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  1. no disrespect but had this been said any where else ?
  2. I dont want to take Huerter off the bench.... His bench scoring is important..... I would def have him playing 32+ mins
  3. I do think they wanted to dump some salary... The faster that happens the faster you can truly build in your image
  4. We gotta play it safe with hunter but **** it would be nice to have him and cam back.... Hopefully we steal this game 2.... It's the possible next round we are going to need both.
  5. Matt Ryan cash aka base salary was around 15 mil.... Its his prorated bouns that is the problem because TD kicked it down the road so much its always going to be a problem.. What we can do next year (not this year) is if Matt balls out..... Sign him to a friendly extension watering down that prorated money some while guaranteeing Matt more years
  6. The raiders having funds problems also..... Julio would give them that excitement to fill the stadium
  7. thanks.... i have no idea why its not showing up like this when i post the link. Sidenote: I have nooo idea who this mystery team is but it would be crazy if its Philly and we play them the first game
  8. julio is gone.. it is what it is.... its time to move forward i still think this O is gonna be a problem
  9. Nawww... They borrowed from future caps for this year... I think the agreement is if its money left over after the 208 it goes into the players retirement pool or what not.. I think they borrowed from that
  10. https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1397617126458855425 If the cap hits this ceiling as it should get close.... We should be in better shape next year... Still cant go out and spend like crazy but better shape (especially with a couple contract extensions)
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