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  1. I agree but thats why i think this team can be even better... I think Takk and Beasley can get 10 sacks which would make up for Clay sacks ... I think more snaps (aka opportunities) will give those guys more numbers... just for example... chandler jones who led the league in sacks (17 sacks) played 610 pass snaps .... Demarcus Lawrence (14.5 sacks) played 454 pass snaps ... Everson Griffen (13 sacks) played 583 pass snaps Vic Beasley played 362 pass snaps (some at LB) and Mckinley played 324 pass snaps ... I also think drafting Oliver gives us a chance to have some really good man coverage out there allowing us to blitz more.... So i would love to see Campbell blizting more and rushing at end on some snaps.. Poole is a good blitzer also
  2. Some off yall are bugging.. you have the best WR in the league and yall talking about trading the dude... Yall acting like the dude is a bum now .... my gawd This is not a big deal... Even the rapsheet said it like its not a big deal... ofc he want more money .. Sammy freaking watkins is making more... Regardless he will be full go at TC and the mandatory mini camp.... I want matt to have some time to get to know ridley also.. focusing on getting sync with ridley.... I know what julio is gonna do.... Julio stuff. Julio contract will get juiced up... Look at it like this... Most likely unless Sanu take a pay cut next year... Then Besides Julio our WR and TE positions are making pennies (thats the good thing about getting a ridley for cheap for years)
  3. Ppl that are saying he doesnt deserve more is NUTS with Sammy Watkins making more then him,... Jarvis Landry making more then him... Dude is THE BEST WR IN THE NFL. Now saying that .. he is under contract.. At the time we signed him he was the highest paid or top 2 highest paid .... Thats how contracts work... they get out dated ... Thats how contract works now in the NFL
  4. i dont see the big deal... players that are bums compared to Julio is getting paid m0ore... Ofc he want more money... He sees that 30 is coming and now is the time to get a lil more money..... Saying that ... I dont think we extend his deal this year.... maybe we work his deal next year..... Again this is no big deal... He will be at mandatory minicamp and TC ... You see the dude working out.... I feel like yall getting worried about nothing yo
  5. That's a option... if we had these picks this year... we most likely have michael bennett.... So yea it def gI've us more options... trade.. trade up... stay put
  6. Basically what we've discussed ... a 4th and 5th rounder . Its early but next year looks like a good year for what we would possibly need .... The O-Line and D-Line looks nice .... Safety too So as hof now we have all of our picks including two 4th and two 5ths
  7. The man had surgery... Im not to worried in MAY. **** he made a post some weeks ago saying he was 260 something .... Its may man... When he can full go and that georgia heat during TC.... Im not worried.
  8. jesus... We doing this in may
  9. The truth... Clayborn was a good rotational DE... Also Poe was a good solid run stopping DT that caused some push up front .... If we could afford it i would have liked to have kept both but i didnt see either as core piece.... To me Poe is not worth 9 mil a year ...I think Clay is worth the mil a year but with the snaps he probably would have gotten (Takk and Beasley taking up most of the snaps) ... It just wasnt worth it
  10. yea i like Clayborn .... I just get it ... Clayborn played 52% of the snaps .... Takk had 38% and Beasley had 46% ... Beasley and Takk should see between 60-70% of the snap. Both should get more snaps and both can take snaps from either side depending on the matchup... That wasnt an option with Clay Again i like Clayborn and it would have been nice to keep him but i think some are over hyping it... But yea Bennett would have been perfect taking snaps at DE and DT... I think Taven Bryan wuld have been perfect also
  11. I think Oliver coverage ability will give us the ability to play some strong press coverage to allow Campbell to blitz more also
  12. I'm the one dude here who has always liked clayborn..... The guy is a good rotational DE but I'm mad some of yall actin like this man was von miller... Acting like 6 of his 9 sacks didn't come from 1 game.... Come on yall .. don't under rate the man but **** don't over rate him either... Takk and Beasley should see sound 60-70% of the DE snaps. I do feel like we are missing that DE/DT that will give us pressures and 4+ sacks. We will see will JT Jones or Winbush step up as a decent rotational guy