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  1. This thread wasnt about the defense tho..
  2. I would trade freeman and coleman away to get Le'veon Bell.. whos with me?
  3. We just dont have the guys right now.. nuff said.. beasley is hard to watch hate to say it
  4. Can't even make a simple tackle.. wth
  5. Never said it was all Julio.. merely saying no desire to even try and get there
  6. Still think he could of made an EFFORT to the ball.. not defending any of these throws
  7. Just like on the int! He saw it and then looked at the defender instead of trying to go get it
  8. Some have been bad and uncatchable but others i really think he could of got a hand on them if he was running full speed
  9. They were trying to hide the blitz
  10. So annoyed at this call.. you need 1 yard why run any play that makes you run more then 6 yards to get there?
  11. Saw it a few times last week on deep balls and same thing to me today.. doesnt seem like hes working hard to catch up to those balls or track the ball inside.. some plays not so bad but ive seen it several times where it looks like he gives up on the ball
  12. Dude looks so horrible.. literally looks like if i was out there.. literally blocking his own player from covering on that pass across the middle.. horrible angles.. haven't seen anything
  13. Guys the lions went undefeated in the preseason and never won a single game... relax!
  14. Who cares let's get ready!
  15. But seriously what's the point of contacts then? Build an escape clause for yourself then but agents don't want that imo