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  1. Are they quality though? Look good but can I run in them?
  2. I have never stopped watching a game...but **** this game is fixed
  3. Agree especially with leaving in the hot RB Devonte would have scored had you left him in
  4. Why take out Freeman on the last drive guy was hungry and running hard.
  5. Funchess is going to have a career high game on us. PS I wondered why we haven't been doing this again
  6. And then all that hard work came down to penally kicks... They had a **** of season though
  7. If Rodgers had played today this week would have been a wash
  8. We are one game behind in the division sky hasn't fallen yet
  9. Or brings them together. Yeah we lost but we still have allot of football too play and this year is crazy around the league. We need to have some faith.
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