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  1. until the end ... man this jacksonville D is SERIOUS... Their CBs can play WRs .... these dudes hands are crazy and that pass rush is nuts
  2. who is talking about just sacks ... a top end rusher make a impact on a team more then just sack numbers... pressures cause turnovers.... pressures cause Qbs to under throw or over throw on 3rd downs..... Those are not in top end rushers stats but those are IMPACT plays bruh. im glad your tickled Again i never said a off the ball LB isnt important but to me its not as important as a good rusher
  3. How is that bs ... I would take suggs over ray lewis ... Doesn't mean ray isn't important or a hof .... A pass rusher can make your whole D look better. I think Foster is a Stud... I mean a stud .... It has nothing to do with being on a bad team ... He came into the league with a serious "we don't know how long he can play" injury ... I want both but I'll take a good rusher over a good LB That how much I think a pass rush can effect the game
  4. More then anyyyyyyyyyy Safety in the league
  5. A pass rusher is more important then a good LB Also you do know he has just played 6 games ... I think he is a stud but his injury history would scare the **** outta me
  6. I find it funny that the saints literally won the Washington game on the most bullllll****ty grounding call everrrr ... But they want to cry about 50/50 calls that didn't go there way is funny ..... I can post a video of vic Beasley getting held and hands to the face that was missed. Sean Peyton crying like a spoIL *** baby is crazy.
  7. I dont think he is a liability against the run like some are saying ... I do think its average compared to his coverage ... We have one of the young up incoming MLB in the league and fans are just looking for stuff to complain about
  8. He has 2 more years on his contract... Instead of trading him how about we just play him at DE
  9. both of those other offers was still more then ours ... 9 mil plus incentives or 12 mil from colts long term deal
  10. The levitre thing is going to be interesting .. i think we want to keep our line together.. He is a good guard but he has to take a pay cut .. i think garland is getting a chance to see what he can do But back to Poe He had more money out there ... He just liked DQ and felt a penetrating scheme could boost his stock.... Which i think it has.... He is having one of his better season.... I just think a team with big cap will offer him more money
  11. Question... So you are going to pay Grady Jarrett and Poe 10+ million ?
  12. i def think he is gone..... Shanny will add him as a weapon and we cant afford to pay our number 3 wr 5+ mil.... I like taylor alot but i think Hall and Davis can bring that speed factor I think its a good chance Clayborn is going to get paid more then we want to spend... Im interested to see what we do with brooks reed also I also think some team will pay Poe more... Some team offered him more money then us last year and with teams having crazy cap space ... Someone will pay him big.
  13. Idk why we cut grace man