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  1. With your first part I fulllllly agree that 2 of his cons is that he needs to get more aggressive at the LOS in press and his tackling especially last year are 2 of his cons right now... I pointed these 2 things out in another topic that included henderson.... These are 2 things I think is correctable.... his speed, his ability to stick with WRS down field, he has good ball skills getting his hands on balls are things some of the things the good CB's just have. I like Henderson and his coverage ability.. I want kinlaw and I wouldn't be surprised if we took K'lavon.. because the pass rush just value more and this CB class has some depth. I just not feeling ppl acting like henderson ain't goo because dude got beat a couple of times vs a future top 10 pick. Tackling can be improved from last year.... **** his previous year tackling was better then last year.... I have no idea why it was like that... I just know he has shown better... His press at the line has to improve... he has to redirect better... I get he can run with anybody but that has to improve... Coaching can help that part of his game improve
  2. here is the c.j henderson vs lsu PFF talking about the game..... And Henderson was playing injured on a bum ankle
  3. my biggest problem with this is ... 1. who the **** did not get5 ate up by chase and LSU last year... i think 54 of those yards and a TD came on a rub route.... He ate up Diggs brother (he went for a buck 40 on bama)..... A.J Terrell was balling then faced chase an got his *** beat (he went for over 200 yards) . Thats like saying Patrick Peterson aint **** because Julio ate him up in that last game.... It was a rough game but when you are facing elite dudes you will win some and lose some.,.... Henderson had some good coverage in that game. I def think Henderson has cons... but bruh we cant just judge the man on 1 game.
  4. idk about that .... I dont think it means the CB has to be a first round pick but i do think its a priority...
  5. If you look at the proficle of the CBs we have took during Quinns coaching stint Jordan Miller: 6'0 .....4.49 40... 37 inch vert.... 32 7/8 arm length Kendall Sheffield: 5'11 .....Super Fast .. .... 31 1/2 arm length Isaiah Oliver: 6'0 .....4.50 40... 37 inch vert.... 33 1/2 arm length Jalen Collins: 6'1 .....4.48 40... 36 inch vert.... 32 1/8 arm length Damontae Kazee: 5'10 .....4.54 40... 34 inch vert.... 30 7/8 arm length (MOVED TO SAFETY) So yea... They have a type.... A CB with speed and length (height and or arm length)
  6. I really like Arnette man,.... He is a dogggggg.... But bruhhhhh.. that 4.56 then he has short arms .... He balled out last year but mannnn that 4.56
  7. C.J Henderson is a **** good prospects.... I feel like his flaws (was a shutdown guy in 2018 but last year he had some mental lapse and his tackling) is very correctable by coaching... I think Henderson has what it takes to be a number 1 CB in the NFL. So he def worthy,... I just think its interesting to see,.. Do you take the CB or the DE
  8. If we walk out with C.J Henderson and Josh Uche... I'll see this as a very good start to the draft.... Or with K'Lavon Chaisson and Trevon Diggs I'm not saying that 3rd and 4th round picks... We have to make those count with our cap situation even with thr cap going up but if we can grab a rusher and a starting CB... That's a gooood start Sidenote: I would love a Michael Bennett man.... I do want to say this tho... I'm reallllllll bullish on John Cominsky... I really am... I was impressed with what I saw at the end of the year... I'm not about to sit here and be that guy saying 10 sack's but I do think he can be a productive guy on the DLine ... Develop into a Matt Ioannidis ish type guy
  9. He only got 3 mil a year
  10. I would be shocked if we let AC walked and not bringing in Michael Bennett
  11. Naw I'm good... give me Josh Uche
  12. He should have played at the end of last year
  13. I like both but Henderson in my opinion
  14. Thats what I was gonna say....The reason he went undrafted.... it depends on the player and how the team manage it.... The one thing Coach Quinn is good at is managing guys like Julio. The Rams OLINE was just not good and he wasn't bad... I thought I was gonna see a slow lumbering back.... We are going to have to just run our rotation. The biggest thing is I think he will Def improve our short yardage situation and goal line situation
  15. dude EVERYYYYYYY TRAINING CAMP players get in fights and the coaches have to stop the players and remind them whats its all about. I dont even want to bring up Fowler past If you take a guy off your board over a 1 time fight..... Good Luck with that