE at 16 and hopefully we can develop one of these guys for once. I still hold very slight hope for Takk.
  6. I think we should stay right where we are. We can get a pretty good player at 16, keep them for 5 years on the cheap, and we have two second round picks who are still much better potential picks than later rounds than the third we can have for four years. Then we can fill depth and special teams the rest of the draft and hopefully find a diamond in the rough like Oluokun.
  7. Love Julio. Larry deserves the honor at this point. Simple as that.
  8. I still love how young Matt Ryan looks here haha
  9. Arthur Blank should open up his pocket book to get Joe Brady as an OC. Burrow is good, but that scheme had LSU humming.
  10. I feel you! That's why I appreciated us even going into overtime yesterday but Debo had to end that right away
  11. Never endorsed tanking. This is football. You play to win the game. If your players aren't playing to win the game they shouldn't be playing. You get 16 chances to show your worth in the NFL regular season. Missing out on Chase Young doesn't bother me. While I am a little upset we will probably keep Koetter I do like the idea of continuity. AB referenced the Steelers and Ravens for keeping their core together for so long. The continuity could flesh out returns we haven't had with all of our shuffling and turnover. I just couldn't be happier to see the Falcons walk off in the fashion they did to put a stamp on what was a roller coaster of a season with some lowly lows.
  12. This isn't the NBA or MLB. You have 16 weeks to enjoy your favorite team play. If you are so set in that the games are meaningless you shouldn't bother watching the games after playoff contention is out of the question. I don't know about you but I am a Falcons fan. I will continue to watch the games win or lose, pretty or ugly. They could go 0-16 and I wouldn't miss a single game.
  13. Anyone who doesn't value a win in a football game is not a fan of the team. The defense that you're just being a pragmatic fan is just stupid. I want players who want to win. We, as fans, and players, have no control over what the owner chooses to do with the coaching staff, but the players playing to win is within their control. I played on some pretty lousy teams in college, but we always played to win. Plus we can get someone good at 14 or 17.
  14. Perfect end to the season!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30/30 walk off INT TD!!!!!!!!!!
  15. With as bad as this season has gone I'm still happy it's not over. I'll take a few more minutes of Falcons football. It's going to be a long offseason.