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  1. The videos don't bother me... I would like my x''s and o''s content like the eagles but the videos are good content... I'll be honest I don't really look at all of them tho The problem is we are not winning so tall are frustrated. I will say this tho... The bone crusher one.... thats.... that's a miss yo.... lol... it's bad.. it's very bad
  2. Jones looked good to me.... the safety's and other LBS looked off tho.... But to me Deion Jones played the best
  3. dude coming off a acl....... He gets a pass... He looked unsure to me... Just my opinion this was one of the runs I was like nooooooooo bro... Neal dont do thattttttt.. Thats not the normal neal yo.... Ive seen neal get off blocks in amazing form and make tackles Again,,,, Looking at the vikings.. They were attacking the LOS even when running east and west...... We was just running east and west... Out of position.... Never attacking forward towards the LOS. We have to get it right because Philly runs that same outside zone
  4. I dont want to say this but boy i saw some misses by Neal too....He is coming off injuries so he should get a pass but he was out of position on some of the runs on the edge Hopefully the back seven get it together because its def fixable but mannnnnnn
  5. To me the rookies didnt have a bad game..... They will def imnprove but they didnt have a bad game... It was ok vs one of the BEST lines in the league so i can live with that . On Kaleb McGary sack.... Hoop Completely miss his chip giving away the outside to hunter and Mcgary had no chance.. I feel like our rookies are talented enough to play thru the fire and make it out the other side... My biggest problem is Coach wouldnt settle on one line and let them gel together.... I hate with a passion when he does all this switching crap... Its no way the line can gel doing all that..... Then we have less contract in the offseason...
  6. It was one game tho.....But this the wrong statement to bring up after this game because it was THE VETS who got beat the most.. Jake Matthews is a probowl LT and he had one of the worst games I've seen him have. The rookies wasn't the main issue
  8. The clowney point is something I was going to bring up ...
  9. Nobody will say this but boyyyyyyyyyyyy. J.J Watt is a missing man....
  10. The brightest light i see..... The Panthers and Saints (if they lose) all lose at home..... As bad as our game was... We was away
  11. I'll say this then iMA try not to post again this whole week. We let this Oline play toget her for like the first time vs the FREAKING VIKINGS.... I said this all summer... coach quinn gotta stop this "it's a competition" ********.... You barily wear pads during the offseason.... You hardly can even go at each other during practice.... You can't think thsee guys can honestly learn to play together and zone block together and they haven't playeeddddd together
  12. Yeah the GTD don't bother me..... Julio is retiring a falcon regardless... So GTD or not.. he was seeing that money
  13. With the 30% rule..... I wouldn't be surprise if julio deal take away a million or so off our cap this year. The season is here and free agency is over so we don't need a lot if extra money...
  14. So 5 more years of Julio Also I figured it would be around 22 mil a year... his 2 years water it down tho