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  1. He ain't going to get any younger/healthier.. rbs are who they are generally
  2. You can look at this either way but I almost admire matt holding onto the ball trying to make plays when he's getting slammed around .. at least he's willing to get hit to try and make a play when we were behind
  3. Really looking forward to lindstrom
  4. Yeah sometimes you got to roll with what you got ... Stupid trying to fit a round peg into a square hole
  5. Haven't seen much of a reason to run the ball honestly
  6. I don't think giving everyone the axe right now would do much .. plus why would we want to win anymore games..
  7. 1. Keeping Beasley and not improving with better talent. Could of had two impact players.. 2. Moving kazee to CB and losing that production while also subtracting by playing him at a different position 3. Getting trapped by declining talent amid injuries locked in contracts 4. Online injuries 5. Terrible zone play
  8. Yeah I don't understand why some of these guys are still getting snaps
  9. I don't think firing dq mid season does anything for us either way
  10. I really am starting to think it's a combo of idiots and players playing out of their natural positions
  11. If he wants to be traded then let his *** walk out the door..
  12. Well be lucky to get a ham sandwich
  13. I think the real reason is blank probably believed in the moves and personnel they had as much as Quinn and TD. So when AB was just as wrong as them it's hard to fire then.
  14. Hoop is one of the best TE's no thank you...
  15. Restructure oh god pray this doesnt happen.. Kroy Bierman -2.0
  16. Beasley will be traded for Chick-Fil-A sandwhiches on a Sunday.
  17. He might be the worst starter in the league .. im not even being salty or joking.
  18. Why would anyone trade for him lol
  19. Haha Ramsey let's be honest I don't think on a good day anyone can cover Julio one on one
  20. Officially one of the worst defenses ever .. great
  21. Hahaha we'd have to give them picks
  22. Pretty crazy some of the names on that list