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  1. no silver lining.... Mr Blank has to get embarrased to finally get off someone he likes and i know he like Morris. This team need new blood man...
  2. if i gotta sit thru this to get a new HC,GM and coaching staff..... cool ****
  3. horrible play calling andddd no time to throw the ball.... But yea....... Lets say **** Matt Ryan...lol... yall crazy man..lol
  4. Even tho Matt has been ballin, I feel like its more of Matt getting used to throwing it deeper in the middle of the field to his TE but it seem like they are starting to Click more now.
  5. Hayden Hurst 9 games: 37 rec, 411 yards, 3 TDs Mark Andrews 9 games: 33 rec, 358 yards, 6 TDs Darren Waller 9 games: 50 rec, 393 yards, 4 TDs Hunter Henry 9 games: 37 rec, 387 yards, 2 TDs Austin Hooper 7 games: 23 rec, 216 yards, 1 TDs This Hurst trade looks like a good one even tho i hopped it was for a 3rd rounder..Ive been seeing some ravens fans/reporters discuss how he is missed this year... Dude is putting up probowl numbers (as of now).. He is currently the 3rd ranked TE in receiving yard. What i like most is that we have him under contract the nex
  6. Matt Ryan is literally playing like one of the better QBs in the league... If this continues We will most likely restructure Matt contract to free up money meaning he will most likely be here fore atleast the last 3 years of his deal..... You are basically wasting the Rookie QB prime cheap years Again if we keep up this play I don't think we will be in play for those top guys anyway in the first round. We will see
  7. Now this dont make sense.... Sit his ***.... Dont give him what he want ..... Its either trade him or sit his ***
  8. The only thing this shows is that this team has talent for the next HC. I've been begging this team to use Deion Jones and Foye speed with more blitzing... They are starting to shine in that role
  9. Ive seen hella holding calls not called... Cominsky had a clear sack and his blocker pulled him down. Grade drew a holding call and the refs picked up the flag saying he was falling...... HE WAS FALLING BECAUSE DUDE WAS HOLDING HIM.
  10. He should be a falcon for life..... if the new FO can fan this man an wrecking mate outside and Davidson can become what we think he can be..... Gray (the 2nd best DT in the league to me) can be a world beater
  11. aint no way in **** somebody offered a 2nd rounder for Takk...lol... Nooooo way. Also aint no eam offer a 5th and a 6th round.... A team may have offered a 5th and another team may have offered a 6th.... Not together tho And its noooo way in **** im cutting him...... Make his *** sit if he wanna get like this. Ive been a Takk guy but i peep what he is doing now..... This some lame ****....
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