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  1. dude i post the article... steve wyche worked here in atlanta and now work for the nfl network (they just interviewed TF on his podcast) ofcourse TF hasnt said that...It would be dumb if he did,.. Teams would know he wants to trade out and would offer less.. Steve is giving his opinion or what he thinks from everything around him.... It can be wrong but again.. Im just posting the article
  2. Yea but he is going to want starter money... Thats going to be more then 25 mil a year. To me i just think he is in the position to show he is a starter now... His contract is running out so this is an important year for him. He is kinda in the Jimmy G situation (When the Pats trade him)... Needs to go to his new team and ball out to earn that new contract
  3. Ive said this before.. I would be looking at Carolina and the Washington football team at 19...... I would want Picks to go with Brian Burns (The Panthers) or Montez Sweat (WFT) . Get you a young for sure pass rusher on a cheap contract for atleast 3 years plus draft picks
  4. thats the title they have up... I put a question mark right behind that thing just for you bruh
  5. I think we are looking for a backup developmental guy who can be a starter in 2 or 3 years...... I think Sam and his Contract is ready to go now... Sa Donald has 1 year left (this year dirt cheap) then you have the 5th year option in 2022 which will be around 25mil... That plus Matts contract isnt doable next year.
  6. Never thought about Sam..... The only reason i dont think he fits it is because i think he is ready to go now... I think he is in Tannehill position.... Just need a shot with a talented Playcaller with talent around him
  7. https://www.radio.com/929thegame/sports/atlanta-falcons/atlanta-falcons-no-4-pick-up-for-sale Sidenote: With Arthur Smith system... Building a run game with his scheme makes the job easier on the QB like a great Playcaller should..... Remember how most felt Tannehill was a freaking back up after his 6 years with Miami.... My point is this man has shown the ability to have a QB friendly system and developing a QB.... Another lowkey signing is TJ. Yates... Im interested to see if they do like a not 4th over
  8. I know where this post is trying to go but this aint it.... Ryan is younger and better. To the topic,.. Yall aint gotta do all this..... All yall gotta say is Matt is still a good QB but i wanna go younger and more athletic.... Yall dont have to do all this propaganda ****...lol
  9. Dude didnt Rivers throw like 20 picks during his last year with the Chargers ?
  10. I get it... Its a risk man..... So i get it.... I just know our funds are limited and we have ALOT of roster spaces to fill.... People are on here talking about signing Safeties thats going to command 13-14 mil a year..... I can see us signing a couple of mid level freeagents
  11. Ive been talking about this... Its going to be a rIsk but man would i take it to get a potential talent like him on a good contract
  12. Im a Richie Grant fan man....I see ppl say he lack some speed but i dont see it..... I also think he fits that interchangeable Safety coach Pees like... He has that Kevin Byard feel to me.... A ball hawking play maker who can play deep safety but also come up and make a tackle in the box.... He can also man up back there at Safety when needed (when blitzing)
  13. This safety Class is nice *** ****..... I dont think we want to start 2 rookie Safetiesbut man this is a nice class ... We should be able to get a starter in the 2nd,3rd, or 4th round to go along with whatever vet we sign
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