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  1. In the last 9 years... This is his first time missing games in a season..... I think we role with Wes again.... I thought about that also (moving on from wes or giving him more time to get nfl strength) but i think coach quinn is a developmental guy and i think Wes had enough good spots to see could we develop him to a solid guard. He went thru the same process when ppls wanted campbell gone before last year.... this year he will go thru that with duke.... I just feel like Wynn can be a SPECIAL guard and i dont know how you can pass up special at a position at the end of the first round.... Im
  2. To me alot has to do with what we do with andy levitre
  3. Yea i think its a chance he could go before our pick.... I think its a good chance he will make it to us because he is coming off the same injury Takk had but its a chance he could get scooped up starting with the seahawks
  4. Best thing to happen to us .. probably wouldn't have deion jones
  5. I think he did a good job too.... I think some of yall are higher on Poe then i am but i think he came in and played some good ball
  6. end of story
  7. Thanks ... just included the WRs
  8. I like Poe but my opinion is if you take away the name .... He is a big athletic dude that is a run stopping DT that can give you some push in the pass rush.... He played like 74% of the D snaps ... That is alot... So you know he can be out there and productive... I think part of the reason he was out there so much is because Crawford went down plus Quinn hasn't found that DE/DT he has been trying to find. If we could sign Poe for like 6 mil a year .. I would run to the table ... I think he will get 10 mil a year .. I just don't think we can afford that and his role on this team does not value at that. Also this draft is full of 2nd and 3rd round Big body DTS that can play the run ... I think what we are really missing is that DE that can kick inside and give you some production as a rusher
  9. I do like Jessie Bates from Wake.... I think he is a tall safety with good speed and some ball skills.. A mid rounder as of now
  10. I get it ... Its just similar to the oline ....Ppl want to pay jake.. pay mack... pay schrader and go out and give Norwell 12 mil a year ..... Mannnn its a cap.. Thats not realistic.... We cant pay Tru, Pay rocky, Neal is coming up in 2 years.... and Pay a Earl Thomas.... We cant put that much money in both and yo are paying a QB, WR, and RB tops at their position... Then you have Grady who needs to be pay and Deion Jones in another year. **** i dont think we have the money to pay Rico to be honest ... I just think FS is a position we will look at because after this year we may need a guy to compete with Kazee... Just dont see it being a high pick this year or us signing a FA
  11. They used jenkins more of the cover guy tho... to cover TES and backs.. depending on the match ups that week..... I'm a big big fan of jenkins I'm not gonna lie. But I get yall point.. yall want Rico replaced ... if we can find a upgrade.... I'm alllllllll for it my friend.... I do think continuing to build the young dline and depth (in quinns rotating system)... I really do think Quinn wants that DE/DT ... A better pass rush up the middle would help us get better as a D
  12. its not about being bad ... we have good young talent . its about continuing to improve the lines ... i like poe...I just dont think he may not be what we need for the price ... i think its about improving the inside rush
  13. not to be a *** but rico is not the reason we dont have a ring ...... Again i dont mind upgrading at alllllllllll... I just feel like continuing to improve The lines will get us there. Rico played better then Philly FS McCloud last year.... Again im all for upgrades ...