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  1. I want us to get back on track and fix these issues that we have been having. I want the Defense to get sum pressure and get sum sacks but most importantly I want a WIN. #RISEUP #FALCONFORLIFE #REDANDBLACKATTACK
  2. the route tree we have is bananas. great options on every route to stretch the d no wonder we lead the league in total offense
  4. I went crazy I havent felt that excitement since Norwood he was electric and it was a fell good you can tell the team loves him the crowd does and now the coaching staff seems to be warming up to him
  5. Devin hester was a good receiver for them he has a youtube videos of him killing it, I think with the warmer weather and playing in the dome will help him out tremendously. He's a great route runner you can see his speed and you cant jam him at the line cause he will blow past you, same ole hester just different uni...... oh and Matt's throwing him the ball lol
  7. I have to agree with J. I read those comments as well hes been here the longest on the line and should be the outright leader and for him to say we now have guys that wont take that he should have been the first one there to Matts defense. As soft as our line was last year he should have done whatever drills they asked him to do and loved it, they all should have gotten fined for the way they played last year.
  8. Secret weapon the play he scored on we had Roddy and Julio on the same side and Harry in the backfield and Hester was lined up and broke dudes knees off the line. People will continue to sleep on him but he has great hands and will be an asset to us all season
  9. The prince is looking good so far I think he will be a sleeper this year.
  10. The only thing I can argue is that while Hester is the best return man we have had since Deion I hope they dont try to handcuff him into making fair catches when we are in this territory and just let him do what we bought him here for.
  11. Crazy hands which we lack in the secondary we drop far too many picks, one of the knocks on Trufant, if this kid is around the ball he's gonna catch it then he's thinking about taking it to the house. I love his mentality. I hope the staff doesnt try to chain him in for being too aggressive like they did with Alford
  12. dawg its a suburb of baltimore small school. Towson doesnt get a lot of media coverage due to the homers covering univ of maryland. But it was exciting to hear they were 5 mins away from me and i didnt even know it
  13. WOW THE FALCONS BRASS WAS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM ME AND I DIDNT KNOW IT SMHHHHHHH.... I would have went to the school and asked them whats there plan lol
  14. I'm still for drafting a safety in the second or third..... Pryor would be ideal.
  15. I SPIT MY JUICE OUT TO THISSSSSS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  16. I think the biggest moves were in the front office we lost alot of talent in there over the past few seasons and as hard it was Dimitroff couldnt do it alone. He's revamped it throughly thru friends and Blanks money, now he can do what we need him to do is pick the best players for this team.
  17. I would want it to be Defense with Mack but if hes gone I'll take the OL in the first then D after that maybe a Safety in the second the Lb in the third
  18. Welcome to the ATL C.J Fiedeowericz or however you spell it lol
  19. GIF OF THE YEAR IM DYING ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  20. lmao glad to hear he took the advice of a hall of famer, he sucked big time but i hope he can make and improvment and become a nasty center and guard for us years to come
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