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  1. I disagree... I think Julio is one of those T.O type physical freaksas long as the foot issue dont drastically get worst... I think his skill set will keep him a top end WR. But lets say you are right ....That would be a perfect reason to ask for a new contract ... Im still one of the top guys ... Im 29 about to hit that 30 mark... This is the time to strike while the iron is hot and cash in my goodwill with the team. I just saw what happen with them and a guy like Roddy White ...
  2. Well Jeff who is with the athletic (who first reported this) ... Adam shefter and vaughn McClure all said the team told him that his new contract wasn't in the budget this year but they will take care of it next year. Jeff who broke the stor has said all summer that we had to set up to extend julio next year even before all this came up
  3. Don't think you can do that .. it's a cap to the incentives...and if he gets that .. that's 10 mil on your next year cap which kill us. Again . It's a way we can add a lil something to his deal in incentives this year and promise him he will get extended next year .. his cap hit will be 14 mil so that extention wI'll also help us lower that cap hit a lil next year. Regardless .. I think things will work out if his agents be reasonable
  4. Looking at Marvin Hall ig... It looks like they are all still in Cali .. I think Julio will be at TC .. I'm just interested to see how he handles the media
  5. This is actually a good thing .. his low TD total actually helps in this area.. I think vaughn McClure touched on it .. something like if he gets 5 TDs that's 500gs... 7 TDS 750gs ..9 TDS 1mil..10 or more TDS can earn 2 mils and incentives... This can be label as likely not reached incentives (since he only had 3 TDS last year) So it won't count against this year's cap
  6. He will get a TD incentives added to his contract ... watch and see
  7. Bruh they are not average .. come on now ... lol.. some on now
  8. This why I laugh when fans say sign him now cheap before he balls out.... If the guy balls out and you don't think he is gonna want another deal... You are insane.... I remember ppls was saying this about brent grimes back in the day What TD and his staff has been wonderful at is signing players at market value at that time to 5 year deals ... So around year 3... There Deal looks like a bargain based off the market and they have 2 or 3 years left on the deal .... I think Matt Ryan deal looked like that... Alford deal... Ryan Schaerder deal...
  9. Even based off last year ... I don't think Tru was his best and alford was his best and I still think Tru was our better Corner lining up against teams better WR most of the games. Regardless I think this is a very good problem... We have 2 great CBs and a rookie CB with potential ... Whst I would say about Alford again... I think his deal is a BARGAIN ... I think Tru is better but I don't think he is 4 mil a more a year better ... Regadless I feel like our 2 CBs has been the secret to this D... The biggest difference between when Coach Quinn was with the Seahawks ... We have CBS that allows us to play man coverage on the outside with our CBs. Including Tom Brady.. I've heard opponents say they thought coming into the game based off the Seahawks scheme... We would play alot of zone but we came in and played man coverage which sureprised them... With our CBs we have that ability... To at anytime play man or zone and there is no major drop out..... add in a young probowl dafety and LB who can play man and zone also
  10. who question Alford ? Im going to enjoy this year because next year will be interesting ... I actually think Alford deal is a bargain.... Some CBs he is better then is getting more money. I feel like we have 2 stud outside CBs.. I think Tru is our best CB but i think you get a bigger bang for your buck with Alford
  11. I think russell gage will turn out to be a good WR
  12. Julio is going to retire after matt Ryan's passing camp