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  1. Seriously.. We already made more moves than I thought we would. Not only that I like the contract numbers/terms across the board.
  2. It's a great risk/reward.. nothing else to say about a 1 yr deal with low money
  3. Sean Payton is a piece of poop and I wouldnt say he deserves a virus or wish him ill (or anyone for that matter) but cant help but kind of smile.
  4. I feel like were acting like the patriots finally. Get team friendly deals. Take chances on 1 year vet deals. smart TE trade.. I think gurley is done but im all for 1 year prove it deals with proven vets working on getting paid elsewhere.
  5. I was so mad when I heard and I said "better be a 1 yr deal" and thank god it was!
  6. Please god no
  7. Keep this in perspective. We need more pash rushers. I want a DE in the first or DT. We are one injury away from another DQ era line.
  8. I want millions to prove I can do my job ... I actually have to get the job done to make a cent. Good for him I guess last chance
  9. Honestly we got better today outside of Hooper being gone.
  10. He going to get cut in two years and we can get him back lol
  11. I'm more scared of covering Julio than getting the Coronavirus
  12. If Clowney gets 22 million itll be Beasley 2.0 dude gets 1 sack for every 5 million you pay him. Great deal
  13. Appreciate all he's done as a falcon..
  14. I am planning on going to this game as my girl is a Broncos Fan and allegedly thats who were playing in London. Just waiting on a date
  15. Theres no CBA and free agency hasnt started... Not even sure if there will be post June cut benefits blah blah blah.. There is literally NOTHING to report but they keep getting questions so what else can ya do.. But in all reality I don't expect to hear anything much exciting out of NFL coach interviews these days. Cant really say anything in the media without upsetting someone in 2020