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  1. Sounds like a guy I know named Matt Ryan.. why would bringing Watson here in a similar situation he was in in HOU change anything for this team then
  2. Not sold on Watson... I dont see the Tom Brady leader mentality in the guy.. Hes definitely got the physical tools tho
  3. I thought he definitely played better than his price tag. Was one of the better players in our secondary most of the time he was in in my opinion
  4. Bradys the man. Hate to say it.. But yes this is a team sport and Matt Ryan had a fantastic Superbowl performance and statistically one of the best ever if I recall. He did not lose that game
  5. Stupid to even think about letting him go
  6. He has more sacks in his years as a DC than any team ever in the same amount of time.. don't know how you can't look at those stats and say hes not good anymore.. sure sacks aren't everything but got wouldn't this team love to have that problem
  7. Arthur smith signing pretty much ruins my dreams of wade phillips becoming our DC.. maybe the best DC in the game
  8. So glad to see DK go.. last time I was this happy about a departure was Vic Beasley and look how that turned out 🤣
  9. Wade Phillips is the best D coordinator available imo ... Feel very meh about Arthur smith
  10. They only interviewed him because of diversity... saying it now
  11. Foye. Grady probably was our best player but I feel like he's so consistent it almost goes unnoticed and Foye made a nice leap.
  12. Fowler had some good games but really fell off at the end of the year to the point where he was legit invisible
  13. Footballs a team sport we all know that.. plenty of blame to go around but I guarantee you and I've said it 100 times now.. you can't run a draw on 3rd and 8 three times in a game and not say jesus what is happening with this play calling.. don't care who's running the ball.. who's the RT or the LG.. complete disaster .. so we can't even care about the players when we are literally in the worst position to use the talent we have... Don't think you'll see the chiefs running any such BS in the same situation
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