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  1. More evidence this is just as much of a coordinator problem as a health problem as a depth problem as a problem
  2. If Matt Ryan had the cowboys defense what do you think our record would be.. there's your answer if you think it's his fault
  3. Don't think anyone would really cut both Alford and trufant..
  4. Coleman is a hit the holel and try to catch him running back.. without blocking he isn't going to blow any minds
  5. The FO has said they prefer getting OL they FA since they are hard to find in the draft
  6. I think we secure our line through proven FA and use our track record of drafting better talent on the defensive line
  7. Seasons over .. doubt we beat them even tho it's usually always a close game
  8. Looked last last year's offense today.. Oline is just not good enough.. period
  9. No onside kick? F this
  10. We didn't even onside kick it.. just walk off the field then
  11. Both the Coleman run and Hooper catch we're TDs.. this is beyond frustrating glad I paid a bunch of money to go see the birds next week in ATL
  12. If we don't score right now this game is over
  13. Trade or get rid of freeman and keep coleman and ito.. just my opinion
  14. This thread wasnt about the defense tho..