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  1. This game was really bad .. like see you next year.. we cant beat Washington? Ok. Byeeeeee. Falcons 2022 let's go!
  2. seriously.. quick throws to protect Ryan.. going to be a long boring year unless we get some lineman back
  3. Dudes running for his life. You can tell the coaching staff is calling all these sissy plays because they don't have the luxury of giving him even 3 seconds to throw the ball. Trade for guard please!
  4. Getting within 3 was the highlight of the game. We arent going to do much until this offensive line is fixed.. period.
  5. If Arthur smith can get more out of him than Bill Billycheat Ill be impressed.
  6. Love that he doesn't care about his title or his status. Hes got a love for the game just like the players. Awesome
  7. Sad to hear it.. Scared its not real.. scared its real.. just all around bad.
  8. I'm excited to see what different coaches can do with these mini camp legends
  9. Historically this is probably all that matters
  10. Let's get Stephen Gilmore and a early-mid round draft pick
  11. Dude went full (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) in the NFL.. and everyone knows that... nobody goes full (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out).
  12. Get those 1 year deals out TF
  13. I would love a RB but give me the safety from TCU. Would love to sneak back into the second to get Asante Samuel jr too
  14. We did it right today boys! Let's go!
  15. This is the reverse julio trade.. just sit tight and let's get the best player in the draft.. again
  16. RB is just as much online as it is RB. Let's draft great
  17. Wow.. I feel like he has some juice too.. why did we get rid of someone who costs us nothing? Hmm
  18. Theres plenty of first round busts out there. take the BPA
  19. Imagine picking at #4 and getting the "fourth best" qb in the draft.. doesnt sound right to me
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