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  1. Everyyyything bruh... lol.. we talk in bout music
  2. The life story wrote by my gf
  3. I have nooooooo idea why ish is still out there..... He is a good tackler but the speed is just not there.... He us a liability. I don't get why Grace is not out there when coverage is his thing also
  4. I like hooper a lot but if we can't afford him we might need to think about it if we can get a good pick for him... The only 2 legit resources we have on D is Grady and Deion.... We need to add MAJOR resources there thru FA and the draft
  5. The best solution is probably to fire everybody after the season. You need TD and the scouts to keep scouting so the next GM can have that info Fire someone right now won't improve anyone..... If I was Mr.Blank I would be talking to back channels to GMs and possible HC candidates to let them know we are interested
  6. We would have to have a top 3 pick
  7. I really saw this season going in another direction this offseason but it's clear that this team needs another voice and a new direction. Last year we beat 3 bad teams at the end of last year (the Dallas effect... beating bad teams).... We had legit injuries last year but we still should not have been as bad on D..... We are worse on D this year. We are also tight against the cap so we need high draft picks to help rebuild this team. It sucks because Quinn is a dope as person and gave us a **** of a run including the superbowl but Mr. Blank has to see this clear as ****... Change from the top up is needed.
  8. I disagree.... I'm a beasley guy but he and Burns have 2 different mindsets. I think coach quinn has gave beasley an opportunity to succeed.
  9. Brian burns is looking like the stud I thought he would be... I know some was scared off because the beasley comps but I'll say it again... Beasley issue isn't talent or ability Burns is that plus longer arms (which I think hurts beale sometimes.. arm length) ... Plus Burns is a dog
  10. I can never forgive we played zero coverage and only rush 3 How is that possible
  11. The 3 man rushes on important 3rd downs are unforgivable
  12. Easily would help change this D.... I'm low key sitting back .. I'll be honest... thsee Ls are not bothering me at all When I see we are not where we need to be to be a championship team and our Cap situation.... We need to pick early to bring in 3 really talented players Chase Young Reminds me of Myles Garrett but with more dog..... Super special
  13. That DLine is what's impressive..... Boyyyyyy getting a guy like Chase Young would be niceeeeee
  14. I read fans has been dming him which is lame AF.... I get that this season is on sum real bullllll****..... But don't be a lame doing players. Kazee gotta handle this better tho... Come on bruh....
  15. I think the pass rush has been straight.. It's been the coverage.. playing off zone so much... What's insane is when our D has played it's best in the past.. it has been in press man. I'd what's going on
  16. Why do yall do this with every tweet he does.... chill man lol
  17. I tried to give quinn the benefit of the doubt.... But we are a bad football team and we are wayyyyyyyyy to talented to be a bad football team
  18. I've tried to gI've coach quin the benefit of the doubt but we are get ton worse
  19. To me in the NFL noooooooo team is way better then the other in the hunt. Thats why if we can get our **** together.
  20. Listen..I'm not capping for coach quinn... I dam near did a post about how we purely got out coached vs the colts.. We played against a QB that had the lowest yards per attempts walking into week 3... But we decided to play off coverage and zone (giving them exactly what they needed to have a passing game) .. Their passing game was averaging around 150 yards a game.. dude doubled that vs us. So I'm not saying there isn't a problem.... I'm saying it's been 3 games.. If things are the same by the bye (even tho I don't believe in firing your coach during the season) ... That's different But why briing him back if you're gonna dire a guy after 3 games... The sample size for this year is not big enough to me.
  21. Buttttttttttt its 3 games
  22. U are bat **** crazy if u fire a coach after 3 games..... Its to early... It hasn't been a complete first quarter of the season
  23. Is he even healthy enough to play
  24. I would have Grace in Man coverage over Campbell and Ish