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  1. I think it's pure comfort level with Oliver... The tools are there.... He just have to get more comfortable with the technique the coaching staff want him to play with. Edit: Yall know i was saying skillset mannnnnnn
  2. I have no idea how Moore is over Ridley but yea And we know ito smith is balling.. This rookie class has been lowkey impressive ...I thought some of you was over hyping Foye at the beginning of the year but i think the only bright spot of Deion Jones missing games is Foye getting play time ... He is developing nicely
  3. I think we extend vic but the number will be lower then the 12.5 mil. Teams trying to trade for Vic Show you 2 things.... 1.Teams know his ability and getting pass rushers is a premium. 2. We will not lose him... we could have gotten something for him and pass on it ... I know fans are frustarted ... Vic is the most boom or bust player I've ever seen when it comes to sacks... He is either gonna get hot or not. The last 2 games he has rushed good but he has some misses sack wise and that has fans just giving up
  4. "He wanted to go home. I couldn't do that for him. He's from Atlanta. I couldn't make it Atlanta," head coach Pete Carroll said wryly on Wednesday.
  5. Quinn.... my man
  6. To me Kazee has that honey badger fill to him...
  7. I feel like Beasley has the worst luck man... I think he had a good game ... He got some holding calls vs the tackles but man..... He has just had the worst luck when he got near the QB
  8. I think Senat will be a good DT... One of the better run playing DTs ... in Grady Jarrett words. "For him to be handling some guys like he's handling.. is pretty impressive. He's a guy who loves to ask questions and.. he's going to do what he's got to do to continue to get better and make some of them big plays in the backfield." We seem to be baby him like we did Grady Jarrett during his rookie year... Just stick the guy in there and let him go man
  9. This is just dumb reporting ...
  10. i disagree... i dont get that thinking
  11. no i get it... Both are getting paid alot.... Tru is making ike 5 more mil a season tho... I get it bro... I just dont like when a guy struggle... This board goes crazy... Then that guy start playing good and a fan fav start struggling and you hear nothing. But i get it ... IDK whats going on... To be our coverage ability was our strength... IDK with Dion Jones and Neal gone are we asking our guys to do something different but the outside CBs has been a strength... Its not now.... The one thing both did is played with instincts... They are not high int guys but they would break on balls ... It seems like our WHOLE D except Kazee is playing very very Reactionary. They are not attacking anything.... They are letting the play happen then reacting.
  12. I agree...
  13. I dint think we keep Beasley at 12.5 mil.... I do think we resign him and move him to LB for good as we draft a DE.... Then Beaskey will be in the pass rush rotation with Takk and whoever we draft
  14. I've been waiting for someone to post this. Yall killed Tru for having a couple of rough games..m. Alford has been roasted the las 4 or 5 games. Just a rough year