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  1. How The falcons organization feel cause they gonna need allll the picks they can get to field a team next year
  2. I really think Lindstrom can be one of the best Guards in the league...... Im excited to see what our right side can be, PS. .... Please dont be stupid and start Carpenter at LG .... You have 2 talented young guys in Gono and Henny that fits the ZBS
  3. i think so... i think him and Fowler having strength, speed and that none stop motor..... Im excited to see them this year with a guy like Cominsky..... Its going to be real interesting what happens with the cap situation and the FA we have coming up next year.
  4. I agree... Some act like he has been a bum or something... The thing that frustrate me about Takk is i think he has been solid but he has the talent and that dog to be special.... I know injuries has been part of the reason he has not hit the marks he should hit... I also think it hit him that this is a grown man business when we didnt pick up that the 5th year option... I think he attacked this offseason like he should have been and i hope he keeps this prove it year fire the rest o0f his career
  5. That's his motivation.... I actually think he will have a real good season... He is looking good. Ppl will call the FO crazy for not picking up his option but I think he is at this point and locked in because of the motivation of the option not being picked up. I'm laughing at hoop comment under the post... bruhhhhhh...
  6. Don't think they even thought about it.... Just went after guys they liked in the draft once up on a time
  7. plus if we paid Gurley his big deal that he received... ppl would be going insane crying about his pay...Most Likely Grady or Deion Jones would have had to walk.. What makes getting Gurley now is the price.
  8. i dont regret that,,, i aint gone lie..... he was the best choice at the time
  9. **** Vic..... We need this draft pick bruh... With the cap being what it may be... We are going to count on rookies these next 2 years
  10. https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/falcons-mcgary-has-better-idea-what-to-expect-physically-and-mentally/COWXF2SY25ADLNFAL4WY55LMYY/ Click on the link to give Jason some traffic. Butr yea.. This is a good article...McGary has alllll the tools to be a really good RT.. from strength to athleticism to mauler attitude... Im glad to hear he has that attitude right and has worked on that technique....... Im extra excited to see what the bash brothers can do on that right side in the run game.
  11. im excited about this season.. Heres to hoping everything goes as smooth as possible
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