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  1. Idk how anyone is defending this guy right now
  2. Titans got better if he doesnt show up
  3. Dude is way too low. But IDK what his stupid top 100 rank is the mans a monster
  4. Yeah and he knows this from the Rams when they were crazy loaded.. still couldn't get it done
  5. Life can change fast. For better or for worse
  6. If we could somehow manage to get a 1 yr rental on another vet pass rusher and aqib talib would be so niceee.. if the injury bug shows up well need them
  7. He's going to take a good beating but make some plays.. I feel like it's incredibly rare any corner comes out working on an island
  8. When Captain check down retires he might have to start catching the ball down field
  9. All I can think of is how hot those would be to wear let alone see with all the breath
  10. *lists game improvements* Exactly the same as last year.. trash *** game
  11. Overhype him if you want idk how it will work out but it legit cant be worse than Beasley just sayin
  12. Biggest stat ive seen on this kid is his coverage numbers in college. If we was on the left side he was amazing on the right side he was trash..
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