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  1. We don't have the monies.. look for us to sign a mid level guard in FA
  2. Dee ford is the perfect example of why I don't want to give up on a talent like Vic Beasley. Dee Ford: 2014:1.5 sacks 2015: 4 sacks 2016: 10 sacks 2017: 2 sacks I remember 99% of KC fans was saying Cut him ... Dude was a bum...PFF killed him.... He comes in this year and has an all pro year this year.... Now everybody want him
  3. I'm Simmons all the way .... To me he is thr 2nd best DT in this. Draft... I just think TD is gonna be to falcon filter-ish . I hope it changes by the draft because I don't think his situation is the same as others. He is a stuuuud tho FFS1970
  4. i disagree because we have a 4th and 5th round comp pick .... I wish he would slip to 14 and we all good ... We could have a Ridley type situation (just slide to us) ... im very interested to see how this draft falls..... I think we grab a RT at 14 but we will see i really dont want to trade up tho.... it could get interesting tho
  5. I feel like we can strike gold with beasley.... If we can sign him around a 3 or 4 year deal 7-8 mil a year... If Coach Quinn can get more hands on and get closer to that 2016 outta him by building up the dline and building a solid rotation
  6. 1. Yea he is athletic *** ****. 2. He seem to have good enough length for his size (arm length) 3. I dont think he is 6'3 ... He looks like he is maybe 6'1 4. I would be SHOCKED... SHOCKED I SAY... If he comes in at 285lbs... Im praying he hits 275lbs I think teams will over think it with him .... I hope they do.. If he gets to 10 i would package a 3rd rounder to get him
  7. naw.. He was making like 3.5 mil last year....i think thats around what he is going to get.
  8. Well we kinda lost our 2 best LBs du ring the year... I don't think Deebo struggled ... I think it took him a game or so to get back in the swing of things... I do think he will be 100% deebo next year tho Also how we play our SS close to the LOS ... Neal is **** near a hybrid LB ... We missed him badly... The guy is not only our fumble king (set a record with the most fumbles forced in a players first 2 years) but he is also our best run defender. I don't think ppl know how much we miss with those 3 guys being out... With our D-Line not bearing all world we depend on there skill set in this scheme soooo much I think the most important thing is the D-Line... We would have been able to adjust better to those injuries with a souter more imposing D-Line. I do think a Thomas Davis signing for for 2.5 mil a season for 2 years would be smart tho.. Not only is the guy still goid but I would love for Deion Jones and Foye to have a vet like him in there ear ... Plus a rotation for the LBS would be nice ... It would allow us to blitz De'von dre more also
  9. Now duke was one I missed on to.... I think he can be a key special teamer but he has shown he is not a starting LB
  10. I think coach quinn thinks that too.... But this is why I hate when ppl use the bust word... Jamaal Anderson was a bust... That's a bust ... Vic Beasley is inconsistent *** **** and it's Frustrating *** **** but the guy is not a bust
  11. Man listen ... I know our team had a down year including Takk ... But yoooo can we as falcons fans not do this .... We are calling a freaking 7 sack season a down year for a 2nd year dude.... That's how freaking good we think we can be ... It's 1 freaking season man.. It sucks.. we had injuries and 1 down 7-9 season.... Takk was a good pick.. He and T.J Watt are the 2 pass rushers producing in the back in of that 1st round... Taco had like 1 sack... Burnett had 2.5 ... Charles Harris had 1 sack last year
  12. Time out... yall calling Takk a bad pick ?
  13. I agree .. The Oline is the Key... A good O-Line makes your whole O look better.