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  1. This right here ... He makes alot of good corners look bad.. not going to write the kid off yet
  2. Pathetic was the dolphins game
  3. Again 16 teams are freaking out right now that there season is over .. and 16 teams think they are winning the Superbowl.. we all need to relax we have a ton of new players playing together and with the NFL moving more forward no practicing and no preseason games you always see more randomness in these early season games.. this was a hard game given the turnovers and really bad protection calls ... Well see
  4. Seasons long.. and half the NFL thinks there season is over while the other half thinks there headed to the Superbowl.. rarely are the teams that are hot at the beginning of the year ever super bowl champs and almost always Dominated by the teams that get hot at the end of the year
  5. Every year offenses seem to suck early on and the defenses seem better and then it's balances out
  6. This is a bad game.. nuff said
  7. Fair weather fans all over this board
  8. You guys are cry babies.. don't come back on these boards then. It's just one game
  9. You guys are overreacting like half the NFL right now.. still disappointing but you guys need to relax remember 2016?
  10. Seriously Andrew luck is a good qb but not the God everyone acts like he is.. I feel for the dude but really just stole some years from that franchise and even gave up one of the greatest QBs of all time to draft him.. really crappy for the fans
  11. Dude Peyton f***ing Manning got cut
  12. Has he even played in preseason? I'm serious lol
  13. Please don't say cuz he kneels ... I remember a man who killed dogs left and right and got a second chance.. not like he even needs to be given a second chance he just kneeled during an anthem