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  1. Ito need to Eat Mo I dont think Ito Smith is the reach (D.Led) or the Bust (dudes on here) was saying .. The dude showed the skillset he showed in college.... im excited to see him as he develops. Matt Ryan Even tho i think Matt would have hit on the deep ball if Hooper got his block... Matt's deep ball has been off... The guy just picked apart one of the better teams in the league... I think he will have another big game this week but if we can connect on those ... This Offense is going to be the Offense we thought it could be Calvin Ridley Man Ridley looked fast .,, I know ppl talked about his size and his agility explosiveness test during the draft season but if you see the guy play.... We know what he did vs the Panthers... But these are some things he did vs the Eagles.... His explosive route running. The O-Line Its amazing how the O-Line can play the way they did in week one and then the turn around in week 2..... The Panthers had 6 sacks vs the Cowboys in week one.... This is one of the better D's they played last week in the Panthers and the 0-Line did their thing.... This should continue vs the Saints. The Passrush Im interested to see how the pass rush turns out .... I know ppl are on here killing Beasley right now... Ill just say this...In 2016 he didnt really get started until week 4 or 5... This is a big year for Beasley tho..I cant see him getting that 12.5 mil next year without a big year...Grady is doing Grady things...Whats kinda frustrating about Grady is that he is a almost guy when it comes to sacks... He gets pressure and is almost there for the sack... Thats the only thing that seperate him from the top ish DTs.... Everything else about his game is there man..... I just hope Takk is ok because i want to see if this D-line can gel more and turn it up. The Magic Ive always felt like what makes this D special was the CBs that we have.... The 2 outside guys can match up in press man, our slot CB being something like a hybrid CB/Safety , A SS that is something like a Safety/LB hybrid and our MLB thats runs and cover like a CB... So i think Deion Jones and Neal was part of the biggest strengths oon this D.... I dont think ppl get how freaking HUGE those guys missing are... I can name keypoints in that Panthers game i think would have never happen if those guys was in the game. I really do want to see Kazee tho... Not just because Richards was horrible and i think we should sign Eric Reid but i think Kazee can add something very unique to this D... He has cover ability, He hits like a big safety and has ball skills.... Something that we need. The General Just wanted to give Ricardo Allen a shout out.... We are asking the man to play SS and FS..... He is out there giving us his all.... I do get why the Coaching Staff feel like he is a core peice of this team... He may not be the most talented guy but his leadership, versatility and his football knowledge is top notch
  2. Ummmm ? I don't see it
  3. Calling a whole Defensive... Knowing everybody responsibility ... Doesn't really have to do with book smarts.
  4. we have to let the young guys play thru there mistakes
  5. Its early but Jake has a good start ... Earning his money
  6. i think she was just tweeting what coach said in the press conf during the presser like they always do.... Ppl just want Duke gone that bad they read to much into it and ran with it
  7. Ummm base package is 3 LB ... Duke, Foye, and Campbell. Now if he said sub package (2 to 1 LB on the field) .. that's different ... But yea.. He has been a Base LB... I'm interested to see if he can become up to speed mentally because physically he has the skillet to play Sub
  8. i agree
  9. i dont think he was indecisive even on the fumble he made luke miss.. He was breaking a mario Addison tackle also ... **** he was breaking Short tackle to but short got the hand at the perfect spot while trying to make the tackle .... He has to keep that ball high and tight tho. i dont get this indecisive talk tho... I didnt get it in the preseason... I think Coy Wire said it 1 million times so ppls just hung onto that. Dude was running behind dudes who are no longer in the nfl... Again he has alot of room to grow but i like what im seeing
  10. This dude made Luke miss multiple times..... He looked great .... Ito did have the ball punched out but it was recovered.... Im not sure it was a ball security thing but more of a reaching and punched the ball out..... But still he has to keep the ball high and tight. But i think anyone who didnt come away impressed has to have a agenda.... He looked good
  11. I agree... I think he will prove to be our future LG
  12. Yea I kinda seen this one coming . I felt this is what coach meant when he said a player getting a 2nd opinion ... I felt wes was our future LG ... It's his time to step up and show out
  13. We have to let Coleman go.. Let him shine this year and get our comp pick for losing him. I like free .. The way dude runs energize the team... **** Matt has said it... Also he is our best back...But... Not being available tho... The last couple of years... I see 2019 as his last year... Salary cap wise his cap hit goes up but man flat out.. You can find a good RB in the draft... You see a ito have a matt brida.. Joe mixon.. Philip lindsay.. James conner.. kareem hunt... I can go on and on .