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  1. YOu're not getting my point. All 3 of those guys have a great recognition of the stike zone, which is why they will only swing at strikes. They are aggressive w/pitches in the strike zone, not outside the zone. WHich explains both their hgih K totals and high BB totals. Get it now?
  2. Then how do you explain Jim Thome( a borderline Hof'er) and Adam Dunn? Again, Scheafer will probably be 100K/100BB guy like those 2.
  3. Except Scheafer actually swings at strikes.
  4. He's swinging at strikes though. He's gonna be like Jim THome and Adam Dunn, someone who stikes out close to 100 times a season but also has 100 walks. And that's b/c they swing at strikes, not bad pitches.
  5. Now you're being an idiot. Boyer was a headcase. Moylan isn't. Moylan has a rep. as a **** good set-up man(prior to TJS). Boyer has a rep. of doing absolute ****! Moylan will be ok once he comes completely back from TJS. You don't fully recover from it for 2 yrs as it is. Want an example, just look at GOnzo. Classless scumbag fan.
  6. Nice way to show confidence in your team. You live up to your avatar.
  7. You overreact way too much. It's one game out of 162. Remember that. And JoJo pitched well aside from the 6th.
  8. What? No shot at Francoeur by jidady? SHOCKER!
  9. Good job on the Sac Fly by Jeff. But I'm sure jidady will find some reason to knock him for it. He can't get through his day w/o taking a shot at that kid. Yep.
  10. Saw it when it came out a little while ago. Bisher has grown senile, and it's sad b/c he was a great writer in his day. Not anymore.. He's 91 you know. Why don't you post it? !
  11. True, but that's only in a part-time role. We don't know how he would do in a full-time role and that's the danger.
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