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  1. Donald is bout 280lbs... What makes him special is how stout he is against the run at that side
  2. grady bending that edge like a DE... Dude looking like Aaron Donald build wise
  3. Him and clowney ... Not in the same galaxy ... I could see him having a Robert Ayers type career tho
  4. Thats what kinda piss me off how freeman has been talking and ive been the biggest freeman guy from day 1..... He deserve to get paid... But after that whiff in the superbowl... How can you talk yo.... Just fall back and get paid.... Why say you would have been the superbowl mvp... Yea after matt ryan, grady jarrett, and julio
  5. The Saints wanted to draft Takk... The cowboys tooooo
  6. yup.. even tho i have seen every game this season like 5 times... ... off today so im looking at that packers game on the NFL Network as we speak
  7. ive been watching Poe past games snaps... I think he will SHINE in this system.. When he justattacked... Dude was a problem... He wasnt as stout consistenly as i thought he would be but dude is a load to handle.. You cant double team him, grady, and beasley......Its gonna be rough most liely watching him walk but thats a high comp pic and i think Grady will have 5+ sacks and enter that gino atkins group
  8. Yea man... Alford game sky rocket in the second half of the season.... He was hot heading in the playoffs... The only bad play i remember was that one deep play Baldwin beat him on when the game was really over. He was playing #1 CB play
  9. First of all .. Congrats champ
  10. This is most likely his last year .... Big contracts coming up