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  1. Thanks! Was hoping for a ATL Superbowl victory at home on my birthday but.. what can you do..
  2. I would love if we drafted him..
  3. Stats are stats but watching beasley play Paddy cake at the LOS is something I can't watch another year of
  4. I wanna see OL in FA along with a DT very preferrably.. then I'm cool with whatever happens in the draft
  5. He didn't do bad overall but he sure did call some of the dumbest plays on third and fourth down I've seen on a regular basis
  6. "My spouse hits me but what if I leave them and the next one hits me harder/more frequent?"
  7. FF

    Haha when I was reading your post I was like wait is this the same guy lol.. but no my team name was saving Matt Ryan
  8. Couldn't agree with this more.. you mean let's just repeat next year in the same spot and hope for a better outcome? You guys are delusional .. I'd rather use a high draft pick and have 3 good RT's which we still wouldnt have if we did that mind you
  9. FF

    I won mine by 2 points actually after gurley was listed out I only had the raiders back up rb and he has the raiders TE cook.. that last TD put me up by 2 points and seemed the champ! Even fantasy is a game of inches
  10. More evidence this is just as much of a coordinator problem as a health problem as a depth problem as a problem
  11. If Matt Ryan had the cowboys defense what do you think our record would be.. there's your answer if you think it's his fault
  12. Don't think anyone would really cut both Alford and trufant..
  13. Coleman is a hit the holel and try to catch him running back.. without blocking he isn't going to blow any minds
  14. The FO has said they prefer getting OL they FA since they are hard to find in the draft