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  1. Pretty crazy how bad we are the second Julio's out of the line up
  2. I'm looking for good play from the players while keeping a high draft pick. This year's been lost
  3. Dude can't even play his position let alone anything he hasn't been practicing at
  4. He'll be better off moving on from football
  5. Worse than signing freeman 🤣
  6. Vic beasley is patty cake garbage on the field.. I'm still mad how long I had to watch that on the field
  7. I don't see any moves needed to be made besides Takk .. other than that who else do we need to cut/trade
  8. Love it.. really like adding him back into the mix.. should improve our defense
  9. Yeah last week was bad this game started off like the same but the refs started going our way a little at the end there
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