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  1. You help make my point...thank you for that. I won't miss you one bit buddy. I respect the die-hard fans that will hang in there no matter what, but who are you to say I don't understand football? Purge this team? Wow, you are amazing!!! If you don't understand why this deal had to be done, then you are no use talking too. And if you're that upset, go cheer for another team. How do you understand football? Or you just another a** clown dropping off cheap one-liners?
  2. D-Hall gets drafted 8 overall by a team that is becoming a playoff caliber franchise. He makes 2 pro-bowls in his first 4 seasons. The team turns to a college coach that is completly unproven in the NFL to help Vick run the offense more effectively. The franchise QB spills his drama everywhere, and suddenly the team is in a rebuilding phase. The coach turns out to be a phony with no football morals and quickly bails (ask Dunn about him). D-Hall says he wants to stay a Falcon, he wants to win in Atlanta.....but it is time for a new contract. The Falcons front office says no. So the Falco
  3. It isnt the fact that the move was done, it was that DHall had way more value than just a 2nd rounder. But I dont expect ignorant fans who just want to see Hall gone to understand that. Exactly, thank you
  4. You help make my point...thank you for that. I won't miss you one bit buddy. I respect the die-hard fans that will hang in there no matter what, but who are you to say I don't understand football? Purge this team? Wow, you are amazing!!!
  5. Am I entitled to my own opinion? I realize that most of the so-called "experts" on the message boards will disagree, and some of you will probably say I am another cry-baby fan....but this is getting difficult to watch for me as a fan of the Falcons. How is a 2nd round pick fair trade value? Don't waste your time trying to respond by justifying this deal to me, I am not interested. I love NFL football, and for the past 10-15 years I have pulled for the Falcons, and for what? I guess if you are from Atlanta or if you live in Atlanta you see things different. I am from North Carolina and h
  6. Nobody since Andre Rison, I don't go back farther than that. Rison #1, and we traded him too..........make it stop someone
  7. Harrington is soft....Redman is a career backup that has not and probably never will reach his potential, although I have no problem with him being named the starter until our youngster is ready (whoever it is). I would prefer drafting Jake Long, Dorsey (if he is cleared medically), or Gholston with the 3rd overall pick.....then look for a QB with our first 2nd rounder. My problem with Ryan is that his arm strength has been questioned, and he threw 19int's last year in college. If you're gonna be a top 5 pick and a franchise QB, then those are two question marks I could do without. Ryan co
  8. I know it's probably been posted several times.....but what other picks do we have? If anyone knows please the overall pick numbers, not just the rounds. Thanks.
  9. He's done nothing...he wasn't even drafted to be Vicks' backup. He probably wouldn't have even been drafted if it wasn't for ATL. He had success in college....played college in Georgia.....that's all it took to get drafted in the 7th round by the "home" team.
  10. Agreed, I don't want to see him go either. I think it will be a mistake if we do anything other than give him a long term extension to stay in ATL. I would have been sick if we traded him for the Giants 31st pick and whatever else they were talking of giving up in the later rounds........31st pick overall isn't even on D-Hall planet. If he has to go then so far the best rumor I've heard is Dallas' two first rounders and a player (Barber?). I'm not sure what his cap hit is....but I would think it doesn't really matter since he will be getting a new deal with someone......(please be us)
  11. Bump for D-Hall staying a Falcon......let's put the best team on the field and start playing smash mouth football. For the record, you could say that all professional athletes are overpaid. For the average fan like myself it's very difficult to imagine anyone that plays a game for a living is worth millions......so I try not to get into all that, but Hall is one helluva baller and a top 5 shutdown corner...and at the age of 24 just entering his prime. I haven't heard of him getting in any off field trouble or of breaking any laws. I guess he can be immature at times, he obviously has a chi
  12. I just read on a message board that the Rogers for a 3rd and 5th round pick with the Bengals was called off......anyone have a link to this? In the same post I read that the Falcons may be interested (a link to this would be great if anyone else has heard anything, sorry if all this info has already been posted), I hope we do have a shot at him. A 3rd and 5th round pick for him is cheap if he gets and motivated and in shape for Mike Smith....he shores up our run defense immediately.
  13. That's great news to me if they are trying to sign both.....more so about Williams though, I am leaning against paying Turner the huge contract....just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
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